Lone Wolf
by Jodi Picoult
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A life hanging in the balance…a family torn apart. The #1 internationally bestselling author Jodi Picoult tells an unforgettable story ...

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  "The Lone Wolf" by book-junkie (see profile) 06/30/12

This is a typical Jody Piccoult book. The issue in this book is about the right to die decisions. Each side is presented well and it is very relistic as far as how torn people in the family are about making these decisions. She also puts in an interesting side story about wolves and includes much information about how wolves live and intereact in their pact. Of course there are several surprise twists which are usual in Piccoult's novels. It provided a lot of fodder for discussion for our book group. We think it's a great book for book groups to choose.

  "The Lone Wolf" by CaroleMcwilson (see profile) 08/10/12

Our group liked the fact that it was written in different voices, and moved back and forth between the different perspectives of the main characters in the book -- and the fact that it provided so much information about wolves. I think we were all inspired to read/learn more about them....

Not my favorite Jodi Picoult book but definitely a good read!

  "Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult" by [email protected] (see profile) 03/14/13

Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult

I loved the parts of this book that dealt with the wolves! I learned a lot about the pack: its members, their roles, their calls (howls), how they eat, etc.
The “humans” were just not as interesting, perhaps because Picoult has written this book before. (In MERCY, she tells of a mercy killing with many of the same themes found in Lone Wolf.) The slowly revealed lies and omissions of Luke and Georgie, and, most importantly, Edward and Cara make this book resonate with family drama over the bed of the badly injured Luke.
Joe, Dannie Boyle, Helen Bedd and Zirconia are interesting characters that I hope make further appearances in Picoult’s books.
Picoult writes fiction drawn from headlines with sympathetic characters that tug at emotions AND she does it well. You will find yourself trying to decide “what would I do” in a similar situation. She is careful to make all options appealing and defensible.
The final chapter of this book offers an additional dollop of “what is really happening here” that animal lovers will find intriguing.

  "Typical Jodi Picoult" by Staciele (see profile) 09/12/13

Not as dramatic as some of her other novels, but still and interesting read with much to discuss.

  "Lone Wolf" by Alison8641 (see profile) 04/24/14

We found this book very interesting, all the information about wolves fascinating We had a lively discussion about end of life decisions and the contributing factors to making such a decision. Is it the best Jodi Piccoult book? No. But the elements of this novel lend it to be a good read for book clubs.

  "Lone Wolf" by myrnathurnher (see profile) 04/25/14

Interesting book with lots of room for discussion. How difficult a decision the family needs to make. There was a bit too much information about wolves and wolf behavior, but for some this might be entertaining.

  "Lone wolf" by Nadiabookclub (see profile) 08/07/14

The book was full of information and was thought provoking but slow and did not draw you in.All in all it is a good book and worth reading.

  "A Powerful Read" by nbaker (see profile) 04/14/15

Wow what a powerful story. This is my third book by Jodi Picoult and it rates right up there with The Storyteller. Lone Wolf is actually two stories intricately woven to create a beautiful quilt. Luke is a protector of wolves and has even lived the life of a wolf. But Luke is also a father and, at one time, a husband. He struggles with his responsibility to his children and his love and understanding of the animal kingdom. Involved in a tragic car accident that leaves him in a comatose state, his dysfunctional family is thrown together to weather the storm of his prognosis and future. A heart wrenching story drenched in misunderstandings, misspoken words and missed opportunities, it is sure to reel you in. But so delicately laced throughout is the story of the wolves. I found myself even more taken by the knowledge of their rituals, the makings of a pack and the similarities in a pack vs a family. I have read certain stories that seem to imbed themselves in my heart long after I placed them on my bookshelf. This story is one such tale. I don't know whether to smile or cry as it has left me with a wide range of emotions. I usually pick up another book within minutes, hours or a day after finishing a book, but something tells me I will have to give myself a few days to let this tale digest because like your favorite dessert, it is sometimes good to take it in slowly to savor all its ingredients. A great discussion book that will run the gamut from what constitutes a life to the hierarchy platform in a family and each level's purpose.

  "" by best2084 (see profile) 06/17/15

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