The White Queen: A Novel
by Philippa Gregory
Hardcover- N/A

The first in a stunning new series, The Cousins War, is set amid the tumult and intrigue of The War of the Roses. Internationally bestselling author ...

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  "Great book could not put down" by wcrispe (see profile) 01/11/10

Great read, combination of Pillars of the Earth and The Other Boyelan Girl. The intrigue, backstabbing and suspence of this book held me captive till the very last page. Definite great book club book

  ""The white Queen: A novel"" by Alicia (see profile) 01/09/11

Nunca pude terminar de leer el libro. Si he de ser sincera tengo que decir que el libro no es malo. Pero realmente no es...digamos que no me atraen ni el genero, ni la monarquia en cuestion. Si a eso le sumamos que estaba realmente muy ocupada en esa fecha, es logico que lo haya dejado a la deriva. Pero pienso retomarlo este año y terminarlo. Para darle una reseña definitiva.

  "the white queen" by msharry (see profile) 05/16/11

We enjoyed this one. According to Internet, it was very factual. The capriciousness of those who struggled to gain and retain power and the determination of women to protect and improve lot of their families were interesting. There was so much fighting and scheming that it dragged a bit for me--but that was the way things were evidently. The many family scenes with Elizabeth were the most engaging to me anyway.

  "The White Queen" by barbarajstern (see profile) 06/20/12

This is historical fiction centered around the War of the Roses. It was interesting to read about royal life in that time period.

  "The White Queen" by whaagenson (see profile) 06/20/12

Very interesting part of England's history that I knew little about. The author has combined historical facts, addressed rumors of the day, and included the mysticism that Elizabeth's family was known for. The book is presented well, especially considering the repetition of names. I plan to read the other two books in this trilogy.

  "Enjoyable, interesting read with limited group discussion" by fastreader (see profile) 09/03/12

None of us regretted (or quit) reading this book, even though the plot offers limited discussion if you aren't familiar with early 1400-era history. Despite Queen Elizabeth and King Richard having lived a life always in the shadow of treachery, the first-person narration doesn't offer much suspense.

The subplot about Queen Elizabeth and her mother gifted with "Sight" and the practice of magic/witchcraft is an entertaining aspect of the story.

One criticism some of our members had was the redundancy of portions of the narration or repetitive dialog. One might find both make for a less fulfilling read.

As far as a book club selection goes, if you are looking for an interesting story with limited character development with not much detail about life as a royal or citizen in that era, "The White Queen" should be a successful choice for discussion.

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 11/04/19

We gave it a C.

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