Nefertiti: A Novel
by Michelle Moran
Hardcover- N/A

"A stunning debut-I can't believe it's her first novel-what a thrilling read! I found the whole book rich and compelling, exciting and ...

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  "nefertitti" by molly204 (see profile) 05/11/10

this was one of the best books i ever read!!!! i was never a big fan of ancient egypt,but after reading this book i can't get enough of it!!! it is written in easy to read language, and pulls you right into this world, i feel as if i know the is a great book club pick with a lot to discuss..

  "Very well written story" by chkahn12 (see profile) 05/16/10

This story takes place during the Egyptian dynasty and it is fascinating how things are similar to today's world and how things are different.

  "Nefertiti" by olddog51 (see profile) 06/24/10

This story was told by Nefertiti's younger sister... I love a book with a good story...and one where you learn alot. I couldn't wait to took up the true facts on the net. I was surprised at how true to history this incrediable story is.

  "Ancient Egypt" by lollygil (see profile) 07/20/10

A historical novel on ancient Egypt narrated through the Queen turned Pharaoh Nefertiti. It was a page turning book that kept me up reading all night! I became transformed to the ancient cities and became immersed in the story.

I highly recommend this book for an interesting book club selection.

  "Nefertiti" by factoryofideas (see profile) 10/07/10

  "Queen" by deenafrog (see profile) 10/21/10

Forever! Engrossing story of the life of this queen. Told from a very odd perspective. Made me want to travel back in time and move to Egypt.

  "Nefertiti" by caravw (see profile) 11/17/10

  "I love Egyptian history" by mpaniaguatej (see profile) 03/11/11

This novel was nicely written and very informative about a dark period of history. I enjoyed it a lot.

  "Great work of Historical Fiction" by iamom05 (see profile) 04/19/11

This is the 2nd Michelle Moran book I've read and really enjoyed them both. She creates a fascinating window into history woven with her own additions to the story. I now plan to read "The Heretic Queen" which is the sequel.

  "Interesting read." by boshea (see profile) 05/11/11

  "Nefertiti" by kristinbluedog (see profile) 06/14/11

A fascinating book that brought ancient Egypt to life for me. Kept me captivated through the entire book.

  "Another Moran Novel" by ELMcHenry02 (see profile) 08/16/11

After reading Michelle Moran's "Cleopatra's Daughter", this book was almost disappointing. It was so similar in structure, character development, and theme development that I predicted the ending just by recalling the previous read. As a light summer read, it was a good story that led to several serious discussions with my book club.

  "" by Wruiz (see profile) 09/18/14

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