Falling Home
by Karen White
Paperback- $12.89

From the New York Times bestselling author

Revised and expanded for this new trade paperback edition, Karen White's novel tells a ...

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  "Falling Home" by cabang (see profile) 02/08/11

This book has both joy and sorrow. There are some very funny scenes and also some poignant ones. Everyone in our book club enjoyed the book. It is a fast fun read.

  "I loved it." by riegerd (see profile) 09/28/11

This book reminded me loosely of the Reese Witherspoon movie Sweet Home Alabama at times. I really enjoyed it. It was fun and charming. It had some sad moments that brought tears to my eyes but left you happy at the end.

  "Laughter & Tears" by FriendshipSisters (see profile) 01/22/13

I cannot put my finger on exactly why I love Karen White\\\'s writing, but I do. Maybe it\\\'s that she so reflects problems of ever day life and the hope that we can over come them.

Falling Home is a perfect example. Although Cassie can be a \\\"B\\\" at times, I can certainly understand her pain and the reason she fled from home. It is not that the North is Bad and the South is Good, (as some reviews indicate), it is that she had more of an opportunity to be obscure in such a large city versus a small country town. Home is home, whether it is in New York, New York or in Walton, Georgia.

Once again, I loved Ms. White\\\'s characters and the Southern charm that she brought to the story. She so well reflects the good and the \\\"not so good\\\" of living in small town America. This is a book that covers topics of forgiveness, redemption, death, breast cancer, love and belonging. Be ready to laugh with a box of Kleenex in your lap because your tears will fall.

I had only one regret when I was turning the page for the last time, and that was that the last two or three chapters jumped ahead a year or two. There were some critical, (for me anyway), events that I wish had been revealed. Oh well, I guess I\\\'ll leave it up to myimagination. :)

  "Fell in Love with Falling Home" by nbaker (see profile) 09/12/13

In true Karen White form, this book speaks to the depth of family ties and the internal need we all have to belong to some place or someone. This is a beautiful story of the love of two sisters, though estranged for nearly 15 years, who still share a common bond of love. This is a story that makes you laugh and makes you cry. A bit of a Sweet Home Alabama story, but made me long to live in a place like Walton where heritage and compassion is as everyday as coffee and cream.

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