The Monuments Men: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves, and the Greatest Treasure Hunt in History
by Robert M. Edsel
Paperback- $13.46

At the same time Adolf Hitler was attempting to take over the western world, his armies were methodically seeking and hoarding the finest ...

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  "Hard to Tackle, But Glad I Did" by sbsalsa (see profile) 08/12/13

This book is not historical fiction. It is NON-fiction which might make it hard for fiction lovers and historical fictions lovers alike to read through to the end. Very detailed, which in the end was required, the book is definitely a SHOULD read. In the end, I really liked it because it showed a very different view of WWII than your typical troops, artillery, and bombers and makes one wonder if Hitlers real aspiration in trying to take over Europe was to simply steal all valuable items of art for his own museum. His greed and arrogance (and that of his officers) are amplified beyond comprehension. I have never given any thought to the preservation of art and culture during war and how many pieces of our collective history are destroyed each time a country goes to war, be it global or civil. I anxiously await the movie coming out December 18, 2013 with George Clooney, Matt Damon, and more of an all star cast. While the book is difficult at times to read due to it\'s slow nature - which is what the Monuments Men experienced - it is worth reading and I\'m sure will result in some excellent book club discussion.

  "The monuments men" by kathymur92 (see profile) 02/19/14

This book had amazing content and was well written. It could have been boring with all the statistics and names and places however it flowed with ease. I highly recommend it.

  "The Monuments Men" by pemberton (see profile) 02/19/14

  "The Monuments Men" by bayleaf (see profile) 05/26/14

You don't have to be an art historian to read, understand, and enjoy this book. Although it is longer than the average book club read, I felt it read quickly and not sluggishly or pedantically. The Monuments Men were unsung heroes and the stories in this book are ones seldom heard about WWII (and other wars, I'm sure). We're fortunate Robert M. Edsel wrote this book and educated a few more of us.

  "Worth reading" by barbchickweed (see profile) 06/03/14

I really enjoyed this book. Perhaps it is the perennial student in me, but I found the history and context set out here to be easy to follow and the story line amazing. Despite the inclusion of photos of the various referenced art works, I found it very helpful to look up the titles of the art on my computer and see the background info on them as well as better photos that were posted in color, often, or in a larger scale, as I was reading along. The beginning may be a little slower reading as the author fills in background for the main players and explains how this whole effort came to pass. But, stick with it as it definitely picks up speed. I am glad I read it before seeing the movie (which I still plan to do) since I hear that for plot and movie purposes many finer points had to be abandoned. If you like art or history or both, then this is a definite read for you!

  "The Monuments Men " by cbrouillard (see profile) 05/19/15

Very good read about the saving of art treasures and how a few men made a difference.

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