Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7)
by J. K. Rowling
Hardcover- $22.84

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  "i CAN'T WAIT FOR IT TO COME OUT" by honorguardchick2008 (see profile) 05/08/07

  "This highly anticipated book didn't disappoint!" by dsouza (see profile) 08/24/07

We have several die-hard Harry Potter fans in our book club. Needless to say, they couldn't wait to get together and discuss this highly anticipated final book in the series. One of the members even brought homemade snacks with a Harry Potter theme! I was not able to find discussion questions already prepared for this book. I composed my own questions and they worked well. We had a two hour discussion of the themes that were in the series and the last book in particular and the discussion never lagged.

  "Magical and Magnificent" by joyfulpie (see profile) 09/06/07

I was dreaming spells and charms for days. The entire series is so captivating. Thank you J. K. Rowling for your gift of storytelling.

  "My favorite Harry Potter Book!" by Lucile (see profile) 09/09/07

We have all been awaiting the final (?) adventures of Harry Potter and his friends. Everyone has talked this summer about Snape--good or evil? Now we finally know. This volume is easily my favorite of the Harry Potter series and was a great review of the past books as well as bringing all the loose ends together. However, the plot was more than recap and resolution--towards the end I literally could not put the book down and read well into the night to finish it. Despite hearing that the author does not plan a sequel to the series the end would lead you to believe otherwise!

  "Awesome & really an adult book!" by MyTatteredPages (see profile) 10/29/07

This pretty much goes for all of the HP books. I stayed away from thse because i thought they were for kids. My aunt convinced me to read Book #1 in July. Before the end of August, I had read all seven books. The last book left some things to be desired because it seems she just wanted an ending and finito! But the HP legacy is worth redaing. Highly recommended!

  "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7)" by DonnaMMM (see profile) 06/17/09

Rowling tied up the series beautifully in this seventh and final book. The only downside is that is does end. One is totally immersed in the world of HP. Rowling ends on an epic scale and does not shy from death, although at least one of the deaths seems unnecessary but then that is how it is in life. Funny, poignant, adventurous, impossible to put down. All the threads tie up in this 7th installment of the boy wizard. You may find yourself going back to previous installments to see where the seeds were planted.

  "Just read it!" by showchoirnerd (see profile) 06/14/10

If you are a Harry Potter hold out, just read the books! They are fantastically well written, and very addicting. I read the first four books in a week (back when there were only 4) and couldn't wait for more. I would recommend reading the books in order, so you know what's going on.

  "Harry Potter and the Disappointing Ending!" by LibrarianLady (see profile) 08/28/10

J.K. Rowling so carefully established the rules of her world of wizardry in her earlier Harry Potter novels, then threw them all out the window in attempt to satisfy fans and critics (and tie up loose ends) in this unsatisfying end to the series. Worth discussing for fans of her earlier work who want to critique it and perhaps vent their frustrations.

  "Not the Best Potter" by AdinaP (see profile) 11/10/10

Not much for discussion either. For once, the movie was better than the book. We weren't really sure why this was picked for book club either. It was done by a member who moved away. Good thing, too!

  "Loved it!" by k_cooper (see profile) 06/17/12

  "Must read!" by sweetypie0717 (see profile) 10/05/13

I couldn't put the series down, especially this book! Recommend to anyone :)

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 07/09/19

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