Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World
by Vicki Myron
Paperback- $9.78

How much of an impact can an animal have? How many lives can one cat touch? How is it possible for an abandoned kitten to transform a small ...

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  "It told a good story, but it wasn't particularly well written." by knittingchicken (see profile) 01/26/09

The book told a good story, but the author couldn't make up her mind what she wanted to write about: Dewey, her life, or Spencer, Iowa. If she had been a bit more focused, the book would have been more enjoyable. I finished the book, but it wasn't one of those books that you just couldn't put down. If you love cats, libraries, or small towns you will probably enjoy the book.

  "Sweet little book" by dmc1230 (see profile) 01/31/09

The stories are intertwined here on purpose. It is really three stories, It's the story of life's ups and downs. It follows the personal struggles of the author without being dull or sefl-pitying. It's about the economic struggles of a small town in Iowa AND it's how Dewey, a rescued kitten, manages to put a little salve on all kinds of wounds. Will it win a Pulitzer? no. It probably won't generate a ton of book club discussion. Still, it's a nice read.

  "Dewey the Cat" by bchamplin (see profile) 08/21/09

First, I am a cat person. I enjoyed the stories of Dewey, but my cat does some of the same things, so I don't think he was such a "stand out" cat. I think because of where he spent his life is why so much attention was placed on him. He was a beautiful cat no question there. I did not enjoy Vicki Myron's trips down memory lane and these tangents she seem to get on and couldn't write her way back to the story. She seemed to be constantly associated with doom & gloom. Even Dewey seemed to head toward the gloomest people, and I suppose that is the point, he was to bring joy into their lives. Anyone who lives with a pet knows this already. Of course, she had to end it with a heart wrenching scene I would have rather skipped. Actually, I wish I'd skipped the whole book!!

  "Dewey - The Cat That Saved the Town" by awolfe0503 (see profile) 10/08/09

When I started reading this book, I didn't expect too much. I mean, I'm not a cat person. However, I enjoyed reading about Spencer, Iowa and Vicki Myron almost as much as I enjoyed reading about Dewey. I don't really believe that Dewey saved the town, but I think he gave the town enough hope and happiness to get them through very trying times. This is a very sweet story.

  "Dewey The Small Town Library Cat" by lesliemich (see profile) 10/09/09

  "Dewey-The Small Town Library Cat Who Touched The World" by rleehudson (see profile) 10/10/09

I am not a cat person but because my book club chose this book I agreed to read it. It was a cute book and I enjoyed reading about Dewey and the lives he touched.

  "Dewey - The Small Town Library Cat That Touched The World." by joinutica (see profile) 10/12/09

This was a precious book to read, expecially if you love cats and have one that looks just like Dewey Readmore Books.

  "Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World" by scrapper (see profile) 10/13/09

  "Light Read" by denloew (see profile) 09/01/10

It was a quick enjoyable read. It was a good first book for our new book club

  "Fun, light read" by denloew (see profile) 01/11/11

This was the first book we read for our new book club and it was a good one for us to read considering we were mostly strangers to each other and didn't know what everyone liked to read. It was a cute, endearing true story that didn't take very long to read.

  "Dewey: The Small Town Library Cat Who Touched The World" by gracem4 (see profile) 05/10/11

The discussion questions provided on the book mark were hard to get going. The pages referencing the changes in library operations received the most attention. We ended up sharing our pet losses and comparing the author's description to our feelings on the loss of our pets.

  "I read it, and I loved it" by ebach (see profile) 10/31/11

DEWEY: THE SMALL-TOWN LIBRARY CAT WHO TOUCHED THE WORLD by Vicki Myron, Bret Witter (Contributor), was published in 2008. Obviously, I didn’t read it right away. That’s because I was afraid it would be a tear jerker. But the cover picture of that cat finally proved irresistible when I found the book at a used book sale. I read it, and I loved it.

If you like cats, you’ll love this book, too. And there’s enough description of library work that librarians would also enjoy this book, regardless of how they feel about cats. But a librarian who is also a cat owner absolutely should not miss DEWEY.

Some of DEWEY is funny, all of it is touching. But it’s more than a MARLEY-type book, with descriptions of crazy incidents.

DEWEY begins with a book depository. That’s where Vicki Myron, the director of the Spencer, Iowa, Library, finds the 8-week-old kitten one freezing cold morning. He was near frozen to death, and his paws were frostbitten. But he loved her and everyone else who would hold him immediately. And all the librarians there loved him back. So, of course, they kept him.

And now you might expect the remainder of the book to describe cat antics. But Myron actually tells us how Dewey helped so many people on a daily basis, truly helped them. He even improved the library. And it even may not be a stretch to say that he gave some status to the small town of Spencer, Iowa. Sure, cat antics are in there, but they’re part of the stories of a cat who loved everyone and helped the lives of so many.

I highly recommend this book. It’s just as good today as it was in 2008 when it was getting so much publicity.

  "Dewey" by Rosel (see profile) 10/22/14

I couldn\'t put this book down. Definitely need a box of tissues.

  "" by quaker66 (see profile) 06/09/16

  "The Cat Lovers United" by [email protected] (see profile) 03/10/17

Some of the ladies had read this book several times. One had an autographed copy. They enjoyed all the cat stories, and added several of their own.

  "Dewey the Library Cat" by Pomasters (see profile) 07/13/17

People think cats aren't smart and can't be trained. Dewey proves them wrong! I have three very well trained cats and enjoy stories about extraordinary animals such as Dewey -who gave and received love and made a difference in the lives of many. Very sweet story.

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