Lipstick Jungle: A Novel
by Candace Bushnell
Paperback- $14.53

"The real satisfaction here is the book's surprisingly thoughtful pop feminism, at once sharp and sweet." --New York magazine

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  "Good Read! Great Vacation Read!" by pdsarkisian (see profile) 10/26/06

Okay, I was a winner from the monthly context to read this book. I must say it was a good read - I finished it with no problem and actually enjoyed it. (My fellow book club memmbers will laugh at that as I am often "difficult" to please with our selections.) This book is a great book to take on vacation or for "light" reading. The auther, however, has the fabulous ability to really bring the characters and their situations to life. There is sex, scandals, fashion, love, and friendship. I enjoyed it and found it to be a good read. The sex "scenes" were amazingly real and better than most. I am not saying great as I did find that it slightly troubling that the marriages were less than perfect, or happy. If this is what is real today then now I understand why there are so many troubled realtionships. There was not really a true love marriage or relationship, and I do not find that to be true to life, at least for me. However, it was revealing to human spirit.

Here is my take on the publisher questions:

1. Much of Bushnell’s previous work is about a woman’s quest to find and keep a man. But Lipstick Jungle focuses instead on the quest for power and success. What do you think of this decision? Does this book send a new type of message? What is it?

I found it interesting that the two must be separated. This book definitely made it appear that the two cannot be in the same bed together.

2. If you could have the life of Victory, Wendy, or Nico, which would you choose? Do you admire one of these characters more than the others? Why?

None. I love my life and find that I have the most wonderful relationship, partner, and friend. There were parts of each that are glamorous and fun, however when it comes to exchanging my life for one of theirs - I think I would end up on the short end of the stick. I related to each of the characters in different ways and also disdained each of the characters for different things. I found it interesting that none of the characters seemed to have strong character or integrity. I think that if you can sell yourself in love than you can do it in anything can it be portrayed that they will always be loyal to one another as friends if they could not be loyal to their husbands or lover?

3. Would you ever consider Candace Bushnell a feminist? Why or why not?

Yes. She portrays her characters as superior to men.

4. What role does marriage play in the lives of these women? Does it help or hurt them? Or both?

Interesting. Both, it helps and hurts them. I find it uncanny how both have marriages of lack...

5. What do you think about the men in this book? Are they characters or caricatures?

I believe that the men are caricatures and are not brought to life as well as Vicory, Wendy, and Nico.

  "Guilty pleasure" by wendy4g (see profile) 11/12/06

This book is a quick and easy read. Not what you would call thought provoking. While reading it, I was reminded of the Sidney Sheldon books that I read as a teen. Some parts were humorous. Hard to feel empathy or identify with any of these "poor" rich and powerful women! Good for a vacation read. Thanks for the free copy!

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