Love Walked In
by Marisa De Los Santos
Kindle Edition-

From the New York Times bestselling author of I’ll Be Your Blue Sky comes a “bewitching, warmhearted grown-up fairy tale about old ...

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  "A story about the different complicated formations love takes and how you can find yourself in it and lose yourself to it." by bhtafoya (see profile) 09/24/07

  "Smart and beautifully written" by juliamo (see profile) 05/16/08

The story is a good one, but it is the use of the language that captured me. de los Santos uses poetic phrasing in such a way that the novel takes on a lyrical tone. A wonderful first work!

  "Fairly predictable story of love and loss and love" by kacbsn (see profile) 05/17/08

Interesting story, slow first half read but gets better. Not alot of issues to provoke discussion

  "A quick, fun read" by Delaine (see profile) 06/02/08

Marisa de los Santos' writing style is a delight!

  "Best book I've read in a long time!!!" by crysrae23 (see profile) 07/11/08

  "Discover the lives of Cornellia and Clare--how their lives crossed and became intertwined when Cornellia met Martin" by cimlibrarian (see profile) 07/17/08

Soem members flet it porvided a true perspective how two lives can become interdependent with the needed details. Others felt the book could have been much shorter.

  "Very fun read - a little sad at times but with a happy ending." by corknbb (see profile) 12/17/08

Enjoyed reading this book as I found it to be a light read with a happy ending. Some parts seemed a little bit too contrived (i.e. Martin dying, the mother leaving and Cornelia winding up with the daughter just to have the mother show up; her real love just happening to divorce her sister and they fall in love and live happily ever after).
I did like how in the beginning you are led to believe that she is referring to Martin but then in the end she ties it up by revealing that it's not a person that changes your life but finding out what you love - the process.

  "This was not an overall favorite for our club." by katray (see profile) 01/13/09

"Love Walked In" is one of those quick reads that doesn't leave a lasting impression. Our group really didn't have much to share in discussion.

  "Interesting story of how lives can intersect and what to do with the unexpected" by marialuby (see profile) 03/12/09

  "A book not to read." by moose (see profile) 07/15/09

  "Not Your Typical Love Story" by whitneybug84 (see profile) 10/23/09

Although this isn't one of my favorite books, I like how it isn't a typical love story. It focuses more on the love of a child and I'd like to give the author kudos for that. However, this book was very elementary in my opinion and I don't forsee it generating an intelligent, in depth discussion at my book club. Maybe I'm critiquing this book extra hard because this normally isn't my genre of choice, but I was expecting more.

  "Love Walked In" by ChrisA (see profile) 11/09/09

I thought the book was a lovely story with some thought provoking moments. It started slow (about 100 pps), but after that point I was hooked and became invested in the characters. Its worth sticking with it!!!

  "Love Walked in" by beaski3 (see profile) 04/29/10

This book was ok. Not good, not bad, just ok. I really liked the main characters of Clare and Cornelia but found the story a bit contrived and unbelievable. Its not a bad book, I've just read better.

  "" by cpowers (see profile) 11/29/16

  "Love Walked IN" by clobaza (see profile) 11/24/17

A predictable, but fun, romantic read. Our group had some difficulty "getting into the read" but it made for a good discussion.

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 07/09/19

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