Run: A Novel
by Ann Patchett
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  "Two orphaned black boys adopted by political family in Boston and an unexpected encounter with their birth mother." by jwilker (see profile) 11/05/08

Thought-provoking, well-written novel that centers on family and how life events can impact family.

  "Wonderfully written novel!" by marilynnmoore (see profile) 11/05/08

This is a very thought provoking book and it is excellent for book club discussion. Patchett is a wonderful writer.

  "One of my favorite book club selections!" by [email protected] (see profile) 11/05/08

This is one of our clubs highest rated books so far. It was a great read and gave us much to discuss. I have gone on to pick up 3 more of Ann Patchett's books and can't wait to read them.

  "Run by ann patchett" by emptynester (see profile) 11/06/08

Run was read by our book club. And we really wasn't too thrilled about. We liked her first book bettwe Bel Canto. One person liked because it was a really good read with no conflicts. We also didn't think the book really got anywhere. It didn't really get into the characters.

  "Based in Boston, the story is one of impossible circumstances tied toghether by family and politics." by marciasizzi (see profile) 11/21/08

  "very good book" by edandtee (see profile) 11/21/08

I really liked this book. It took about 70 pages to get into it but soon I could not put it down.

  "24 hours and how so much changes for this family" by gazzingo (see profile) 01/25/09

Highly readable, so much to discuss. Was a perfect choice at inauguration time. Even though there were not questions at the end of the book we had no trouble coming up with things to dicuss. Everyone enjoyed the book tremendously. Would higly recommend to other clubs.

  "3.5/5 avg 3 members" by mindyhayes (see profile) 01/28/09

  "great discussion about "non-traditional" family issues" by marylee0526 (see profile) 02/19/09

  "Lovely writing, a story open to interpretation and leading to a great discussion." by scribread (see profile) 03/02/09

  "Mothers lost and found" by kfoulks (see profile) 03/31/09

The story was neat, and as always, i love Patchett's characters, but this one was disappointing. There were too many characters, and so each one had only the surface scratched, and that is NOT what i want from Patchett. I want to ache when i read their stories (like "Magician's Assistant"). It should have been longer, or had less characters. It didn't do justice to their stories.

  "A tight short novel" by dchase21 (see profile) 04/27/09

Patchett once again writes a clostrophobic novel set in a 24 hour span. The themes of race, religion, class,and family intertwine in an easy to read thought provoking novel.

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