Look Again
by Lisa Scottoline
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  "Look Again" by whoizzit (see profile) 03/01/10

A fast-paced, well written thriller that delves into the question, "What makes a parent"? Well-drawn, sympathetic characters, plenty of suspense and surprises make this a book well-suited for book groups that enjoy mysteries. Not a cozy, but far from hard-boiled, there's plenty to talk about with this one. Enjoy!

  "Look Again" by grangerhobby (see profile) 03/15/10

every mother's nightmare.

  "Look Again" by Gardenkeeper29 (see profile) 03/15/10

This book really healed my interested.

  "A "what would you do" story" by lollygil (see profile) 03/20/10

I didn't read this with my Bookclub, but it would be a great Bookclub read with alot of issues to discuss. It was an easy, fast read and I enjoyed it.

  "Pretty Good" by JeanaVid (see profile) 03/22/10

A well written story with strong characters, Look Again is a quick read that is suspenseful and interesting. I enjoyed this book.

  "BookLook review "Look Again"" by debbalzotti (see profile) 03/24/10

When I checked out the latest Lisa Scottoline novel “Look Again” from the library, my fast reading ability came in handy. I confess that I often skipped through pages of mommy/toddler conversation to try and find something more interesting. Sometimes I was quickly successful; sometimes I had to skim a little longer.

The story begins when Ellen, a reporter for a Philadelphia newspaper notices that the boy pictured on a missing child mailer looks like a twin to her adopted son Will. He also has a birth date listed that is close to Will’s. When she discovers that the lawyer who handled her adoption has died, Ellen cannot dismiss all the coincidences. She uses her investigative skills to track down the parents of the missing child in Florida. Timothy Braverman was kidnapped two years ago but his wealthy parents have not given up hope. They continue to search and have offered a million dollar reward for the return of their only child. Could Timothy and Will be the same boy?

Ellen suspects that although her adoption of Will was legal, there is a possibility that he is the missing Timothy Braverman. What should she do? What would any mother do? At first she tries to dismiss the nagging suspicion since confirmation could result in losing her son. Of course her desire to know wins out and we ride along as she discovers the truth. In the weeks of searching she also develops a crush on her attractive editor boss who is similarly attracted. A back-stabbing coworker plays her little part in the drama. We meet her widowed father and a perfect nanny that would make any working mother pay double. The cast of characters is small, but so is the story.

I am a huge fan of Scottoline so I enjoyed this book as a recreational read, but not as much as her past novels. Why? It was a bit too predictable, too unbelievable and too sappy. But I was still interested enough to keep reading and finish the book – reading more quickly than usual. more reviews at booklook-springville.blogspot.com

  "Intriguing, but unbelievable, sappy" by tkruss (see profile) 03/25/10

Although the book was initially intriguing, after awhile I lost interest and skimmed through some of the later chapters. The story became very unbelievable and predictable. However, I do believe the book would be good for a discussion group, what makes a parent a parent and so forth.

  "Look Again" by FtLaudGal (see profile) 04/01/10

Interesting story about an adoptive mother who thinks her son resembles a missing child's picture and what happens when she can't ignore her curiosity. A quick read and page turner.

  "Look Again" by Mary60 (see profile) 04/16/10

I found the book interesting and I wondered what I would have done had I seen my adopted child's face on a "lost child" card. I thought the real mother's fate helped the author complete the book so the readers approved the ending, but I wonder, if in reality, the child would have fared as well.

  "Look Again" by ChrisA (see profile) 04/16/10

This is an quick read with a provocative core/moral dilemma wrapped up in a suspense format. Everyone enjoyed this read and could identify with the main character's wrestle with her conscience and desire to do the right thing. Good discussion questions, in addition it led into moral questions r/t some current stories in the news.

  "Look Again" by jackr (see profile) 04/26/10

Didn't want to put it down until I finished it although it was predictable in places. Knowing that it could be true made you sympathize with both mothers.

  "Look Again" by dwoodard035 (see profile) 04/30/10

It was hard to put down. Many people read it in one day! lots of unexpected twists.

  "Look Again" by d3wein (see profile) 05/01/10

Intersting. Wanted to keep reading to find out what was going to happen.

  "Look Again by Lisa Scottoline" by roe35 (see profile) 05/13/10

I could not put this book down, it is amazing. I especially loved the ending.

  "amazing book" by kansasmama (see profile) 05/15/10

well written, drew me in from the first chapter...and had to share it with my friends!!

  "look again" by molly204 (see profile) 05/23/10

we all loved it!!!!

  "Took to long long to get to unpredictable part of story" by anniehartford (see profile) 05/27/10

  "Quick Read but good story" by mmckeon23 (see profile) 06/11/10

I found that this was a good story and made me think. The book was a quick read and I feel that there were a few loose ends that were never wrapped up. Other than that, it was an interesting read.

  "Look Again" by Scoop (see profile) 06/11/10

A quick read with some interesting twists and turns.

  "Look Again" by blsnshin (see profile) 06/30/10

I really enjoyed the book and couldn't put it down. I was compelled to keep reading as I wanted to find out what happened next. The book certainly provokes one to consider what you would do. I found myself scared, angry, sad, joyful - just the gammet of emotions. The dicussion at our book club meeting was great, with a lot of different perspectives and "what ifs" considered to determine what we'd do. It was a great read and I recommend it.

  "Look Again" by cvranesh (see profile) 06/30/10

  "Interesting Read" by tiffmak (see profile) 07/22/10

  "Look Again" by Evie (see profile) 07/23/10

I would only recommend this book to a reader who enjoys simplistic reading and doesn't have a great deal of time to devote to reading books. It's very predictable in plot and characters. Several times the reader is engaged in a situation that is unrealistic and also outcomes that are obviously not possible. I was surprised to see this on the NY Times Best Seller List.

  "Entertaining read" by b3club (see profile) 08/09/10

Great beach/vacation book. Well written, easy to read.

  "Look Again" by lkmknits (see profile) 08/16/10

"Look Again" deals with an adoptive parent's worst nightmare. Truly a thought-provoking story.

  "Stimulating Read!" by emw314 (see profile) 08/17/10

I recommend this to anyone!

  "Great Read!!" by empcat (see profile) 08/30/10

  "An Easy Read" by rljones (see profile) 09/23/10

I thought this book was easy to read and made you think of how something like this could really happen and what we might all do in that same situation. It made me think of what kind of person I am and if I would be as honest as Ellen was or if I would be more selfish if that type of situation ever happened to me? I would recommend this book to others.

  "Good idea for a book but no substance" by kristinerolf (see profile) 09/24/10

This book was ok but the characters needed some more development and the ending was a little bit to nicely put together.

  "Look Again!" by WVNTX (see profile) 10/08/10

Such a great read! I read it in one week and I'm planning to read it again! Definitely a page turner!

  "Could be a Lifetime Movie!" by cuteworm (see profile) 10/27/10

This book is intriguing and a page turner! It's quick and easy to read and I could envision the characters and storyline just as if I were watching a Lifetime movie. If you like drama, suspense, and a potential tear jerker, then this book's for you.

  "Look Again" by mtippens (see profile) 10/30/10

  "Look Again" by lemonie (see profile) 11/10/10


  "Look Again" by jaswift (see profile) 11/13/10

A good book club choice... it promoted a good discussion.

  "Hard to put down!" by cao324 (see profile) 11/14/10

Enjoyed the suspense aspect of the story - it was hard for me to put it down because I was eager to find out what happens next. It is a fast-paced book which I liked - there were no slow parts. The story is about a mother and child which always pulls at my heartstrings being a mother myself.

  "Look Again" by swedegirlie (see profile) 11/15/10

This book had a very intriguing concept, but was poorly written and contrived.

  "A quick, fun read!" by shelly.crispino (see profile) 12/17/10

  "Mothers Strength" by ercourson (see profile) 01/02/11

What a mother might do to keep their child

  "My entire book club LOVED this book" by Kandee (see profile) 01/02/11

This was the first book my entire book club read & everyone showed up to talk about it! While it's not a literary classic, it was a great, quick read that really grabbed you and kept you wanting to turn pages to see what happened next. Through the entire book, I kept asking myself....what would I do in that situation.

  "Look Again" by MaureenC (see profile) 01/15/11

A very easy read. Great story about the strength of a mother's love.

  "Look Again" by annkatharine (see profile) 01/27/11

good reading

  "Pretty good." by rdfstrong (see profile) 01/31/11

  "Look Again" by ducci (see profile) 02/16/11

  "Unconvincing but Fast Moving" by apdelaney (see profile) 02/21/11

Our book club just finished this book. While we found the book entertaining we all felt it was a bit farfetched and that the ending was wrapped up too quickly. The way that the last 1/4 of the book was written gave us the description of unconvincing.

  "It was a quick and easy read. Enjoyed it." by TLS109 (see profile) 02/25/11

  "Look Again" by tlathan (see profile) 02/28/11

Great Book! Reminds you to do the right thing even if it is not the best thing for you.

  "I couldn't put it down" by bwolfer (see profile) 03/02/11

I really enjoyed this book, it had a good story and a few unexpected twists. It generated good discussion at our meeting.

  "Look Again" by amieo (see profile) 03/22/11

  "Look Again" by tracerlee (see profile) 03/27/11

This book was quick and entertaining. However, it lacked depth, wasn't particularly well written, and doesn't provide much material for discussion.

  "look again" by laram (see profile) 05/26/11

I thought scottoline had her herion go a little far in finding the birth parents. Stalking? Come on. Happy story book ending though.

  "A fast read" by nmjm4me (see profile) 06/10/11

Look Again was a fast read. You did want to know what happened. Most of us agreed that we would not have gone down the same path as the character did, but it generated a lot of discussion about nature vs. nurture.

  "Look Again" by kdangle17 (see profile) 06/18/11

  "look again" by bebebooks (see profile) 08/06/11

Don't know what I would have done if I had been faced with such a decision. A brave woman.

  "A "Not-Put-Downable" Book" by ebach (see profile) 09/06/11

Lisa Scottoline's thriller, LOOK AGAIN, tells the story of a journalist who adopts a baby only to discover three years later that the adoption may not have been legal and that the child's biological parents may still be searching for their missing son.

This was my first Scottoline novel, and I expected it to be another less-than-thrilling thriller, as I think most thrillers are. So-called thrillers usually spend the first 100 or even 200 pages painting a picture of the thrills to come. Not so with LOOK AGAIN.

As every book that bills itself as a thriller should do, this thriller started the suspense on page one. LOOK AGAIN is one of those rare "not-put-downable" books, and I highly recommend it.

  "A good read" by FriendshipSisters (see profile) 10/06/11

The premise for this book, "Look Again" was very intriguing. What if you saw your adopted child's picture on a "missing" ad? What would you do? This novel was a good read, and I did like it, however, I thought the character development was a bit off. Ellen could have been any mother on the face of this earth, and I found myself wanting to know more about her. It is somewhat suspenseful and I found myself anxious to find out answers to the mystery. All in all a good read.

  "from miami to philly..sunshine and snow..you will look again" by toni86 (see profile) 03/19/12

This book was a wild ride, the main character "Ellen" was great. She took you on an adventure and made you question yourself..."What would you do?"...Things really pick up towards the middle of the book and get really interesting. If you have kids you can really appreciate what she goes through. Great Job to the Author! Look, Look, Look...and Look again!

  "Look Again" by bjorgensen (see profile) 03/30/12

We all liked this book and rated it a 3.8. Unfortunately the book, however, leaves little to discuss at a book club event. Other than the question of "what would you do", this is a predicatable story that we all agreed was an interesting, light read. Scottoline writes well but will probably not pick her books for a book club discussion in the future. Individual reading; sure but not a group read!

  "Parental Love" by Bodacious (see profile) 01/24/13

Fast read, Lisa does a good job of making you think you know what is happening, but do you????

  "quick and good" by KristiK (see profile) 07/13/13

Quick reads that are well written are a bonus when we are busy. This is a fantastic book that keeps you turning the pages late into the night. Our book club, the Book Chatters, enjoyed this mystery. It is definitely full of twists and turns and just when you think you have it figured out, you don't. Don't read the end in this one--you will ruin it:)

  "VERY slow start, but ended okay" by Burgo49 (see profile) 04/28/14

This first 60% of this book was EXTREMELY slow and I was not very motivated to pick it up and continue reading. Definitely not a page turner...until the end. The last part of the book became very fast-paced, and had an almost soap-opera-like ending.

I think it is good for a book club because it is an easy read...just hard to get into right off the bat.

  "What would you do?" by bookmobile (see profile) 05/21/14

Thought provoking. Mixed opinions regarding what would you do? Generated conversation in our bookclub. Not everyone agreed!

  "Zzzzzz" by LibraryMichael (see profile) 10/02/14

The reason I recommend this book for book groups is that a good discerning book group can always use a bad example of a good book. In other words, you can\\\'t appreciate excellent literature unless you have seen mediocre literature.

  "Look Again" by mobe07666 (see profile) 06/27/15

Easy book to read. Kept me interested throughout. At times found myself crying and on the edge of my seat. Did and didn't end as I predicted. There was a twist at the end that was unexpected.

  "Look Again" by keidem (see profile) 07/17/15

Definitely worth the read. Fast, and easy read.

  "" by Grosland (see profile) 01/20/16

  "" by momin0306 (see profile) 02/26/17

  "" by Christie Lambert (see profile) 09/17/17

  "" by jfitzgerald (see profile) 05/08/18

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