Glory over Everything: Beyond The Kitchen House
by Kathleen Grissom
Hardcover- $15.00

From the author of the New York Times bestseller and beloved book club favorite The Kitchen House, a novel of family and long-buried ...

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  "Glory Over Everything" by Silversolara (see profile) 04/06/16

From James Pyke to James Burton.

?From the South to the North.

From a plantation to a home in Philadelphia.

James Pyke fled from the plantation to start a new life after he killed his abusive father. It wasn't an easy life, but James? ?managed to find a wealthy family with a silversmith business who took him in, adopted him, and taught him the trade.?

James became very successful with his father's silversmith business and quite prominent in society.

We follow James from his childhood to his adult life. He could never be happy no matter how wonderful his life had become because he always feared the secret he had would be exposed.

GLORY OVER EVERYTHING kept my interest even though it dragged a bit at times. Once the secret James had been keeping is revealed, the book heats up. The last quarter of the book is very suspenseful, and the book has a satisfying ending.

If you enjoy this time period in history, you will enjoy how Ms. Grissom put together a story line that will captivate you with a wonderful, emotionally packed sequel to THE KITCHEN HOUSE about life during the 1800's.

Enjoy!! 4/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher good return for an honest review.

  "Glory Over Everything: Beyond the Kitchen House" by Corit2015 (see profile) 04/06/16

Sometimes a story can transport you. You get so involved with the book’s characters that when it ends you’re left wondering, “What happens next?” Although this is a stand-alone novel, Glory over Everything, by Kathleen Grissom, continues the narrative of her beloved bestselling book, The Kitchen House. I would recommend you read The Kitchen House first, and then when you begin, Glory over Everything, you’ll appreciate revisiting old characters and enjoy reading about new ones as well. And now that I have read both, I want more!

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 07/13/16

  "Really an awesome book" by Metrogal (see profile) 08/30/16

Loved it, almost from start to finish. A stand alone book by the author of The House Girl, and recognized a few characters from there. Heartwarming.

  "Glory Over Everything: Beyond the Kitchen House" by RRReaders (see profile) 01/24/17

Our book club had some of our best discussions around this book and The Kitchen House which we read in Oct. 2016. Kathleen Grissom draws her characters so clearly and draws the reader into their lives in such a way, you don't want the book to end. We highly recommend both of these books and hope she will continue this saga.

  "Glory Over Everything" by mkcooke (see profile) 03/16/17

Good follow up read after "The Kitchen House".

  "" by robandjenbailey (see profile) 10/07/17

  "" by pegt57 (see profile) 02/08/20

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 04/24/20

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