The Last Time I Was Me
by Cathy Lamb
Mass Market Paperback- $6.99

I wrapped up my grandmother's tea cup collection and my mother's china, then grabbed a violin I'd hidden way back in my closet that made me ...

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  "Lots of funny parts and drama" by princesssparkle30 (see profile) 08/27/08

I thought this book was very intresting. It kept your attention through most of the book. It had funny parts and sad parts but all in all it was very entertaining.

  "Hillarious!!" by susansenecal (see profile) 09/15/08

Very funny and easy to get through. At first it seems like a lot of ranting and raving, but as you keep reading, it gets very funny.

  "The Last Time I Was Me" by clkopplin (see profile) 05/16/09

Too similar to Julia's chocolates and too predictable

  "The Last Time I Was Me" by lptucker411 (see profile) 06/20/09

This was by far, the best book our club has read over our two years together. It sparked great talks, we laughed and kept on laughing! Highly recommend this book to other ladies book clubs!

  "The last time I was me" by kono5 (see profile) 06/20/09

I really enjoyed this book. It had humor, sarcasm, drama. Very good read.

  "page turnimg fun" by mecmeade (see profile) 03/22/10

A true must read...eloquent written. You will grow; laugh and often cheer. .....Cathy Lambert truly has you reflect upon a womans strength. .weakness and our inherent ability to fly. Henry's Sisters was her last book I completedAwesome...I will read it many times as well as share it with those I love...and even those who Have torn my sanity, heartstrings. ....such is the delightful world. In all it's challenges and failings...
.more please it truly is a life blessed by those we share eachmomemt

  "funny and easy going" by thelitchicks (see profile) 04/11/10

This book details a woman going thru many life dramas and finally a mental meltdown...but it's all told in a funny way. There are serious parts of the book that make you grateful for your good fortune. Enjoyed much!!

  "Great read, great author!" by hecachm (see profile) 10/25/10

Wonderful book. Cathy Lamb has as great sense of humor that she is able to use while still writing about heavy subjects. I highly recommend!

  "Funny, crazy but touching at times" by ewodzak (see profile) 05/09/11

I loved this book! It was over-the-top but it was SOOO funny. Parts of it were touching and parts were just crazy. Jeanne has a nervous breakdown after the death of her mother and finding out that her boyfriend has been cheating on her with many women. After "assaulting" her boyfriend, she is ordered to take Anger Management classes. The AM classes and the people she meets in AM are my favorite part of the story. There is romance in the story, too.

  "" by Barbara1 (see profile) 12/17/16

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