New Moon (Twilight, Book 2)
by Stephenie Meyer
Hardcover- $14.66

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  "a great story ... continued!" by cdlooney (see profile) 11/06/07

I loved Twilight and I loved New Moon! The references to Romeo and Juliet were fabulous. I'm not usually a fan of vampire and fantasy stories, but this book was a great read. I would encourage others to read and discuss this book!

  "Fun book in 3 book series" by coachjenn (see profile) 11/16/07

These books are quick reads. Compelling and fun to read. Have you ever read a vampire book about a noble, and ethical vampire. Interesting. I have some reservations about the female main character. Mostly for teenage audience but all the mom's have been reading them and enjoying the romance, they remember from their youth.

  "The enchanting saga continues...." by julialily (see profile) 08/25/08

Book Two of the Twilight series is an excellent read. Not as compelling as the original but definitely a must for those fans who are dying to find out what will happen to Bella & Edward.

  "contiunuing story, not as good as the first (which wasn't that good)" by mcdotreader (see profile) 04/24/09

Not as good as the first, definitely not book club material. Good for mindless reading, especially if you want to pretend you are a teen-ager again.

  "Not as good as Twilight." by BookLover321 (see profile) 11/25/09

I was really disappointed until the end of the book.

  "New Moon is ok but..." by tlaws (see profile) 12/06/09

This book is ok, not as good as Twilight. I found this book to be slow, not as exciting and very repetitive as far as Bella's thoughts and feelings. A little more action and not so much of "woe is me" would have made for a better book

  "More Twilight" by amandabaier (see profile) 03/14/10

I enjoyed this book, only because it was continuing the series. If I had started with this one, I don't know if I would have wanted to go on...but once I started I had to keep going. It was fun and adventerous at times, but not my favorite in the series.

  "second of the twilight series" by Cortbear80 (see profile) 07/26/10

New Moon is better than the the first book! I can't put it down! It has so much more to it than the movie, of course, and you get to see again how Bella is actually feeling. It is so well written. I can see everything like it is a movie in my head.

  "LOVED IT!!" by rsewell (see profile) 03/30/11

I love the whole series!

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