Love and Biology at the Center of the Universe
by Jennie Shortridge
Paperback- $12.76

What made you want to write this book? What was the idea that sparked your imagination? I started out wanting to explore the question of what if ...

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  "A funny and poignant story about running away from it all and finding yourself!!" by Dusty (see profile) 07/04/08

Mira is a mess. Let's face it: she's having hot flashes and forgetting things, and her daughter hates her, and she has too many rescue dogs running around the house, but she keeps clinging to the idea that life is supposed to be perfect. When she finds out her husband has a too-intimate friendship with another woman in their small Oregon coast town, she goes a little crazy and runs away from him, her daughter, her widower father and old Italian grandmother. Her car breaks down in Seattle and she finds herself working in a coffee shop with quirky characters, and begins the journey to finding herself.

This is a fast, funny, and poignant read, and provides SO much for book groups to talk about: empty-nest syndrome, cheating husbands, hormones, grown kids, running-away fantasies . . . yes, we all have them sometimes!

Highly recommended.

  "Good discussion" by marciasizzi (see profile) 10/24/08

Generated lots of discussion. The book had a character each member of the book club could relate to. Great choice.

  "very good book" by edandtee (see profile) 10/24/08

We enjoyed the book and were very fortunate to be able to call the author to talk to her about the book. Jennie was fun to talk to and we all liked the book. We found the woman's midlife crisis a good topic for us and most of us liked the ending.

  "Husband is thinking about leaving his wife, she finds out and leaves town altogether for 3 months to get away. She finds herself along the way." by cmanion (see profile) 11/11/08

This was a fun book to discuss. The duality of her life lent to a lot of interesting questions. We were able to dig alittle deeper and try and figure out what really made her do what she did.

  "A family in a full blown identity crisis decides who they are and who they want to become." by Jacquemott (see profile) 12/01/08

Enjoyed the book but was disappointed in the somewhat predictable ending of 'and they all lived happily ever after.'

Mira shoulders all of the responsibility for her disfunctional family. And the author seems to divide her actions by saying there is a 'good' Mira and a 'bad' Mira. The important point about the integration of all aspects of one's self could have been made without the sledge hammer. I liked Mira and I understand her struggle and I believe that many women will be able to relate to her and her family. Mira's adventures at The Center of the Universe provide the opportunity to rediscover who she was, what is important, and a glimpse of her future.

This had all of the potential of being a great journey but felt more like a weekend road trip with a tour guide who points out the well known landmarks but doesn't let you go inside.

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 06/22/18

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