The Brief History of the Dead
by Kevin Brockmeier
Paperback- $8.21

From Kevin Brockmeier, one of this generation's most inventive young writers, comes a striking new novel about death, life, and the ...

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  "Created GREAT discussion, subject matter very fresh and well written" by Dental (see profile) 06/13/08

Our Club was about 50-50 on whether they really "liked" the book as one of their favorites, but with us, those are the ones that create the best discussions. So as far as a recommendation for a great bookclub book that generates alot of good talk this would be a really good choice. This gave a different perspective about what happens to us when we die,and also made you really think of all the people you come in contact with intimately and just casually.

  "Is there Life after this Life?" by beezmama (see profile) 06/13/08

Although death itself can be a morbid subject, this story brought an interesting and unique slant to the idea of memories carrying us through to the next life. While at times the story seemed a bit "Twilight Zone" to me and there was not enough indepth character development to really care about many of the characters in this book, it was a story that made you think about how we touch and are touched by so many lives that we come in contact with over our own lifetime. I thought the descriptions of the Antarctic region were quite vivid and I could feel the cold to my bones just reading it. The story within the story to me was a warning of what we must do as individuals to protect and preserve our planet or face global destruction. Most bookclub members agreed that although the subject of the book was not necessarily an enjoyable read, Brockmeier is a creative storyteller and the book, which read more like a short story, led our bookclub into some engaging discussion. One of our members clipped obits from the paper and we were each given one to just think about, imagine their story, and create a memory to become part of their journey into the next world.

  "A Short Story Made Long" by maril (see profile) 10/09/09

  "The Brief History of the Dead" by bjmore (see profile) 10/09/09

This book has an interesting premise, but can be a depressing read. The symbolism can lead to interesting discussions, and the ending also allows speculation among the readers.

  "The Brief History of the Dead" by lindap492004 (see profile) 10/09/09

I liked the premise that we don't really disappear after we die as long as there is someone on earth that remembers us.

It was a little scary to think that we are all so connected that the effects of 1 company's poor decision could contaminate the world.

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