Savannah Blues
by Mary Kay Andrews
Kindle Edition-

“Quirky, endearing characters make Savannah Blues one heck of a good time.”
 —Jennifer Crusie

“Mary Kay Andrews has perfect pitch ...

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  "good light read" by sklewis (see profile) 05/18/06

An enjoyable book with good character development. A rather light book so there wasn't much to discuss.

  "A fun book to read" by wirtzv (see profile) 05/18/06

I found Savannah Blues to be very entertaining and looked forward to reading it. Although the topics of discussion were lighter than most of the other books, there was still plenty to discuss. Some of the story line was predictable, but was happy with the outcome. Characters were amusing.

  "Fun to read, likeable characters" by beckys (see profile) 05/25/06

  "fun, entertaining" by quiettime (see profile) 07/19/06

Maybe not a very in-depth book for serious discussions (our reading group enjoys it all...serious books, fun books, or sometimes no books but there for the good company and snacks!), but I liked it as much the other Mary Kay Andrews books. Humor, entertaining plot and characters, and a little mystery thrown it. (If you enjoy this book, Andrew's new book, Savannah Breeze, follows some of the "Savannah Blues" characters.)

  "Fun to read...without any real substance..." by Isis_2 (see profile) 09/14/06

This was a light read and entertaining. No real substance, but if you want a book to pass the time, this is perfect! Overall, I enjoyed the book, but I did get a little frustrated with the main character, Weezie, and her obsession with "the other woman" and her ex-husband.

I enjoyed BeBe's character, and I wish I could meet Daniel, her personal chef...he could set my heart a sizzlin'!

  "This was our first book." by chkahn12 (see profile) 11/26/06

Everyone loved it. The characters were fun to discuss. Lots of laughs!! Fast & fun read!!

  "Great Beach Read - Especially if you are Southern" by bbentz (see profile) 06/17/09

Ok, this book has all of the ingredients of a Southern romance: the plucky heroine who just can't seem to be the perfect Southern belle, the cad of an ex husband and his new maneater wife, disapproving parents, a new love in the wings (that cooks great), antiques, a rich and fluffy friend named BeBe. It was a guilty pleasure - we usually read heavier stuff, but always pick a fun Beach read in the summer. It was a fun romp perfect for a long plane trip or for reading over a vacation.

  "fun book" by AshleyAsher (see profile) 02/24/11

this was a really fun book to read. it didn't generate much discussion, though, because everyone pretty much loved it and we didn't have much to "debate" about!

  "Savannah lues" by pizza6666 (see profile) 02/27/11

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 06/22/18

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 07/15/20

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