One Day (Vintage Contemporaries Original)
by David Nicholls
Kindle Edition-


It’s 1988 and Dexter Mayhew and Emma Morley have only just met. But ...

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  "One Day" by carolrae72 (see profile) 08/09/10

  "I liked it, but maybe not for a book club" by etrogers (see profile) 09/07/10

I really did like this book, but I'm not going to recommend it for book clubs to read because I don't think there is much discussion value in it. It's a cute story and fun to read, but it's more of beach reading than book club reading.

  "Really Dexter?" by dmc1230 (see profile) 09/29/10

Love story? I couldn't get past how shallow these characters were. Could Emma really pine for Dexter for so many years when he was such a thoughtless, immature boy? Thought the ending really copped out too. I want stronger, more self-assured women in my novels.

  "a challenge to read" by DeannaClark (see profile) 10/02/10

  "maybe not for my generation" by Franibelle (see profile) 10/06/10

A book about two silly people who can't get their acts together and bounce through life like billiard balls

  "One Day" by rwb385 (see profile) 10/06/10

Interesting to start with but gets burdensome as time passes. Character development needs some work but, overall, not a bad read.

  "One Day" by junebrown (see profile) 10/06/10

I didn't care for the book myself but it made for a great book club discussion.

  "20 Years" by v.skywark (see profile) 10/06/10

Two lost young Brits somehow maintain a long-term connection despite setbacks and side trips. Emma and Dexter may have been meant for each other, but they waste years avoiding the main tasks of emerging adulthood: committing to a love relationship and finding meaningful work. It's their journey that makes up most of this story. The book is not for everyone -- some readers couldn't stomach the very obvious flaws in these two characters. But I felt sorry for them and hoped for some kind of mutual redemption. You'll have to decide for yourself if that happens.

  "none" by waskew46 (see profile) 10/07/10

  "one day" by carolinegrace (see profile) 10/09/10

  "Enjoyable" by cao324 (see profile) 10/13/10

This book is reminiscent of When Harry Met Sally, yet different. I liked the format of the book as it covered the same calendar date over the span of 20 years, and I enjoyed reading how the characters transitioned into different stages of life. My biggest complaint was how long the chapters were - it made it hard to find stopping points sometimes and sometimes the plot seemed a little slow. I was also disappointed by the way some of the events of the story unfolded.

  "One Day" by CarolAnnT (see profile) 10/20/10

  "One Day" by mptravis (see profile) 11/12/10

Good character development for book club discussion but I just didn't like this book at all!

  "OK" by KWest (see profile) 11/19/10

  "Little to slow for me........." by kristinerolf (see profile) 12/15/10

And the ending totally ruined the book...........

  "Ok" by shelly.crispino (see profile) 12/15/10

Couldn't really get into it, and REALLY didn't appreciate the ending.

  "Review" by mmundell (see profile) 12/15/10

  "BookClub Review" by DanniS (see profile) 12/15/10

I enjoyed the book until the last 60 pages or so.

  "One Day" by kkazonovitz (see profile) 12/20/10

The concept of the book made for a much more interesting story than the typical romantic novel.

  "Great read.." by gmallie (see profile) 01/30/11

I loved this book mianly due to many parallels in my own life - it was like reading the soundtrack to my youth!! Was iitially put off by the cover and the format of the book jumping a year each chapter but it really worked and the nagging questions were all answered in the end. I laughed out loud and then cried bucket loads. Felt by the end that I knew these characters as friends and had been on their journey with them.

  "ONE DAY" by YogiMom (see profile) 02/16/11

  "unlikeable" by becca1010 (see profile) 02/17/11

Both characters are so unlikeable. Dex was a immature jerk and never grew up, and Emma was just dumb not to move on to a healthy relationship. Pointless. The book went in the trash. UGH!

  "One Day" by mcheetham (see profile) 02/17/11

Info. on front and back covers are misleading. How does this qualify as a romance novel when the characters showed no affection or real emotional involvement? My copy is going into the wastebasket. It was a waste of money and time...

  "Interesting Writing Style" by ebburtis (see profile) 03/20/11

While our group wasn't thrilled with the book, it ended up leading to a pretty good conversation. We talked a lot about the character development and whether it was believable and also Nicholl's writing style.

  "One Day" by Lacy3711 (see profile) 05/13/11

I liked this book. You want them to be together and it takes so long and does not last however it is a good story that follows them through their lives and continually brings them back together

  "Could have been much better.." by rsmulever (see profile) 07/07/11

Loved the idea, thought it will make a good reading and we were looking forward for a great discussion about it but did not meet anyone's expectations, it was slow, boring, not insightful and unsophisticated...

  "Looking At A Relationship on the Same Day For 20 Years" by vrtikapa (see profile) 08/27/11

We were split on this book, some loved it, some hated it, some were in the middle. Sometimes it was a bit frustrating and sometimes funny.

  "One Day" by stell4r (see profile) 09/03/11

  "One Day, David Nicholls" by kdangle17 (see profile) 10/14/11

I liked the format, one entry each July 15th for 20 years, this kept me interested and then it just became dull. This formats continues to work to some degree until the last 50 pages then the authors jumps around from the early years to the last years - It looks like he is tying up the loose ends of the story and trying to complete the abrupt end to Emma's story. Was he trying to meet a deadline?
The characters were believable. We have all known at least one Dexter and an Emma that just can't get enough of a guy that doesn't deserve her. The story is realistic in the year to year maturing of the characters and their career progression.
The Mexican restaurant, Loco Caliente, tour given by Emma was amusing and fairly accurate - forty-eight permutations of five key Tex-Mex food groups.
And yes I am a romantic, but not necessarily gullible - I loved Dexter's letter to Emma that just never got there, Taj Mahal at noon. It truly sounded like one of Dexter's best plans.

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 05/19/19

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 06/07/19

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