Annie Freeman's Fabulous Traveling Funeral
by Kris Radish
Kindle Edition-

For Katherine Givens and the four women about to become her best friends, the adventure begins with a UPS package. Inside is a pair of red ...

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  "Moving and funny" by beachbum (see profile) 04/18/07

A wonderful, insightful, funny, made you want to be in on the funeral book! Kris Radish touches the heart and the soul of love, loss, friendships and new beginnings.

  "Concept was great, very good discussion book" by deb.brown2 (see profile) 06/28/07

Our group really liked this book. Lots of discussion points. Only one detraction was that the ending & final chapters, seemed a bit rushed or contrived.
A good read with lots of laughs and some tears.

  "Needs a little testoserone" by ladyjane7 (see profile) 03/08/08

Annie Freeman wanted to bring those dear to her together to give them an opportunity to share not only poignant aspects of her life, but to share their own lives with those who could relate and understand their hardships and obstacles. We learn a great deal about Annie as her friends travel to places that were important to her. The story has it good moments, but it gets to be too much. I found myself wanting a "male" perspective. One time they had a chance to meet with someone to whom Annie was married, perhaps briefly, but they missed the opportunity because they were so wrapped up in their own discussions. Besides Annie, Marie, the hospice nurse, stood out as the strongest and by far the favorite of our book club readers. We are glad she got to travel along with the rest of the ladies.

  "Great concept." by Tuesday (see profile) 04/30/08

Loved the concept of the book. The first chapter was the best and had me wanting to read more. Produced many chuckles as well as tears. I did have some issues with the writing. A lot of repetition of themes and dialog. Hard to follow some of the events discribed.

  "Just okay" by ywcharity (see profile) 02/27/10

  "Really??" by earp30wyatt (see profile) 02/27/10

Some of our bookclub members thought this was a "drippy" poor excuse of a book. Others that disagreed, disagreed in the most "aggressive" ways. Interesting reaction..... considering how poor this book truly was. Most of us felt it was not that great.

  "I won't be passing this one on..." by nancylj (see profile) 08/27/10

There are some heartwarming moments in this book, however, I could not engage with the characters and came away feeling like I hadn't learned anything new. I would have tossed the book half way through except that it is a book club selection and I felt obligated to finish it.

  "traveling funeral" by krw4him (see profile) 12/09/10

  "Good summer read!" by tpurcell (see profile) 08/16/11

Thought it was a fun read! Learned about different places and people.

  "Annie Freeman's Fabulous Traveling Funeral" by Lisamowery (see profile) 12/19/11

Repetitive and not terribly well written. Plot was pat, forcing the power of female frienships down the reader's throat. Characters not well-developed; male characters (few and far between) incidental at best. Not recommended.

  "" by Marjlacy (see profile) 11/12/14

  "" by skdebonisataol2014 (see profile) 11/12/14

  "Annie Freeman\'s Fabulous Traveling Funeral" by jennieb (see profile) 01/29/15

It was a slow read that we all agreed you had to \\\\\\\"meander through it\\\\\\\". They story line is \\\\\\\"catchy\\\\\\\" and there are some funny parts. It is filled with interesting characters that tell the life story of Annie. About half of our club finished it, but after talking about it the ones who didn\\\\\\\'t will more than likely pick it up and finish it.

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 01/14/20

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