True Colors
by Kristin Hannah
Kindle Edition-

True Colors is New York Times bestselling author Kristin Hannah's most provocative, compelling, and heart-wrenching story yet. With the ...

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  "True Colors" by kathyway (see profile) 03/26/10

Easy read really enjoyed

  "True Colors" by lollygil (see profile) 03/26/10

Easy fun read about 3 sisters

  "true colors" by stashin (see profile) 03/26/10

Easy, fun read

  "True Colors" by dwoodard035 (see profile) 03/31/10

Explores family dynamics and relationships

  "True Colors" by Scoop (see profile) 04/10/10

Another home run for Kristin Hannah, a book that was hard to put down. The characters and relationships drove this book and the setting sounded just beautiful. A book that many of us at book club could relate to as sisters ourselves.

  "Can't put it down!!" by mmckeon23 (see profile) 04/12/10

I absolutely loved this book. I ended up reading it in 2 days! It was a wonderful story with lots of mystery, romance and sisterly quarrals.

  "Excellent Emotional Roller Coaster" by CHAZRA_TMF (see profile) 04/16/10

The characters are immensely vivid, the plot alluring, the romance is compelling; and the sisters' relationship and bond is both controversial and undeniably strong. Overall this was a very good book and I enjoyed the journey of the story. Due to Kristin’s excellent talent in characterization and her ability to convey each character's specific disposition to an occurrence I often found myself relating to the characters and feeling either, happy, angry, sad, hurt, excited, heartbroken, hopeful, curious and eager. It is very easy to walk in the shoes of her characters and feel what they feel. Excellent Book!!!

  "True Colors" by JJ (see profile) 05/03/10

A slow moving "love story" that involves a dysfunctional father, and his three daughters. You get to a point where you don't really care what happens to any of them!

  "Family drama with traditions and heartbreak." by teatime (see profile) 05/26/10

The story is centered around three sisters, their father and a family business. A family drama which includes prejudice, loss, love, deep tradition and heartbreak. It is an easy read but has many underlying issued that face most families today. We loved it and it sparked much conversation.

  "True Colors" by lesliecarp17 (see profile) 06/07/10

Loved this book. Only the second Hannah book that I've read, but the best so far. Would totally recommend this book to other clubs!

  "True Colors - Kristin Hannah" by AngieF (see profile) 08/24/10

Great read! A wonderful story of three sisters, family ties, and the challenges that each faces along the way that can impact their relationships. The book was enjoyed by 100% of our group, and we had a great discussion.

  "True Colors" by moniqueslack (see profile) 08/26/10

I could not put this book down.. I loved every minute of this book.

  "True Colors" by Lorasmom (see profile) 08/27/10

Kristin Hannah's best yet. Great story.

  "True Colors" by blsnshin (see profile) 03/04/11

I enjoyed it. I felt all emotions during the story: happy, sad, angry, frustrated, love, hurt, disappointment, etc.

  "True Colors" by mangan319 (see profile) 09/24/11

Loved this book. I have not been that emotional reading a book in a while. Great story about family, love. I could not wait to get to the end.

  "" by amrace1 (see profile) 09/19/17

  "" by dash71 (see profile) 06/01/19

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