Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination that Changed America Forever
by Bill O'Reilly, Martin Dugard
Hardcover- $15.69

A riveting historical narrative of the heart-stopping events surrounding the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, and the first work of ...

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  "Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination that Changed America Forever" by DonnaWall (see profile) 12/07/11

Lots of detail about the battles drug the story on and on. If you are a Civil War history book, you may find this book interesting.

  "Killing Lincoln" by juspdebdan (see profile) 02/22/12

For such an abrasive newscaster he makes a really good story teller. I learned quite a bit from this book and am glad that I read it. Lincoln was a courageous President and I think probably the first "gadget" geek being addicted to the new found telegraph system. Mary Lincoln was portrayed as a very unstable, insecure, clingy woman and I am glad that I never knew her. John Wilkes Booth, well history speaks for itself and he should have died a much more difficult death for all the damage he did just for the sake of "becoming famous and remembered throughout history", what a massive ego.

  "Killing Lincoln" by gpnashmore (see profile) 04/06/12

This is an interesting book. I especially enjoyed the later part of the book, after Lincoln has been killed. The authors do a good job of fleshing out the characters of the conspirators.

  "Killing Lincoln" by ladyclare (see profile) 07/07/12

If you are not a history buff, this book will change your mind! Couldn't wait to finish, even though I knew "who did it", I didn't realize there were so many people involved, even a woman! Should be required reading for schools.

  "Killing Lincoln" by ellenpr (see profile) 07/18/12

It captured the huge schism between North and South. It made me wonder how different our country would be today if Lincoln had not died before he could implement his ideas on healing this schism.

  "Loved it!" by cjshutch (see profile) 07/18/12

  "Killing Lincoln" by ChrisA (see profile) 08/01/12

Thoroughly enjoyed this telling of the story. Tension from the very beginning, read like a novel. Engages the reader throughout despite knowing "the story". Excellent!!

  "interesting" by leorar (see profile) 08/15/12

This book is interesting and informative. I liked the story part, the appendix got a little boring. but if you love history, you'll like this book

  "Best History Lesson on Lincoln's Assassination" by Bodacious (see profile) 12/30/12

O'reilly provided answers to many questions surrounding the assassination of Abe Lincoln, but also leaves you thinking if there was more to it! Fast read

  "Stay awake until Lincoln comes on!" by ginnykin (see profile) 04/12/13

The first half of the book is a blow by blow replay of the last battles of the civil war...with arrow diagrams! Very boring stuff and difficult to stay awake through. The last section chronicles Lincoln\\\'s last day, hour by hour and minute by minute. This part is interesting and even exciting. Very educational stuff...just skip to the last section unless you love hearing how many heads were blown off and how many horses died.

  "An interesting, fast read" by mabook (see profile) 05/17/13

The members of our club who read this book generally liked it. We were a bit bothered by the historical inaccuracies, and there was mixed opinion on the inclusion of the long description of the Civil War battles (some of us found that very intriguing; others found it very boring and skipped all those pages). However, as a general rule, we really liked the book and the picture that it gave us of Lincoln and the race relations that existed at that time.

  "Killing Lincoln" by kellykelly (see profile) 06/11/13

I really enjoyed the book and found it very informative. It read more like a novel. There were also pictures of all the main players which I liked.

  "Killing Lincoln" by LibraryMichael (see profile) 12/06/13

I would heartily recommend this book to a student writing a report on Lincoln, but there is no new information here and O\\\'Reilly relies on speculation and conjecture to make the story more interesting.

Hardcore O\\\'Reilly fans will undoubtedly love this book, but anyone expecting a scholarly work will be sadly disappointed.

  "Killing Lincoln" by tlapointe (see profile) 12/21/13

Boring but informative

  "Killing Lincoln" by bmg657 (see profile) 04/15/14

Learned alot

  "" by mgcashion (see profile) 09/08/14

  "Lincoln 101? Yes, in a good way." by rkarpinecz (see profile) 02/13/15

If a reader has limited knowledge the assassination of our 16th President, this book leads her, day by day, through the waning days of the Civil War, Booth\\\\\\\'s plotting, Lincoln\\\\\\\'s schedule, and the aftermath of the murder. It is accessible history and might spark readers to dig a little deeper. The author has said Killing Lincoln should be taught in classrooms. He is right.

  "" by PeggySue64 (see profile) 04/30/15

Group felt this book's story was overshadowed by writer's ego, that is was a bit too "textbook", and overly detailed--so slow.

  "killing lincoln" by kimbonner (see profile) 06/27/16

I thought the book was a good read. Never much liked history as a child, so I was initially doubtful. This book brought history to life. Even though you know what happens it was quite suspenseful

  "History Light" by bspourch (see profile) 06/30/16

Although nonfiction this book was written in the style of a murder mystery, which most of the group enjoyed. A few thought it lacked depth, and all of us women felt that too many pages were devoted to the battles leading up to the end of the Civil War, which made for slow reading at the beginning. This book was geared toward Bill O'Reilly's audience, not to serious students of history.

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