The Obituary Writer: A Novel
by Ann Hood
Hardcover- $18.66

A sophisticated and suspenseful novel about the poignant lives of two women living in different eras.

On the day John F. Kennedy is ...

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  "The Obituary Writer" by Patcochran1 (see profile) 07/12/13

Would never have picked the book to ready myself, but once I got started I couldn\\\'t put it down! It was a quick read and a delightful trip down memory lane with Claire in the 60\\\'s.

  "The Obituary Writer" by llorton (see profile) 08/14/13

Everyone at our Book Club enjoyed this book! They liked the characters and how the two stories ran back to back. We also thought there were some life lessons in the book and interesting topics about women to discuss.

  "Great book!" by lucybaker (see profile) 10/17/13

  "the obituary writer" by bhale (see profile) 11/15/13

  "You couldn\'t shut us up..." by adotson (see profile) 01/16/14

This was an interesting read for our book club. We all have very different tastes, yet all still seemed to enjoy this selection. As a club, we cover a broad range of ages. The Obituary Writer led to discussion about the differences in the generational gap that we cover. Our one hour meeting ran over by about 45 minutes. It was by far, one of our best discussions yet.

  "The Obituary Writer" by nbaker (see profile) 01/27/14

This may have been a quick read but the story sticks to your ribs like bread. Two lives intertwined that may up a beautiful story. The story of 1916 and the Obituary Writer was so beautiful. Her talent for presenting such a beautiful and memorable story of a person's life, no matter the span of that life, was absolutely beautiful. I loved the compassion she felt for her subjects and the respect and compassion I had for her character the more I read. The story from the 1960's was a different story all together. Having grown up in the 60's, I enjoyed all of the talk of Kennedy, Jackie's clothes, etc., the serene description of neighborhood evenings in the summer with all of the families on the porch and kids playing. However, I struggled with the less than loyal attitude of the wife and the turmoil her actions brought to her home. It was beautifully written and the crossover from one time period to another was handled with ease and grace. A beautiful read with much room for discussion.

  "" by PattiK (see profile) 04/19/14

  "" by Smithtr (see profile) 06/01/14

  "" by ginilow (see profile) 06/02/14

  "The Obituary Writer" by bmullinax (see profile) 06/30/14

Interesting book discussing the parallel lives of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Experiencing grief in different eras, they understand one another at the end of the book. Entertaining, but the ending left you hanging somewhat....I like closure...must be a sequel on the horizon.

  "" by Sheera53 (see profile) 01/26/15

  "The Obituary Writer" by msahm (see profile) 01/19/16

This book kept my attention and some of the characters I really liked and others I did not. For some reason this book created a lot more discussion than other books!

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 10/06/16

  "The Obituary Writer" by DotDaly (see profile) 03/03/17

An interesting read of two women experiencing love affairs 40 years apart. Their lives intersect at the end of the book as life ends for the elder of the two and a new life begins for the other.

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 12/27/18

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