Good in Bed
by Jennifer Weiner
Mass Market Paperback- N/A

#1 New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Weiner brings to life an irresistibly funny and relatable heroine in the novel The Boston ...

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  "Club rated the book on average 6 out of 10 stars" by djanszen (see profile) 11/08/08

This book was a fun, light read - but didn't give us a whole lot to talk about at our book club. Everyone in the club gave it either 5 stars or 7 stars (out of 10). We all liked the book, but no one loved it.

  "One of the best books I have ever read!" by INmommyof2 (see profile) 01/31/09

I loved this book! It made me angry, laugh, cry, and everything in between. Cannie was a very lovable character that I could really relate to.

  "Good in Bed" by mgenduso (see profile) 01/17/10

  "Girly Book" by carlymu (see profile) 06/01/10

Got off to a slow start, but enjoyed the story. Not much to it though.

  "eh" by showchoirnerd (see profile) 06/14/10

I didn't love this book. I got it on CD for a long car trip (it was on clearance at Borders). It was a good enough "fluff" novel, but nothing I would recommend to someone else.

  "Not Good" by ercourson (see profile) 09/12/10

Shallow and definitely not "good"

  "Not the story I expected" by mytime (see profile) 01/13/11

It was not the light hearted story I was expecting. Her life takes some very serious ups and downs. But over all it was a good book.

  "Not a Book Club Book but a fun read!" by niliev (see profile) 01/18/11

Beach reading through and through!

  "A romantic story of Food and Love" by lollygil (see profile) 01/28/11

Another fun easy read from Jennifer Weiner. A great beach read for lazy days in the sun.

  "Good in Bed Review" by AndreaCavagnaro (see profile) 07/17/11

I thought this was a fun book. I think that Cannie has some serious self esteem issues but I loved her quirky sense of humor. I found myself longing to read more about Cannie.

  "Good in Bed" by Edithmv (see profile) 03/24/12

It probably read really well when Sex and the City was really popular (as the book was first published around that time). I'd say that the book may be most enjoyed by young adults.

  "Good in Bed" by Grandmarose (see profile) 01/20/16

This is a book written about serious topics in a humorous way due to the personality of the main character Cannie. Throughout the book, Cannie deals with abandonment, lovelessness, and struggles with body image. The story is about events in a year in her life when she finally faces the disappointments in her life and glories in her hopes for the future.

The book was written a little over ten years ago and the topic of body image in women has already been explored in the media and in health education classes and seemed a little outdated. That is not to say that it is not still an issue for today's woman.

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