Brooklyn: A Novel
by Colm Toibin
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Hauntingly beautiful and heartbreaking, Colm Tóibín's sixth novel, Brooklyn, is set in Brooklyn and Ireland in the early 1950s, when one ...

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  "Brooklyn" by reader-allan (see profile) 04/20/10

In his comments to the Chicago Public Library, Toibin said he wrote this book after rereading Jane Austin and that in some sense this is his homage to her. Readers will find the book very understated, but the themes of place and belonging and how one finds oneself situated in society at large are major ones. I found the book rewarding but not an easy read in spite of its slender profile. It is a thoughtful book and requires work on the part of the reader. People with an Irish heritage will recognize these characters.

  "Brooklyn: A Novel" by tompatrice (see profile) 05/09/10

Every word of this beautifully written book is well chosen, thoughtful and addictive. Eilis Lacey's journey from the small Irish town of Enniscorthy to bustling 1950's Brooklyn via an ocean passage that has never been so fully or brutally put down on paper. It's a novel that shows how place can define us. The writing style hints of James Joyce. A wonderful read!!!

  "Young Irish Immigrant Girl In Brooklyn - Her Early Years and A Choice To Make" by [email protected] (see profile) 05/16/10

A young Irish girl has the decision made for her to immigrate to Brooklyn for a better job and schooling. Insight into her family life and community life in her Irish town and then her her new life in in the Irish community in Brooklyn. She unexpectedly has to come back to Ireland. Will she stay or go back to Brooklyn where she started a new life?

  "" by merrybee (see profile) 02/23/11

Brooklyn is a sweet, romantic, traditional novel about an innocent Irish girl who goes to Brooklyn to seek more opportunities. It was a quick read. the characters were nicely drawn thought they were not really deep or complicated. it did give our club something to discuss, but it was not life-changing. I nice book for a cozy day by the fire.

  "Ok, but..." by Paula_S (see profile) 02/22/12

..the main character really turned me off by her lack of concern and overall thoughtlessness.

  "Brooklyn, A Novel" by kdangle17 (see profile) 03/18/12

  "" by CathUnit (see profile) 04/08/15

  "" by mfitz12 (see profile) 11/18/15

  "" by mariesusanne (see profile) 11/18/15

  "" by rochellegridley (see profile) 11/19/15

Brooklyn is beautifully written and gives a vivid picture of Irish life in America in the 1950's. It is a character study of one young woman of very biddable, flexible moral character.

  "Well written, but not much happens" by ebach (see profile) 10/05/17

I haven’t seen the movie based on BROOKLYN. How can they do it unless they rewrite the screenplay?

BROOKLYN starts in Ireland. Eilis is a young lady with no job prospects or male companionship. She moves to America (Brooklyn, specifically) when she is assured that her job prospects there, at least, will be better. What I just said in 2 sentences, Colm Tóibín says slooowly in more than 50 pages. Then he tells us about Eilis’s simple life working and going to school in Brooklyn.

That’s the problem. Although BROOKLYN is well written, not much happens in it. And what does happen is slow and so-whatish. There’s nothing here that makes you anxious to turn the pages, not even the love interest. Sure, when the story is almost over and about 1/10 of it is left, you may find yourself rooting for someone, but, in the end, even that is pretty ho hum.

I’m anxious to see what the movie does with BROOKLYN.

  "" by jfitzgerald (see profile) 05/08/18

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 02/17/20

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