How to Find Love in a Bookshop
by Veronica Henry

“Absolutely delightful.” —People

The enchanting story of a bookshop, its grieving owner, a supportive literary community, and the ...

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  "Good Christmas Pick" by LSakay (see profile) 12/20/17

This was a sweet, enjoyable read demonstrating the connection that grows among strangers through their love for books and described how one individual can lovingly impact the lives of so many (my favorite theme). Julius' life is honored by the repeated love, appreciation, and admiration Emilia repeatedly hears about her father from people from every walk of life in Peasbrook. He touched so many lives throughout his lifetime without purposely intending to do so, something I try to be mindful of everyday, via simple actions of kindness and empathy. Julius' heart was clearly also in Nightingale Bookshop and that became evident by how this innocuous small business also contributed to healing wounds, providing an escape, and fulfilling it's customers. Henry did include a bit too many characters. There were moments in which my brain became muddled with all the names and storylines. I liked the saga between Alice and Dillon the most and felt that became the highlight of the story - yet neither of them ever entered the bookshop? Their connection to Julius was "once removed." Overall, How to Find Love in a Bookshop highlighted the positive aspects of humanity and the innocence and purity of loving books and living accordingly. It was the perfect Holiday read.

  "not that easy" by castellj (see profile) 02/26/18

This is a hard review to write because it took me several days to figure out why I didn't dislike it but struggled to give it more than 2 stars (I rounded up for my book club because I think they tire of me being the outlier, you're welcome!)

Spoiler alert, although with such a quaint cover I don't think this is much of a spoiler, this book has multiple happy endings. Yet, the melancholy is overpowering. If the author's intent is to illustrate how life is the balance of love and death and the relationships that weave that balance then bravo! Clearly she demonstrates that the strongest bonds are born from the shared interest in the simple things in life, for example literature, music, and gardening.

The cynical me, though, can't accept it's that simple. For a book with such strong and varied emotions, I'm left with a feeling of odd hopelessness. Comically, for a book about true love found I have to respond with the cliche line: It's not you, it's me. Ms. Henry did a fine job and I would recommend this book, especially to read over the winter holidays, but I prefer my romance as either total steamy trash or heart wrenching, eyes swollen and incoherent babbling.

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