The Silver Star: A Novel
by Jeannette Walls
Hardcover- $19.13

The Silver Star, Jeannette Walls has written a heartbreaking and redemptive novel about an intrepid girl who challenges the injustice of ...

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  "Silver Star" by ksbradeen (see profile) 08/20/13

Walls has written another great read. I believe that her memoirs are better, but this fictional tale has some of the same addictive qualities. It's a great story of two young girls who have to create a life for themselves with the help of a hoarder uncle. It's the girls who end up helping him.

  "The Silver Star" by hodges (see profile) 09/03/13

I have read other books by this author and enjoyed them, but this book seemed to be written for a 12 year old. And possibly it would be interesting to that age group.

  "Worth the read" by LadyDiMurph (see profile) 03/21/14

Classic underdog story. Great opportunity to watch young girls go through a VERY challenging circumstance and to see how they get through it.

  "The Silver Star: A Novel" by cbrouillard (see profile) 09/23/14

If you are familiar with the author's memoirs, you will see that it impacted this debut novel of hers, as the story was comparable to hers. Hopefully, there will be more works of fiction, as this was an enjoyable read.

  "The Silver Star" by AndieR (see profile) 01/28/15

Jeanette Walls does not seem to be able to write about anything else other than plucky daughters of dysfunctional mothers. After three books in this vein it\\\'s time for another subject.

  "" by rebjacks (see profile) 02/07/15

  "" by lorilee (see profile) 04/02/15

  "Generated a great discussion" by cindywiser (see profile) 12/03/15

This is a book that I liked better after we had discussed it at our Book club. There were several sub-plots and themes and putting them all together made for a great book club meeting.

  "" by mariesusanne (see profile) 01/25/17

seemed like a YA novel

  "The silver Star" by Rosec (see profile) 03/20/17

Loved this book, did not see the fate of Jerry Maddox coming..

  "" by jcgoodridge (see profile) 12/24/17

  "The Silver Star is an easy read" by lizblair (see profile) 01/18/21

The Silver Star is an easy read. Walls words allow the flow of the story holding the reader to her pages. Liz and Bean are likable girls with grit. There are many things going on in the story, but it doesn't detract from the main plot of perseverance and survival.

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