Oxygen: A Novel
by Carol Cassella
Paperback- $9.13

With the compassion of Jodi Picoult and the medical realism of Atul Gawande, real-life anesthesiologist Carol Cassella’s riveting ...

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  "medical and personal drama with unsuspected twist" by pambs (see profile) 01/28/09

Oxygen gets better as you read. Somehow it hooks you into caring and wanting to know how it's going to end. Great discussion for groups - guilt, trust, friendship, forgiveness, relationships and eye-opening for what goes on during surgery!

  "Oxygen by Carol Cassella" by lovebooks (see profile) 02/26/10

Carol Cassella provides information about the importance of each job within the operating room. Your life is truly in the hands of the people in that room. The outcome will depend on the competence, integrity, patience, and intellegence of the team

  "A new look at medicine" by bardusch (see profile) 08/19/10

This book is a quick easy read, it does slow in the middle and leaves quite a few lose ends. But, overall it's an insightful look at the medical community - the dangers (for patients), the responsibility (for dr.'s) and the guilt everyone feels when things are out of their control.

  "Oxygen" by firthmom (see profile) 08/19/10

  "Oxygen" by Ramsayrl (see profile) 12/17/10

I thought it was a fast, easy read. I enjoyed the story....didn't absolutely love it, but didn't dislike it either! It would be a great beach read!

  "Oxygen" by Lollyj (see profile) 10/15/11

A timely, convincing first person narrative that enlightens the reader about medical situations in particular, in addition to giving a terrific and tense view of the evolving mental/emotional state of the protagonist.

  "Makes you think!!!!!" by netmayo (see profile) 11/04/11

A fictional story about the over worked hospital staff that almost makes you scared to go to the hospital. Gets you thinking.

  "WOW! Don't want to go to surgery!" by netmayo (see profile) 11/10/11

You just begin to imagine how many things can go wrong.

  "Oxygen" by judy4110 (see profile) 01/23/12

  "Oxygen" by anndeupree (see profile) 01/23/12

This novel is informative but may result in anxiety if you're about to have surgery. Our book club found the main character to be somewhat two dimensional, and some people liked it better than others. Some of us really enjoyed the suspense, and I thought the male character was a really poor choice for a close friend.

  "Oxygen: A Novel" by LissaW (see profile) 02/11/14

It was slow in the beginning but once it laid the "ground work" it was interesting. It made me aware of things that I hd not thought about before.

  "Hard to Come Up for Air" by nbaker (see profile) 05/07/14

Oxygen is a story of an ananesthesiologist who lost an 8-year old girl on the operating table. While legal battles unfold, the real story is in the telling of the life of such a doctor. It is the untold story that is often overlooked because we seem to point our attention to the surgeon only. Every patient has a fear of undergoing surgery but the fear lies in the thought of what if I don't wake up. I didn't realize until after I finished this story that the author is an actual anesthesiologist. No wonder she was able to take the reader on such a journey around the OR. A beautiful yet chilling story of dedication, precision, endless work days and accountability. Oxygen is worth every breath you will take while reading it.

  "Oxygen" by [email protected] (see profile) 09/30/17

Overwritten, predictable, not especially interesting.

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 11/13/17

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