Runaway Grandma
by Ann McCauley
Paperback- $8.63

"Retired widow, Olivia Hampton, age 70, meticulously plans a new future. After faking her suicide , she moves on with a new identity and begins a new ...

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  "A timely subject. A widow becomes concerned that her son will have her declared incompetent and take her money." by bunny26 (see profile) 05/13/08

I really enjoyed reading this book. I read it in one sitting which I almost never do but I finished it in one day because I couldn't put it down. It's well written with enough twists and turns but still believable. I'm ready for another book from this author.

  "Fantastic novel that captures the readers attention." by AllieBean10 (see profile) 05/16/08

I thought that this novel was very well written. I believe there are very strong improvements shown in this book when comparing it to her first novel, "Mother Love." This book is currently being prepared for a second printing so I highly recommend that if you haven't already, you read this in order to draw your own conclusions. The story has several twists and is a page turner. The characters are very well developed and the story line is clear. I am sure this is not the last time we will hear from Ann McCauley, in fact, I wouldn't be surprised if she has a long line of successful novels before she is finished as a writer.

  "Delightful" by booklady111 (see profile) 05/19/08

Our book club read and reviewed this book on May 1, and was fortunate to have the author attend our meeting. It was a fun evening with some interesting questions and thoughts expressed. Great book for a group to read.

  "An intriguing story about a 70 year old widow who fears that her children are about to take control of her life. She fakes her death, disappears, and assumes a new identity." by bookfriends (see profile) 05/22/08

This novel kept me on the edge of my seat. I just had to finish it and I was not disappointed with the outcome.
Also,this novel force us to think about how we will care for our parents and allow them to maintain their dignity
and independence, as they enter their sunset years.

  "starting life anew at 70" by bradfordmusings (see profile) 05/22/08

Olivia is a widowed school teacher with unappreciative, and greedy, children. Determined to preserve her independence and means she fakes a suicide and begans life anew on the road. After an entertaining road trip she settles in Harmony Pennsylvania, where she finds love, friendship and adventure.
This is an excellent novel. It reads easily yet does not short change the reader's expectations. I was particularly impressed by the writer's insight into Olivia's conflicted emotions; her real need to stay independent and relevant, yet torn by the sorrows of leaving her children and identity behind. Highly recommended.

  "Olivia shows a great deal of spunk!" by kazel (see profile) 05/23/08

Excellent page-turner book. There are many times that I would have loved to be in that car with Olivia and off on a new adventure. She is a gutzy woman who is not afraid of life. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Hope the author has another book on the way.

  "thought-provoking page turner" by HollyJO (see profile) 06/19/08

Runaway Grandma is a thought-provoking tale that can be read in one sitting ... mostly because you won't want to put it down! I also enjoyed learning more about the author on her website at

  "How do we face the freedoms that our aging parents need..." by digel (see profile) 06/19/08

A wonderfully written book that forces the reader to think about what many of us will face...our parents aging journey and their needs and emotions...a great discussion will follow - I promise....

  "Believable characters and a storyline that has great discussion possibilities." by marybird (see profile) 07/11/08

Excellent book, well written and believable. I really felt for Olive as she begins a new life at the age of 70.

  "Highly recommend this book!" by MinTX (see profile) 08/21/08

This book has a great storyline that drew me in from the very beginning. The characters were engaging and true-to-life, overall it was extremely well written. I would highly recommend Runaway Grandma! Another great one from this author!! I can't wait for more...

  "An Insightful look into the thoughts of a woman young at heart" by ajwatson (see profile) 08/21/08

This book changed the way I perceive the emotions and insight of "Grandmas". I was pleasantly surprised at Ms.Mcauley's description of the main characters journey, and her thoughts along the way. I would highly recommend this book! It is a delightful book that is worth reading!

  "Feeling unappreciated, an older lady leaves home and creates a new identity to accompany a new life! She falls in love, learns many things, and experiences emotional pain." by amjam77 (see profile) 08/21/08

This book was awesome, and I think it would be a FABULOUS book club book. It really gets you thinking. Things can be interpreted many different ways. It would be interesting to see how different people viewed the events.

  "Very insiteful book" by lakings35 (see profile) 10/22/08

I enjoyed the book very much. It made it more enjoyable to be able to meet the author and hear how she came upon the idea and to learn some things about her.

  "The book contains several interesting topics for discussion" by Tracy_Reed (see profile) 10/22/08

This book was very well written. It grabbed me from the first page. The author was able to meet with our club which was a real treat. I highly recommend this book.

  "Runaway Grandma PLEASE!" by kshoskey (see profile) 10/14/09

Our group read Runaway Grandma by Ann McCauley with high expectations. The plot summary had so much promise but the author missed her opportunity to deliver. The characters were superficial, and the dialog unbelievable and unconvincing. Poorly written.

  "Great story concept but writing was amaturish" by djn4comm (see profile) 11/19/09

All club members that read the book did enjoy it, but most thought the writing was very poor. The book is self-published and was very hard for most members to obtain.

  "Soapbox story" by dkwhite (see profile) 02/27/11

It seems the author had some points she wanted to get across the generations but fell short in so many ways. To me it just seemed as she was preaching to me the whole book which made the characters not very appealing at all.

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