The Hunger Games (Book 1)
by Suzanne Collins
Paperback- $5.39

In the ruins of a place once known as North America lies the nation of Panem, a shining Capitol surrounded by twelve outlying districts. ...

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  "The Hunger Games" by Brendao (see profile) 11/30/10

A very fast paced, consuming book! It will keep you riveted. Great characterization and storytelling! Copious amounts of symbolism provides for great book group discussions. Everyone in our club liked this book!

  "Quick Read with much to discuss." by iamom05 (see profile) 03/22/11

I'd really have to recommend reading and discussing all 3 books in the series. Some of us had, some had not so it was difficult to discuss just the first without giving away the end. This book is very fast paced...I'm generally a slow reader, but read all 3 books in less than 3 weeks (each about 400 pgs). At the beginning I did not think I wanted to read about this subject, but the way Collins develops it is very well done and not too gruesome, although a bit. It did give me nightmares though. Really excellent writing and an interesting story/concept.

  "The Hunger Games" by mkrupiak (see profile) 07/21/11

This was a really good read. Almost everyone in our book club who read it went on to finish the series! I liked that the book was actually brought to my attention by my teenage daughter, so not only did I get to discuss the book with our book club, but I also had a chance to talk to my daughter about her thoughts on it. I loved that for our meeting we went out to eat......get it "Hunger Games".

  "The Hunger Games" by annaf (see profile) 08/16/11

I hope America doesn't come to this. I didn't like the premise of the book, but liked the way the main characters handled it. I hated those words at the end, "End of Book One".

  "The Hunger Games" by AWHC (see profile) 10/03/11

  "The Hunger Games" by pwheels23 (see profile) 10/04/11

We really liked this book and plan on reading the next two in the trilogy.

  "Loved it, couldn't put it down." by Shawnee (see profile) 12/19/11

  "fantastic" by tonyafaye (see profile) 12/22/11

I loved this book, I could't put it down.

  "Awesome!" by jenperry89 (see profile) 12/28/11

Captivating! I loved this book! The whole series is a great read.

  "Great Adventure" by tristephanie (see profile) 12/30/11

The Hunger Games is set in the future where the citizens have zero freedom. One girl and one boy from each district must be sent to the capitol where they are forced to fight to the death. It's a page turner, and you'll be dying to get your hands on the next books in the series to find out what happens to the characters.

  "The Hunger Games" by jjewski (see profile) 12/31/11

This book is about a country called Panem which is split in 12 districts, and every year there is a tournament called the Games in which two kids from each one of the districts is chosen by lottery to fight for their lives! It is very addictive and you will not want to put it down in order to find out what happens.

  "Great start to a triology" by jenniferkemp21 (see profile) 01/04/12

This book never has a dull moment! I couldn't put it down. You watch the characters grow and evolve, making you emotionally connected, and pulling you further in.

  "Great Book!" by lindseybloom8 (see profile) 01/06/12

  "The Hunger Games" by gskylesa (see profile) 01/09/12

  "The hunger games" by Mary60 (see profile) 01/10/12

Our book club members are from every age group and all really enjoyed the book. There was more discussion with this book than any other book our club has read.

  "The Hunger Games" by sglover (see profile) 01/12/12

This was an awesome read!!! Can't wait to finish the other 2 books in the series.

  "These are children" by JLS40 (see profile) 01/12/12

It is hard to remember that the characters in this book are children. Our club enjoyed the book very much and fell in love with the characters. Many have already moved onto the second book as soon as they put down the first. It is a story that wil stay with you and raises so many moral and ethical questions. It was a great pick for book club. Highly and strongly recommend.

  "Would Absolutely Recommend!" by shipley19 (see profile) 01/12/12

  "Changed My Choice of Future Book Slections" by thansen (see profile) 01/14/12

I've never been into Sci-fi books, but this was amazing! I couldn't put it down, I read through the 3 book trilogy in just a few weeks.

  "Hunger games" by stell4r (see profile) 01/18/12

  "I hunger for more" by sheilafri (see profile) 01/18/12

This was my second time to read the Hunger Games and I loved it even more. Collins is an accomplished story teller creating fully realized characters across a spectrum of types. The world she has created is complex and entirely convincing. It brings up many interesting ideas for discussion questions while still working as a great read. It is hard to put this book down and most of our members were wanting to read the second book immediately.

  "The Hunger Games" by lsk (see profile) 01/24/12

  "Amazing!" by ardolina626 (see profile) 01/24/12

  "Such an amazing book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" by sarahloo (see profile) 01/24/12

  "The Hunger Games" by skinnyatlas (see profile) 01/31/12

Engaging, quick page turner with creative, controversial plot; great to talk with teens about. Touches on themes of family loyalty, individual liberty and government control without the "heavy" literature feel of similar genres. Easy, quick read that really makes you think long after the book is done...

  "Wonderfully addictive!" by cherylkohen (see profile) 02/07/12

  "great book" by shannonjoe (see profile) 02/07/12

I read the entire trilogy in a matter of days. Very interesting!

  "Loved it!" by carlymu (see profile) 02/07/12

I couldn't believe how much I loved this book considering it was written for young adults. Couldn't put it down!

  "Great, easy read." by amyott (see profile) 02/09/12

One of the best books I've read in a while. Great story, fast paced, couldn't put it down.

  "The Hunger Games" by Judy B. (see profile) 02/09/12

Most of the ladies in our club found this futuristic book very difficult to read because of the violent premise, particularly because it involved children. However, our discussion was terrific. When we started digging for themes, we just couldn't stop. The book's relevance to contemporary life was fascinating, too. Then when we began predicting what might happen in the next two books (none of us had read them), we got really engaged. Several of the "I hated this book" readers declared that they would be finishing the trilogy after all. It may not have been a favorite read, but it was surely a conversation starter!

  "Hunger games" by watyrfall (see profile) 02/14/12

Loved it? Must read before movie hits the theatres.

  "Hunger Games" by Karyn Soltis (see profile) 02/17/12

Liked it and the group liked it. Cant wait for the movie!

  "Good, clean fun" by iambcad (see profile) 02/17/12

  "The Hunger Games left my family hungry" by lizblair (see profile) 02/18/12

Not my usual type of read; written in a future time and place...BUT I LOVED IT. I neglected grocery shopping and cooking over the weekend I read it!

  "fast, fun read" by aahayes (see profile) 02/19/12

fun to read an easy entertaining book. Read all three books in about 2 weeks.

  "A book that definitely has me thinking and comparing ..." by fastreader (see profile) 02/19/12

I found it difficult to pick adjectives from the list I felt matched this book. It's dramatic that's for sure. Since it's a dystopian novel where people in power thrive on control over the majority, describing the plot as dramatic seems too tame.

The book is graphic, but not in what that adjective usually implies. There's nothing explicitly detailed about sex, gore or violence. What I found graphic were the physical, emotional and environmental threats most of the populace in the imaginary country of Panem were subjected to.

Gloomy is close to describing how I felt it was like to be a lower-class citizen in this book. However, there are several characters in the book that seem headed for a more promising outcome by the time the book (or trilogy) ends.

  "A great time was had by all.." by Imshelliee (see profile) 02/21/12

I was a little hesitant to bring this "young adult" book to our club, but was happily surprised to find that most of the club members were already into the third book by the time our club met! It's not terribly difficult and a good read. It can be emotional and is interesting if you compare it to the world we live in today.

  "Not Just for Young Adults" by nik928 (see profile) 02/21/12

Although this book is a "young adult" favorite, a not-so-young adult will enjoy this book. The book moves quickly and is a great start to the trilogy.

  "The Hunger Games - Catching Fire-The Mockingjay" by skoomarm (see profile) 02/22/12

There are 3 books in the Hunger Games series. Our club was supposed to read only the 1st one for our 2/21 meeting. However, almost all of us got so involved with the story presented in Book One that we went on to read Books Two & Three for our meeting. I couldn't put them down -- fast and easy reads.

  "The Hunger Games" by madority (see profile) 02/23/12

Once you are past the premise of the book, it becomes quite entertaining.

  "Great read." by NalaMarie (see profile) 02/24/12

I ended up buying and reading all three. I couldn't put them down!

  "Loved Hunger Games!" by Mobac (see profile) 02/25/12

  "Facts disguised as fiction" by CaribeAzul (see profile) 02/25/12

The cruel ways The Capitol treats the regions reminds us of the dictatorships that still exist in this world: whimsical rules, the hunger games representing the young people's sacrifice to war, the vast differences between the ruling class and the citizens. Suzanne Collins show us the result of a ruined society devastated by war, and injustice. This book is a must read, especially during the divisive and trouble times we confront today.

  "Loved The Hunger Games" by MerryP1220 (see profile) 02/25/12

This is a quick, easy read that is very hard to put down!

  "The Hunger Games" by cookielid (see profile) 02/25/12

This is a book I couldn't put down. It was captivating and addictive. It is thought provocing and enthralling.

  "Hunger Games" by NancyJK (see profile) 02/27/12

My daughter asked me to read the books with her so that we can talk about them, we just finished the 2nd book and it's now a race to finish the 3rd.

  "Addictive" by marvelousme (see profile) 02/28/12

Very quick read. The parallels to current society are impactful.

  "Loved it!" by Kat012 (see profile) 02/29/12

  "Hunger Games" by jsvincent (see profile) 02/29/12

Most of our group was a little leery about this selection but once they started reading they changed their minds. Very powerful with a lot of thought provoking messages. It was definitely worth reading.

  "I can't wait to see the movie!" by kenapastore (see profile) 03/03/12

I have now read the whole trilogy, what an amazing, yet disturbing story.

  "A must read" by clafollette (see profile) 03/04/12

  "Thrilling read!" by sarelle (see profile) 03/06/12

  "Wow - for teenagers? ... I think not - I'm 42!!!" by Juliestorer (see profile) 03/06/12

Fabulous read - I couldn't put it down. I read this and the other two in the trilogy in 4 days!!

Everyone else will tell the story, so I'll just say it was a scary account of a possible future - can't wait for the film later this month!

  "Keeps you hungry for more...." by hiltonjenb (see profile) 03/08/12

Fast moving adventure series, which is wonderfully written. Keeps you asking questions and turning pages thirsty for the next twist and the characters will win you over from the get go.

  "A teen novel for adults" by tiernanogg (see profile) 03/09/12

This book was a quick read that even though geared to young teens, is satisfying for adults.

  "Sucked in to the Hunger Games craze... And I love it!" by meadows21 (see profile) 03/09/12

I was hesitant at first to read this because of all the craze, but I was sucked in and couldn't put the book down. Just finished the second of the series and on to the third. Highly recommend this book!

  "Amazing!" by lmc5209 (see profile) 03/11/12

I used to read several books a week when I was a teenager. Until this book, I forgot how much I enjoyed getting completely sucked into a story. I couldn't put this down. I couldn't stop talking about it. This book was wonderful and I now cannot wait to see if the movie does it justice!

  "The Hunger Games" by EmilyPiper (see profile) 03/11/12

  "Well-written, gripping" by JerrilynnL (see profile) 03/12/12

I read this first book in a couple of days - it was hard to put down. It's a dark and gripping world with tiny rays of light and humanity poking through. I felt I was reading on the edge of my seat. I would recommend having all three books of the series so you can continue reading right away.

  "The Hunger Games" by blsnshin (see profile) 03/13/12

I loved this book. So much that I immediately got the second and third! Can't wait for the movie.

  "Hunger Games" by bookladyacml (see profile) 03/17/12

While I liked the book & it kept my interest... I kind of feel indifferent @ the end. Maybe because of all the hype I keep hearing about the book and the movie....maybe it was built up too much & I feel let down. While I gave it a 4 ....maybe 3.5 would be more in line w/ how I feel. Hmmmm maybe it'll grow on me...

  "Katniss the survivor" by Neyly (see profile) 03/17/12

Good book! I looked for the descriptive "intense" but couldn't find it above. Still, I think "intense" best describes the storyline as the main characters fight to survive. I plan to continue the trilogy to find out more about the characters and their lives after the "Hunger Games".

  "The Hunger Games" by pdaniel23059 (see profile) 03/21/12

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I enjoyed Ms. Collins writing so much that the violent parts of the book did not seem to bother me as much. I definitely wanted to read more about Katniss Everdeen that I rushed to buy the second book rather wait until it was available in the library.

  "the hunber games" by carlahasel (see profile) 03/23/12

we are reading catching fire next

  "The Hunger Games" by jax_wojo (see profile) 03/25/12

Fast read, interesting book. Very though provoking!

  "Amazing" by jrmitche (see profile) 03/26/12

Don't count The Hunger Games out just yet. Yes, I know it is now the "trend" because of all the hype with the movie. No, this is not the new Harry Potter. No, this is certainly not the new Twilight (although I am a Twilight fan). This book is unlike anything else. Full of dramatic complexity, rivoting actions, and interesting characters and backstory that leave you wanting more - The Hunger Games is a MUST READ! I actually read this book when it was first released waaaaaaay back in 2008 - and have re-read it about 3 more times. Each time better than before. Don't stop - continue with Catching Fire and Mockingjay to complete the trilogy. Love story? not really - but epic - yes! Enjoy!
And, as always, may the odds be EVER in your favor! :)

  "The Hunger Games" by kdangle17 (see profile) 03/27/12

  "Loved this book!" by nickgarrison (see profile) 03/28/12

  "In the footsteps of Buffy..." by LoriGold (see profile) 03/30/12

It's great to see another strong heroine. It's not just that she got to kick but, but her skill (developed after years of hard work and sacrifice) was tremondously valued, and saved not just her life, but her partner as well.

Throw in a love triangle (one blond, one brunette), a male mentor and a bow and arrow instead of a stake and you've got post apocalyptic Buffy.

  "Highly recommended" by kcoupland (see profile) 03/30/12

  "Interesting concept!" by Paula_S (see profile) 03/31/12

Well done! I finished the book in a few days as it was indeed a page turner! The theme really gives some "food for thought".

  "Hunger Games" by hrbrakey (see profile) 04/01/12

Best book I've read in a LONG time!

  "Couldn't put it down!" by Jess72180 (see profile) 04/04/12

Easy read, interesting concept, read it in a couple days.

  "sgraham" by shiningshawna (see profile) 04/10/12

I truly expected to not like this book when I read the plot. The story line sounded terrible, and while not exactly sci-fi, it is futuristic, and not a genre I usually like. But I have to admit I couldn't put it down. It gave our bookclub a lot to talk about - great discussion themes throughout. Everyone in the club that read it seemed to enjoy the book. In fact several loved it so much that they read the entire trilogy!

  "Truly different from anything else!" by kmac21m (see profile) 04/10/12

This trilogy is truly different than anything I have ever read. Our entire book club couldn't put it down.

  "One down, two to go!" by Katha (see profile) 04/11/12

  "Our best book club discussion" by mcbetty (see profile) 04/11/12

We read the trilogy and discussed it over two meetings. Had a guest speaker who wrote a University paper comparing this to Appalachian literature. Had one of our very best discussions ever

  "HG" by portico (see profile) 04/12/12

  "Read this a year ago and couldn't put it down!" by ecoalson (see profile) 04/19/12

Strong female lead character. My big takeaway: how the imbalance of power can be overlooked by the powerful and devastating to the powerless.

  "Great Book" by britinaloveskate (see profile) 04/22/12

Great story with a strong female lead. I couldn't stop reading this book and immediately had to read the rest of the books in the trilogy.

  "Need More Hunger Games!" by BritneyN_0518 (see profile) 04/23/12

WOW!!! This book was so wonderfully written that at times I felt like I was in the midst of the Hunger Games sitting there with Katniss & Peeta. My adventures into sci-fi books is a new one, and reading this as my 1st sci-fi was not a let down. I recommend this book to everyone!

  "An adventure" by Jeseck (see profile) 04/25/12

This book kept me engaged and wanting to read more.

  "The Hunger Games" by doris0251 (see profile) 04/27/12

Fun to read. Good characters.

  "The Hunger Games" by Tillie (see profile) 04/30/12

Violent but outweighed by courage and compassion. Sympathetic characters.

  "Great Book!" by wawter (see profile) 04/30/12

  "Hunger Games" by cvanderwill (see profile) 04/30/12

  "Great book!" by nolldl (see profile) 05/02/12

I read this book after my 14-year-old son recommended it, and I went into it with skepticism. But once I read the first few chapters, I couldn't put it down! Quick read, and it's entertaining, in spite of the dark subject matter.

  "Hunger Games" by lhollander (see profile) 05/03/12

Could not put this book down! Fantastic!

  "The Hunger Gamed" by BethL (see profile) 05/04/12

Very interesting

  "The hunger games" by Neicia (see profile) 05/08/12

A very addictive book I read all three in the trilogy in. Three days. Very exciting. Loved it

  "Couldn't put it down" by proche (see profile) 05/25/12

Our club chose this book because many of our children/grandchildren were reading it and we wanted to be able to discuss it with them. I wasn't sure I would be able to read it because of the story line of children fighting to their death but once we all started it we couldn't put it down. There are many topics for discussion and it was a very interesting story. Although there is violence in the story it isn't as gory as an adult novel would be.

  "The Hunger Games" by kbakshi (see profile) 06/08/12

  "Had difficulty at first geting over the gruesome premise" by mybcjac24 (see profile) 06/23/12

It took me a long time to actually pick up this book when I heard what it was about. It took me almost as long to get over the horrific concept of the book after I started reading it. However, I couldn't put it down, I didn't know it was a Trilogy until the very end of the book and couldn't wait a day before reading the next book.

  "Adventure for All Ages" by TinaLangdon (see profile) 07/03/12

This book had our entire club talking for the entire meeting. Nearly everyone went ahead and read the next two as well. We would recommend it for any book club or solitary reader.

  "Hunger Games" by LTGHR (see profile) 07/05/12

Even our members who were hesitating at first thinking it may be "too dark" were completely hooked on this book! We've gone on to read the whole series. Collins' work is brilliant.

  "Hunger Games" by jpr1506 (see profile) 07/27/12

  "The Hunger Games" by Lucynukem (see profile) 08/10/12

  "Good, quick read." by Hindsnorth (see profile) 08/11/12

  "Can't put it down!" by irishstar822 (see profile) 08/20/12

  "Great Read!" by CajunHeart54 (see profile) 09/07/12

Really enjoyed the book. You connect with the characters. Lots of action and adventure. There is a bit of a sad side to it but you won't be sorry you read it!

  "the hunger games" by msahm (see profile) 10/16/12

Our book club liked this book on the whole and we would reccommend it to others.

  " a fun read" by Zward (see profile) 12/18/12

  "thought provoking" by buffalogal (see profile) 01/13/13

great book that makes you think about the actions of our society and the possible effects for the future. Good wins out over selfishness!

  "intriguing" by maril (see profile) 07/28/13

It drew me in as I read and I really did care about the characters. Very good read and can see why it was a hit with young adult readers since it was well written and with a great story line that is almost mythical.

  "Hungry for more." by tcheer4life (see profile) 11/20/13

I wasn\\\'t going to read this book. I thought it was about vampires and werewolves. Finding out it was about teenagers fighting to the death in survival games, didn\\\'t change my mind about reading it. I was disgruntled when I discovered this was to be our book choice for November. Why!?!?!?
Not only could I not read this book fast enough, I immediately had to read the rest of the trilogy. Give it a chance. The writing is marvelous. That will hook you.

  "Best YA book of 2012" by gymbackmom (see profile) 06/23/14

  "What a great book!" by JPMay (see profile) 11/13/14

What a great book!

  "Great Dystopian for Discussion" by rickimc (see profile) 11/24/14

With the movie coming out, I figured it was type to finally read The Hunger Games, which people have been suggesting to me for years. I am glad I finally did. This is a wonderful dystopian with plenty of twists in a world I want to learn more about. I didn't think it would be my type of book, but I was more than pleasantly surprised.

  "" by HLEMK (see profile) 02/17/16

I didn't know about The hunger games until book club. I enjoyed the entire series.

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 12/29/18

  "" by dash71 (see profile) 06/01/19

  "" by Stephani (see profile) 06/16/19

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