The Rose Code: A Novel
by Kate Quinn
Paperback- $17.99

“The reigning queen of historical fiction” -- Fiona Davis, New York Times bestselling author of The Lions of Fifth Avenue

The New ...

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  "Deftly written page-turned peopled with authentic, genuine characters" by zodejodie4 (see profile) 02/02/21

4.5 Stars at least
Kate Quinn has given us a gem of a book. One of those of those rare few you encounter that you simultaneously can't wait to finish, yet don't want to end. The characters who people this tale, many of whom are inspired by real individuals, & others who are fictionalized are brilliantly drawn & richly detailed as is the story itself. A deftly written page-turner with characters who are genuine & authentic.

This review is from an Advanced Reader's Edition received from an online book club.

  "The Rose, what a code!" by lizblair (see profile) 08/19/21

An interesting bit of historical fiction. You will love the three code breakers, their work and their friendships. Happy, sad, oppressive and rejoiceful. The things we never learned in history class. Very informative, interesting and adventurous.

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Loved this book.

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  "" by bibliosara (see profile) 10/10/22

One of Quinn's most recent historical novels, this fascinating glimpse into the workings of Bletchley Park seamlessly weaves together real characters and events with fictional. Although a lengthy book, it is easy to read, well written, and carries the reader effortlessly through war, espionage, and a bit of romance. The three main characters are developed with great thought and care, and I loved seeing how Mab especially grew into herself. The dual timeline heightens anticipation as past and present move nearer to one another. The mystery, the primary plot of the book, is unexpected and filled with twists and turns. As Quinn brings the reader through the horror and triumphs of war, as well as a variety of cultural issues, the plot thickens and pulls the reader into a sure grasp. Despite the occasional tragedy, the novel (and characters) feel real and intimate. Quinn might be overextending herself in treating so many issues of the time frame - racism, sexuality, women's rights, mental illness, espionage, abuse, and more - but it mostly works well together.

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