The Sparrow
by Mary Doria Russell
Paperback- $13.80

A visionary work that combines speculative fiction with deep philosophical inquiry, The Sparrow tells the story of a charismatic Jesuit ...

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  "7 friends go on a fateful journey to find God." by Kathy E. (see profile) 10/26/06

This book is hard to get into at first. But once the plot opens up and the story line is moving it is a really good book. I think it is a book that needs to be read more than once to understand it more fully.

  "An interwoven story will have you questioning what is right vs. what is good" by wendy4g (see profile) 12/12/06

The fact that this is science fiction is secondary. Looking at faith, love, exploration and how we approach others different from ourselves lends itself well for a discussion. You'll be thinking and talking about this long after your meeting!

  "A Jesuit mission to another planet ends in controversey and a priest questions his faith in God." by Jamaine (see profile) 01/26/07

This book is not an easy read but it is worth it. Beautifully written, The Sparrow makes even the athiest question their beliefs.

  "Great book!" by lauriefr (see profile) 08/23/08

Our discussion covered religion, faith, social issues, science, love and more! Great read!

  "Our group had a long discussion about this book." by jdsieg (see profile) 04/21/09

This book creates some thought-provoking discussions about a person's faith and a country's arrogance about superiority.

  "Good book to make you think outside the box!" by jwoodley (see profile) 05/30/09

This book will make you think about who else is out there and how we, as a society, would react to such a situation.

  "lacking something" by holland (see profile) 06/13/09

the ending was somewhat unsatisfying

  "The Sparrow" by tammyh2 (see profile) 06/17/09

  "The Sparrow" by marlagorman (see profile) 02/15/10

This book was an easy read with very likeable characters. I thought the writter did a great job developing the characters and was very descriptive of the various settings.

  "Strange and Fascinating" by coldstreampond (see profile) 02/26/10

A good book for those who don't read sci fi, because there are so many relatable themes. It's odd, but at times a real page-turner. The religious aspect is a bit heavy-handed, but that probably helped to make it such a good discussion book.

  "Marking his fall" by tellmel (see profile) 12/03/12

A haunting and tragic tale of the intersection of faith, science and exploration.

  "The Sparrow" by MGabe (see profile) 05/31/13

If you are not a Sci-Fi fan, don't be turned off the synopsis of the book. I avoided reading this book for several years because I usually don't like Sci-Fi. This book has less to do with science fiction and more to do with expansionism and faith

  "The Sparrow" by skarohlid (see profile) 08/29/13

This book evoked a lot of lively discussion at our book club meeting. Wonderful writting coupled with thought provoking themes. I would highly recommend!

  "" by nanbfree (see profile) 04/15/14

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