Olive Kitteridge: Fiction
by Elizabeth Strout
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  "A grouping of short stories that all take place in the same Maine town. Olive Kitteredge is present in each one in totally different circumstances." by gazzingo (see profile) 04/21/09

Amazing, intelligent book that explores the woman Olive Kitteridge in varied situations with different people of the town. The stories all stand beautifully on their own yet weave a fascinating depiction of Olive and who she is. We could have discussed this book till morning!!!

  "Olive Kitteridge" by jwilker (see profile) 05/05/09

Beautifully written novel about Olive, an abrasive yet compelling character. Funny at times with her quick responses, delightfully poignant, Olive is a complex person.

  "Olive is a character that will long be remembered!" by [email protected] (see profile) 05/05/09

While this book was not one of my all time favorites it was a story that will be remembered for the richness of the main character and the people she had some effect on in her life. It was very well written and you couldn't help but be drawn into the character's lives.

  "Olive Kitteridge" by floydsbo (see profile) 07/13/09

The collection of stories build a wonderfully three dimensional portrait of the complex Olive, her family and the people she touches both tangentially and directly. It provides insight into many stages of life, but, in particular, the love and the wisdom of loving in our old age is described in a brilliantly written story.It is a truely beautifully written book and comes highly recommended by every member of my group. Interestingly, despite a concensus of opinion, we had a lively discussion. That tends to hold true with opposing opinions, but in this case, with so much to work with, we found LOTS to talk about.

  "Right up there with the best" by csfoliver (see profile) 07/16/09

Each chapter/story revolving around Olive is a little gem and emotionally gripping. The world she creates between the lines is totally believable and recognizable. Portrayal of characters and place are masterful. And, it's just plain interesting.

Perhaps Olive Kitteridge is best savored by reading a single chapter at a time, such is their power.

  "A 3D puzzle of a book!" by doodlebugsmom (see profile) 08/06/09

This book was such a fun read. The author is exceptional; weaving the story about the main character, Olive, a retired school teacher, through the eyes and experiences of many other characters all living or passing through Olive's small town. Most of the chapters are about these other characters with small sprinkled clues into the life and perspective of Olive. These stories are compelling short narratives on life. One really gets a unique and different perspective of the main character through this method of writing. It is like reading one of those 3D puzzles my grand mother likes to do on the weekends. One piece at a time, through each chapter the puzzle, Olive comes together in 3D. Another aspect of Strout's writing that I like is the amount of details she imbibes into each character. I finished this book with such a good feeling, I wanted more!

  "olive kitteridge" by emptynester (see profile) 09/10/09

Our group liked it but the stories left you guessing on what has happened. We all thought olive was a person who was negative alot, such as a crab apple. It wasn't a page turner but it was ok book.

  "Not really a Pulitzer Prize-winning Novel" by homeisbest (see profile) 09/17/09

Creatively written. Olive was a complex woman with whom I had more in common than I easily admitted. Good discussion at our book group, as most of us are in the more reflective mature years of our lives.

  "difficult but rewarding" by missgavacs (see profile) 09/17/09

This book has so many truths, and many will make you uncomfortable, but it is incredibly well-written and worth it.

  "A new approach to unraveling the complexities of the main character" by JCavenaugh (see profile) 09/18/09

An interesting way to reveal a character through multiple short stories based in the same small town in Maine. The main character is intense and complex, but manageable, fallible, imperfect and very real when dusclosed bit-by-bit over her lifetime and through the eyes of influential characters around her. A quick read and much to discuss in a book club setting.

  "We loved this book!" by jkwolfe5 (see profile) 09/28/09

A well written book with numerous points of discussion which only improves on the second read. Each chapter can function as a stand alone short story but taken together provide a vivid portrait of both Olive and the town of Crosby, Maine.

  "Olive Kitteridge" by tammyoldghent (see profile) 10/05/09

  "Books within a book" by klacorte (see profile) 10/12/09

  "More than meets the eye" by lrgarci (see profile) 10/21/09

The first reading was good but not great. Then I read it again, as did some other book club members. All of us found a 'different' read the second time. I really enjoyed the writing style and found additional themes with the second read - and liked the book even more.

  "Olive Kitteridge" by leilafaye (see profile) 11/01/09

I did NOT like Olive in the first few chapters. But as the stories unfolded and each gave a different side of her~~I realized that I was Olive. The things that I didn't like about Olive, were the very things about myself that I would change...if I could. Loved by some, hated by others, even a little pity and fear thrown in, these are the emotions that she evoked from others. Somehow Elizabeth captured a woman's heart with all it's intricacies. All the faces that we wear for all the circumstances that life throws at us. love, Love, LOVE OLIVE!!

  "A well-crafted story about an unpredictable and not always lovable woman." by corron2 (see profile) 11/09/09

Once you began reading each chapter as a short story, the novel smoothed out and grabbed you.

  "A Great Read" by Linda88 (see profile) 11/10/09

  "Olive Kitteridge is a great book group pick!" by ebburtis (see profile) 11/22/09

We all loved this book. Olive in all her presentations was interesting, intriguing, perplexing, frustrating and very worthy of discussion!

  "Olive Kitteridge" by chantelman3619 (see profile) 12/01/09

Reading this book made us look at our outward actions and how they are perceived versus what we intended. Every chapter brought a new revelation that surprised us, especially the ending of the book.

  "OLIVE KITTERIDGE" by alicefishface (see profile) 12/02/09

The book began with many dark sections and then flourished and grew into a strong tale. I felt that the end was very hopeful and rich.

  "Olive Ketteridge" by BetteStephens (see profile) 12/07/09

great characters - and lots of them.

  "Olive Kitteridge" by FtLaudGal (see profile) 12/11/09

A book of short stories offering insight into relationships, growing older and coping. Once I got through the first 3-4 chapters, it was easier to read and understand the concept.

  "Olive Kitteridge" by sherrybs (see profile) 01/21/10

Every chapter is like a short story. Not really a page turner.

  "Olive Kitteridge" by teresamaria (see profile) 01/30/10

  "Review of Olive Kitteridge" by slacktt (see profile) 01/30/10

Most folks in our book club did not enjoy the "stories within a story" concept -- too many characters and lack of resolution led to overall a rather disappointing read for most of our readers. On the other hand, most of us also agreed that while we may not have really liked Olive as a person to start out with, she grew on us and were able to see some things in ourselves that Olive portrayed.

  "Olive Kitteridge" by MLA57 (see profile) 01/30/10

  "Olive Kitteridge" by TScarbrough (see profile) 01/30/10

This book left too many questions unanswered; I did not like that it was a series of short stories. Most of the characters were never mentioned again and it seemed very pointless to even write about them at all! Not my cup of tea!

  "Wonderful book for book club discussion" by DianeParfitt (see profile) 02/01/10

I usually don't like short stories but this is one of the best I have read. With the thread of Olive throughout the book and the theme of relationships and coping, it still read somewhat like a full length novel. Each story provides much for discussion as does Olive herself.

  "Olive Kitteridge" by tpage67 (see profile) 02/03/10

I especially enjoyed the organization of the book into short stories that revolved around a small group of characters and how they related to the central character--Olive. The author demonstrates an insightful grasp of human behavior and was so adept that she led me to believe that if I met Olive in a social or business setting, I would know her. Olive was complex and all too human, and I identified with her in many ways--meaning I saw many of my quirks in her and vice versa!

  "Olive Kittridge" by rayna1022 (see profile) 02/15/10

I wanted to know more about Olive. Hard to follow - too many different characters.

  "Olive Kitteridge" by coleman2 (see profile) 02/17/10

  "Not my cup of tea...." by deirdre (see profile) 02/22/10

....too dreary & depressing. But very well written nevertheless.

  "different" by pm52233 (see profile) 03/01/10

  "Olive Kitteridge" by jennandfrank (see profile) 03/08/10

A wonderful portrait of life, lonliness, and love as seen through they eyes of Olive Kitteridge and those who interact with her. There are some wonderful vignettes that could expand into full novels - some memorable characters but none that resonate like Olive. A moving book.

  "Olive Kitteridge" by Lisasiq (see profile) 03/10/10

We found this book to be a bit dark, and depressing in some instances. However, it led us to discuss the reality that life is not 100% certain. We did however, feel that there could have been more from this book. We wanted to know more about some of the characters introduced and see them interact more. Overall an eye-opening book that makes you appreciate everyday.

  "Oive Kitteridge" by kapsack (see profile) 03/10/10

  "Olive Kitteridge" by Beige (see profile) 03/18/10

I don't like short story formats even if they are strung together. I found it gossipy and boring. It was not of interest.

  "Olive Kitteridge" by 3454reader (see profile) 03/19/10

  "Olive Kittridge" by krw4him (see profile) 04/02/10

  "Olive Kitteridge" by Schmales237 (see profile) 04/09/10

I didn't mind this book but I didn't also like it, it's kind of a "eh" book. The overall theme of suicide I think is what killed it for me (get it? ha) but it was very well written once you get used to Strout's writing style.

Also, there are a few stories I would have liked Strout to expand on and develop more completely. A lot of the characters she introduced left me wanting more with no closure for most or hint in the other compounded stories that they were a part of the town she created.

  "Olive" by lrc2525 (see profile) 05/11/10

Understanding that this book is composed of short stories is the key to getting through it. The characters in each story/chapter are all different and interesting in their own right, but how Olive plays into each of their lives is uneventful to say the least.

  "Good Discussion" by brendabook (see profile) 05/14/10

This book led to a good discussion not only about the well developed characters in the book, but about the topic of being an older woman in our society.

  "angst among the elderly" by pachutabelle (see profile) 05/24/10

Olive Kitteridge is the central character in many of the stories ond only mentioned in some. I don't ususally read short stories but I really enjoyed these. Sometimes I wanted to shout Okay! Just get over it! But i did empathize withe these characters. Olive was very complex.

  "Very Disappointing" by red99lucy (see profile) 05/25/10

I kept waiting for this moment where I would be like "oh! that is interesting!" But I never had that happen. I found that I was getting some of the male characters confused with the others. Overall, not a great book. It was just okay.

  "Olive Kitteridge" by moretodaythanyes (see profile) 05/25/10

I really liked the book and it lead to a great discussion. One of the best things discussed was about why is it wrong for Olive to be who she was? She wasn't a lovely dovey person, but is that wrong? Ended to soon.

  "Olive Kitteridge" by carac2224 (see profile) 05/26/10

Well written, sort of depressing.

  "Disappointed" by bookbuff123 (see profile) 05/28/10

The book was interesting although I was hoping that the characters would somehow intertwine and come together somehow at the end of the book. Too many stories leaving you hanging and wanting to know more.

  "Couldn't Get Through It" by AvidReader82 (see profile) 06/05/10

A couple of members liked it. I found it too sparse and dry. None of us connected with or cared about any of the characters.

  "A grown ups story" by rosycheeks (see profile) 06/15/10

Seldom have I read a book which represents the feelings of getting older in modern society with such clarity. The characters are multidimensional and unforgettable. I could only read one story at a time beause of the emotions the stories. I was truly sorry to see the narritive end/

  "Olive Kitteridge: Fiction" by sorsopkel (see profile) 07/10/10

  "Very realistic. easy to believe characters." by jennieathome (see profile) 07/23/10

  "Difficult to follow" by msherrer (see profile) 07/23/10

This book jumped around from character to character, and didn't really have a point.

  "Olive Kitteridge" by wgolding (see profile) 07/30/10

I couldnt figure out why anyone would write about such an unmemorable figure

  "Olive Kitteridge" by martykalkman (see profile) 08/06/10

Olive reminded me of my grandmother in ways I had forgotten

  "Old Bats & Red Hats Book Club" by rangreen (see profile) 08/12/10

Those who read Olive Kitteridge once with the understanding of following Olive and not worrying about individual characters loved the book second-most to those who read the book twice -- loved it with a passion, and got into heavy discussion. It was a story that everyone should be able to identify with on some level. It was a book club meeting that was longer than any other, and revealed more personal details about our own book club members, and more emotion, connection, and affection than any other meeting we have ever had. We've been a very strong book club (20+ members)for more than 7 years. There were 3 members who did not finish the book and/or didn't care for it. But after our discussion, those 3 decided to read it again/finish the book. This is truly a special book, though it is NOT one I would have chosen, nor one I would have continued to read after a few chapters if I didn't have to read it for Book Club. On the other hand, now that I have read it twice, I have to admit, I want to read it yet again, which is something I have NEVER done in my entire life.

  "Hated Olive!!!" by ShanaM (see profile) 08/18/10

And therefore only read the first two 'stories'.......if a character is that obnoxious why waste my time?

  "Olive Kitteridge" by DaniCaraveo (see profile) 08/18/10

This selection of short stories gave the reader insight into the lives of Olive, her family, and many of the people that were touched by her. No, it wasn't a "feel good" book --- but I think if you are totally honest, you will find something that is "real" for you in each of the stories. The brilliance is in the writing and the ability of the author to pull you into the story and keep you there until the end.

  "Olive Kitteridge" by Doitl (see profile) 08/18/10

Olive was a difficult character to love. The way the chapters were presented were confusing. It was a study of a community and full of vignettes with characters living in Olive's small town.
she did have her occassional kind moments, which endeared her somewhat.

  "OLIVE KITTERIDGE" by FTessa (see profile) 08/19/10

This is really a collection of short stories about the people who live in a small coastal Maine town. Virtually all the stories mention Olive Kitteridge, and we learn a little tidbit about her in each one. Olive is a hard woman to know and even harder to like. She is quick to judge, slow to forgive. She is not really in touch with her emotions at all (but then, most everyone is town has the same flaw). You really have all the elements of life in this little town – weddings, babies, death, divorce, affairs, surly children, inattentive spouses, the vulnerable, the lonely. In some of the stories the characters wake up to their dysfunction and take action to change, but we never really learn the result.

  "Olive Kitteridge" by eydie_ann (see profile) 08/20/10

I thought the character development was very good. I even enjoyed many aspects of the book, but for some reason I found it very easy to put down and walk away and not so eager to pick it back up again. The stories didn't seem to stick with me either. That being said, there were many aspects of the book I did like that touched me and feel the book is worth reading.

  "Olive Kitteridge" by collins2005 (see profile) 08/20/10

I really liked it. I usually don't like short stories but by putting Olive in all the stories it was really well done. In fact, the stories that Olive wasn't the focus were not as good as when she was the main character. all in all, I thought it was a good read.

  "Olive Kitteridge" by jeankrumholz (see profile) 08/21/10

The author provided several bits of Olive's life and the influence she had on others. These snippets of her life gave a good perspective on the different aspects of her personality and what drew different people to her at different times.

  "Olive Kitteridge" by jhickey (see profile) 08/21/10

A book that I had trouble putting down, but was able to because of the short story format. I always looked forward to the next one! Olive Kitteridge was not a character with whom I could really identify or even like very much,but she grew on me. The writing was pithy and the stories were fresh. I think that most middle age and older readers would appreciate this book the most.

  "Olive Kitteridge" by jody53 (see profile) 08/21/10

  "Olive Depresses" by Lgriffies (see profile) 09/12/10

The entire book was just depressing. Olive is not a nice person in any way. You do get glimpses of a heart but by that time, you don't really care. There are several stories that aren't very related so it was easy to loose interest. I was very disappointed in this book after reading all the other positive reviews.

  "couldn't even finish this one" by jnpollard78 (see profile) 09/15/10

  "Loved the author's prose" by TraciKing (see profile) 11/04/10

  "Olive's a tough ol' bird" by elissa (see profile) 11/09/10

  "Olive grew on me.." by tompatrice (see profile) 11/14/10

I didn't like Olive very much in the first few stories, but she began to grow on me, and by the end, I felt like she was the amalgamation of many people that I know. She is flawed like the rest of us. Strout very cleverly reveals her in this group of short stories in which Olive is the main character or a supporting one, or someone who is briefly mentioned. But by the end, you have a real sense of who she is, and must say that I was rooting for her by the final page.

  "Not for me..." by kimmij (see profile) 11/16/10

  "Linked short stories" by lreisenbichler (see profile) 11/16/10

For a break from novels, these linked short stories have a plot; it's just not linear. But the character of Olive is revealed in episodes, which is a different approach that I found wonderful. She's not particularly likable, but she is interesting. Good for discussion, to compare notes on your conclusions drawn from each story.

  "No Sympathy Here for Olive" by dwenzel (see profile) 11/17/10

  "Olive Kitteridge" by schmidt1radford (see profile) 11/17/10

  "Very Depressing" by tmouse (see profile) 11/18/10

  "Olive Kitteridge" by moreyea (see profile) 11/18/10

  "Olive Kitteridge" by nokidding1 (see profile) 12/01/10

I don't get why anyone would write about this woman's life. It was unexciting, uneventful and boring

  "Another great discussion..." by Kwizgiver (see profile) 12/11/10

There was much to discuss with this book. We agreed that overall it left us feeling melancholy. We did like how Olive is significant in each of the stories, and enjoyed the format of the book.

  "Olive Kitteridge" by ZinFan (see profile) 01/10/11

Extremely slow and depressing. You have the perspective of about a dozen people looking at their lives as well as the life of Olive Kitteridge - an older woman and the experiences she faces. Perhaps if I'd have read this later in life I'd be more appreciative.

  "Short Stories" by georgeannschmidt (see profile) 01/12/11

  "Well-written Puzzle of a book" by monoel (see profile) 02/04/11

Our club was very divided on this book with members either loving it or hating it. I loved the interwoven stories that led you to put together a picture of who Olive is. Like real people she is complex, multi-faceted and interesting. The writing style was so innovative. This is a book I would have read in a college course and written pappers on.

  "Pulitzer winner" by 1morechapter (see profile) 02/14/11

I loved Olive and the interlinked stories in this book. Well deserving of the Pulitzer Prize.

  "Pulitzer Prize 2009 - well deserved" by Thompa (see profile) 02/16/11

As I read this book, chapter by chapter I asked myself, "Why am i loving this book?". I really loved this book!!! I think it was because it seemed so real. Each vignette told a simple honest story that showed the hearts and character of those in the story. Each vignette was quite short but the characters rich and developed. Olive, who played a large or even tiny role in each, was totally revealed with all her faults, failures, stubborness, and best intentions. She was real. Everyone in the book seemed real. The story can be shocking, delightful, hopeful or make you cringe. It is a book you think about weeks afterward, fondly. I could read it again. It was a joy.

Olive Kitterage was voted the best read of the year by many members of our book club.

  "Olive KItteridge" by katya005 (see profile) 02/17/11

Loved this warm and moving book told in simple stories of times in one woman's life...

  "It's none of my business but..." by toni86 (see profile) 02/23/11

I think you'll like this book, it is a compilation of short stories all intertwined with Olive and her husband Henry. It took you to every dilemma out there. Olive in all her gruff was still loveable. She might have been that person you dodged when you saw her coming but she was human. She still hurt, she still had desires and after a long life still had life in her. Some of the subjects were not uplifting but I still felt it an adventure to go from one story to the next and fun at times. Very interesting to see where Olive came into play. But "yikes"...don't put it down, you will enjoy.

  "GREAT BOOK!" by deb968 (see profile) 02/25/11

  "Olive Kitteridge" by lrecuay (see profile) 09/08/11

There were some in our group who did not like the book because they felt the main character was so unlikable, other who felt similarly about Olive but liked the book, and others who truly liked the book on all its merits. In any case, we had a full turnout for the discussion and it went longer than usual. This is a book that ordinary people can relate to, there are aspects of the characters that resonate for everyone, and somehow the discussion of the book became very revealing for many individuals. It was a great book club selection.

  "Olive" by frances_east (see profile) 09/21/11

Did not like the main character AT ALL!! Only finished reading the book to find out about Henry!!
On the up side we did have a wonderful discussion about the book. All of us agreed that we did NOT want to live in Crosby Maine!!

  "Olive Kitteridge" by ruthellen1201 (see profile) 09/24/11

If I had read a copy of this book with the original title of ON THE COAST OF MAIN I would have read it in a different way. With the title change to OLIVE KITTERIDGE the focus of the book narrowed to this one character and this reader found herself focusing more on where Olive would pop up in the story than the delight of the individual short stories about the inhabitants of Crosby, Maine. Of course Olive would be a central character in this town as she had been a 7th grade math teacher in the local school for years and terrified generations of local children. Everyone had memories/horror stories of her. As a teacher she also knew more about the other residents and perhaps because she taught so many of them she felt she had the right to invade and evaluate their lives. Though caustic in nature, Olive does have have empathy and love for others; however, she is not able to find a way to convey these feelings and comes off as overbearing, and even mean, instead.

  "Peek behind the curtains..." by Shareali (see profile) 10/22/11

Strout's writing style gives you an up close and personal - sometimes intimate and uncomfortable - view into the lives of very ordinary people, coping with life's challenges. The short story approach is very effective, but did leave me wanting to know a whole lot more about many of the characters. Olive connects the stories together - playing sometimes a large role or sometimes making just a cameo appearance. Strout's weaving of Olive into the stories in this manner was also very effective. Despite some of the more gloomy, somber themes, I really enjoyed the book as it encouraged a lot of reflection. It was a good book club pick as it elicited a lot of passionate discussion on the main character!

  "Olive Kittredge" by christinagables (see profile) 12/16/11

This Pulitzer Prize winning novel follows in the steps of the "Goon Squad" but is indeed more personal. The book has many vignettes of life, not all of which are explained to the point of exhaustion and may become too numerous to keep contained in the mind, but are representative of what life is or can become.

  "Olive Kitteridge - A Glimpse Into Our Future (or Not!)" by serobertson (see profile) 01/10/12

Not many books are written about that time in a person's life where they're dealing with aging, losing a spouse, and missing children that have moved away. The author shines a light on this time with humor and frankness. Everyone in my book club really liked this book.

  "I liked it, but didn't love it." by Merhousel (see profile) 02/21/12

Kept thinking there was more to it than I got.

  "Olive Kitteridge" by Tillie (see profile) 02/27/12

Too down for my taste. I kept wanting to like these people but could not...

  "Not a fan" by readalotmom (see profile) 03/20/12

Our members didn't like this one overall: though the writing style was appreciated by some, we all agreed that it was very depressing and negative to the point of being monotonous. The characters were not engaging and the storylines were too discordant and uncompelling.

  "Olive Kitteridge" by critzyj (see profile) 03/31/12

This was a hard book to rate. I didn't hate it, but I also didn't like it a whole lot. Most of the time, I couldn't figure out where it was going. For book clubs, this wasn't a bad choice because it generated some good discussion about people, life, relationships, etc. I think I enjoyed our discussion more than the book. Hard to believe it was a Pulitzer Prize winner.

  "It's real life, like it or not" by suzamac (see profile) 04/25/12

Strout is a brilliant writer and her turn of the phrase and descriptions are spine-tingling. However, the short story per chapter format was a bit hard to follow. Some of our members could not "slog" their way through the book but those who did were well rewarded especially by the last chapter. We all agreed that this book was true to life, in fact so much so that some did not want this heavy a dose of real life. This book seemed to bring out personal revelations from some of our book club members.

  "Olive Kitteridge" by Lisawasiecko (see profile) 05/10/12

  "Olive Kitteridge" by little-sweetums (see profile) 05/19/12

Perceptive and empahetic this novel captures the human struggles and looks at the question - how do others see us?

  "Not what I expected..." by BookDivasReads (see profile) 12/18/12

I started reading OLIVE KITTERIDGE expecting the story to center on one character, Olive Kitteridge. I was very surprised when several of the stories only made a passing reference to Olive. As short stories, each story was wonderful solo and a few pieced together provided interesting insight into Olive as well as small town America. However as a novel I felt it lacked some cohesiveness. The stories did provide for an interesting discussion. I didn't "enjoy" reading OLIVE KITTERIDGE because of Olive's darkness, but I did appreciate it by the end.

  "Gloomy Olive" by KristiK (see profile) 07/13/13

Even though Olive is an unlikeable character, this book opens lots of doors for discussion for a book group. Each chapter we see a different character who knows Olive in a different light. I thought the book was pretty good and I did really like it. The character development is fantastic for Olive and her husband. Your group will definitely have people who love it and those who could leave it.

  "Book of Short Stories" by Staciele (see profile) 09/12/13

I really loved this book, but not everyone in the club did. Because each chapter is a story in itself with interactions around the core character it can be confusing with all the new characters. But the stories are each quite enjoyable.

  "Olive Kitteridge" by lwbeards (see profile) 10/16/13

Great for the aging over-50 women readers who are starting to become Olive. We "girls" loved it.

  "Interesting characters but no plot" by Stacie621 (see profile) 11/22/13

I really liked each of the characters in the book; however, there was nothing really that tied them together. It was as if each chapter was it's own short story.

  "Olive Kitteridge" by jcieslik (see profile) 02/14/14

  "Olive Kitteridge" by LitChick (see profile) 03/28/14

  "" by smith03 (see profile) 04/05/14

  "There is a little Olive Kitteridge in all of us" by ThePageTurners (see profile) 04/25/14

Although it may be difficult to admit there is a little of Olive Kitteridge in all of us. She not exactly likable but not easy to hate either. The book is written in a unique style and worth the read. We had mixed reviews on this one but, we had a really great discussion which seems to almost always be the case with mixed reviews.

  "" by folks4 (see profile) 06/29/14

  "" by jacieh (see profile) 07/11/14

  "" by gymbackmom (see profile) 01/01/15

  "" by CathUnit (see profile) 04/08/15

  "" by reneemckay (see profile) 07/20/15

  "Cheer Up Olive!" by phesselbart (see profile) 10/21/15

Our club liked the book overall, but found many of the vignettes sad and depressing. Several didn't like it at first, but began to enjoy the treatment of the characters and their situations. We'll never forget the hospital scene! We're looking forward to viewing the HBO mini-series.

  "" by SandraF (see profile) 04/25/16

The format of this book - a collection of short stories about a woman named Olive Kitteridge - was difficult to get through at times. The chapters provided such a good ending point, it was sometimes easy to put the book down and return to it later. But, once you get invested in the book, the last few chapters are page turners. Extremely well executed and beautifully written. I can see why this won a Pulitzer.

  "" by mthomas39 (see profile) 04/30/16

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  "Olive Kitteridge" by [email protected] (see profile) 07/23/17

Yet another awarded book about a horrible self absorbed person.

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 03/15/18

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  "Read Olive, Again too! " by [email protected] (see profile) 03/28/22

I'm sure I would rate this book higher if it didn't get the Pulitzer, but as it did I was kind of underwhelmed. There seemed to be so much repetition in characters and quirks and things not significant enough to seem "thematic" or "symbolic" to me (winks, donuts, phobia of keeling over in public, food falling out of mouths, tiny escaping gaspy sounds).
It's a nice collection of short stories, and it was nice to get to know Crosby, ME through so many glimpses of its citizens, but this style didn't let the reader really get to know any of the characters in depth, not even Olive, not enough to satisfy the way a good novel does.

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 12/03/22

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 04/02/23

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