The Space Between Us: A Novel
by Thrity Umrigar
Hardcover- $8.41

Each morning, Bhima, a domestic servant in contemporary Bombay, leaves her own small shanty in the slums to tend to another woman's house. ...

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  "Liked it but difficult to read" by coteriecarol (see profile) 05/01/10

At least, I found it difficult to read. I have never been to India but now know without a doubt I do not want to go. These poor people are more than poor they are without anything but themselves and family. When they have so little and their family is hurtful, it is very least it was for me. I wouldn't think to read this again because once was plenty.

  "Blood is thicker than honesty" by bcarroll (see profile) 06/13/10

  "The Space Between Us" by wisewoman (see profile) 09/11/10

Excellent story of class barriers that separate and gender ties that surpass it. An insight into the culture of India from the extreme poverty, slums, to the wealthy and privileged.

  "The Space Between Us is not as wide as you might imagine" by SingleLady2 (see profile) 10/13/10

This is a very sad, poignant story of the relationship between two Indian women: the lady of the house and her servant. In their own way, each is worried and terrified of life around them. Even women in wealthy homes are servants in a way ... to their husbands and male children. Sometimes I had to put the book down because it made me unbearably sad but I had to come back to it to find out what happened to both women.

  "Great Read" by lesleychivers (see profile) 01/19/11

Great book dealing with difficult situations.

  "The Space Between Us" by Candy817 (see profile) 05/13/11

Very much like the book, The Help. It is set in India so the scenery was fascinating and the use of words was interesting. Very good book with a twist at the end.

  "The Space Between Us" by cemeth6 (see profile) 06/22/11

Displays the life of the rich and privileged, and poor and powerless in everyday life in Bombay, India and the choices the 2 main characters each make. They are intrinsically connected yet so vastly removed from each other thru the caste system. Beautifully written with sympathy for the characters yet offering love, loyalty, injustice, and survival.

  "The Space Between Us" by Soovie (see profile) 07/25/11

This novel tells of two women in modern day Bombay. One, a servant and the other, her employer. The author, Thrity Umrigar, puts us into the novel with her descriptions of the sights, sounds and smells of this envirement. I felt like lifting my skirts as I entered the slums, and I could almost feel and hear the beatings that Bhima endures. I highly recommend this book.

  "The Space Between Us" by riggosmom (see profile) 02/10/12

This book is a very interesting and educational. I would recommend this book for anyone wanting to learn something about India. A fast read but at times very sad.

  "The Space Between Us" by lgratsch (see profile) 04/07/17

Members present last night loved the book. Erika did a great job giving us background on the author. The piece of info we enjoyed learning about was the author wrote the first and last lines of the book and then wrote everything in between. Enlightening! We shared favorite descriptive passages and the book afforded us plenty of opportunities for discussion. Excellent book club selection.

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