Less: A Novel
by Andrew Sean Greer
Hardcover- $17.68

Arthur Less a mid-list novelist is approaching his 50th birthday and he needs to grow up But first he needs to get out Arthurs much younger ...

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  "" by KM (see profile) 06/09/18

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  "No Less for me" by castellj (see profile) 06/27/18

Warning: puns abound, both intended and unintentional. Less is like a gay Forest Gump, except less endearing, less inventive, and much less likeable. Also unlike our beloved, accidental hero Gump, the lesser characters are unmemorable, self-absorbed, and distressing. Replace the box of chocolates with characters rationalizing their failures at love, career, and family. This is not an uplifting comedy of accepting age and shortcomings. Instead it is a pity party on a world tour. Plus, as much as I fervently try not to judge, forgive me that I generally do not understand relationships with large age discrepancies. In this book it was even creepy. I was dealing with it fine until one character makes an observation, which I did find interesting, that people only remember you at the age that they met you. They can imagine you younger, but that's imagination not a true memory. So, when a reveal happens, and I hope this is not a spoiler, I couldn't help recall this observation and feel a tinge of disgust. I regret that I couldn't put this bias aside and learn more from Less. I hope others did connect to the book because this is probably a realistic narrative for many.

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  "Middle age coming of age" by LSakay (see profile) 09/15/18

I enjoyed this fictional memoir of Arthur Less, struggling with aging and all the insights and regrets that may bring. I laughed to myself along the way as I defined this book as a "coming out of age" story - so opposite to many coming of age, YA books, I've read. :) I also likened it to Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert (although fictional, of course) as Less travels the world to escape a painful event, overthinking small conversations, absorbed with his upcoming birthday and lost love, and struggling to identify someone who truly understands his plight. Greer's inventive use of Less' loved blue suit existing in a parallel world is great. The suit offers the imagery of him holding onto his youth. It's worn, aged, and tattered, eventually becoming obliterated by feral dogs (the viciousness of this was not lost on me)- with no hope of continuing to exist the way it was. The chapter headings and pun of the protagonist's name did not escape me either (I loved that). Although, I cannot identify with a gay, somewhat wealthy, middle-aged man I was able to connect with some of the themes of aging and fear of moving forward; we think we have it all figured out and then we suddenly realize that maybe we don't and begin a journey of "self-reassessment." Less contained a lot More thought provoking content than I expected.

One of my favorite quotes: "Strange to be almost fifty, no? I feel like I just understood how to be young. Yes! It's like the last day in a foreign country. You finally figure out where to get coffee, and drinks, and a good steak. And then you have to leave. And you won't ever be back."

  "Too little too late...or not" by TravelBling (see profile) 09/26/18

Regardless of your sexual persuasion, I do believe you will relate to the dilemma of roads not taken, choices not made, and revelations realized thru the passage of time.
Andrew Sean Greer's words sang beautifully to me. Of the many lessons you may glean from these writings, it becomes obvious how we see ourselves does not necessarily mirror what others see.

  "" by Djbg1 (see profile) 10/04/18

I would probably give it 4.4 stars but I didn't want to sell it short. Reading this book is like a slow cooked meal. Arthur Less and his journey slowly seeps in and you just have to know how it all turns out. Beautifully written.

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  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 12/13/18

Romantic, Insightful, Slow

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 12/17/18

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 01/08/19

  "Brody" by Brody (see profile) 03/02/19

Found the protagonist self pitying and whiney. He was so worried about aging, which in itself got old. Not a funny book at all. Slugged through it and only finished it because I had purchased it. Would not recommend

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 03/06/19

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  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 05/07/19

I loved this book

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 05/17/19

I loved the protagonist & saw him differently to how he saw himself. The book was slow at times with unnecessary detail and interesting at other times but missing detail. Some thought provoking moments about ageing and how others perceive you can be quite different to how you see yourself.

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