The Hour I First Believed: A Novel
by Wally Lamb
Hardcover- N/A

When high school teacher Caelum Quirk and his wife, Maureen, a school nurse, move to Littleton, Colorado, they both get jobs at Columbine ...

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  "Couples trieds to put life together after Columbine tragedy" by kathpol (see profile) 01/02/09

I love all of Wally Lambs' books. This is a very moving story of tragedy. The wife survives Columbine but developes post tramatic stress disorder. This book is a story of how a couple struggles to survive a terrible event in their lives. This is also a story of a man coming to terms with his past and self discovery.

  "We like Wally, We didn't care for this book..." by dcraggs (see profile) 03/13/09

Lot's of disfunctional characters that you just could not get into. We love Mr. Lambs others, but felt this one would not be high on our list of recommendations.

  "Very sad, but gives you alot to be thankful for." by stashin (see profile) 03/27/09

Book was very long....could have been two books. Gives reader alot to be thankful for

  "Uninspiring sad tale that just went on and on" by lollygil (see profile) 03/27/09

  "Too difficult to summarize in a sentence or two. Read some complete reviews." by whalensar (see profile) 04/22/09

Although most members of our book club agreed that this book could have used a bit more editing (to whittle it down a bit), we all liked this novel. Wally Lamb is a master. There was much to discuss, and I'm glad we selected this as our April read.

  "Opens many avenues for discussion but was a disappointing read." by corron (see profile) 04/24/09

Wally Lamb is one of my very favorite authors and I admire much about this book. However, there were so many story lines I became exhausted following each one. I never developed a heartfelt interest in any of the characters but did appreciate the way he demonstrated how tragedy begets tragedy.

  "The Hour I First Believed" by lrgarci (see profile) 04/26/09

Not the best book by Lamb, but certainly used a number of real events to provoke his characters.

  "The Hour I First Believed" by jkwolfe5 (see profile) 04/26/09

I've read Wally Lamb's other books and loved them so I couldn't wait to begin however this one was a disapointment to me. I felt that some characters were unnecessary to the story and could have been eliminated--saving over 200 pages. Too many national disasters and social concerns were included. I felt that Mr. Lamb was writing a cathartic story. That said, this book would make an outstanding literature study with all the literary devices which are included. The chapters involving the killers from Columbine were chilling and difficult to read. Very eye opening. The varied themes, foreshadowing, symbolism, etc. made for a lively discussion and for that reason I would recommend this book as a book club selection.

  "The Hour I First Believed" by kmanglardi (see profile) 06/05/09

The author spends A LOT of time on character development, research, and details. It pays off as the second half of the book moves quicker and the stories start to connect. I was glad to learn about the tragedy through a fictional couple.

  "The Hour I First Believed" by reds285 (see profile) 04/29/10

I found myself wanting to finish this book however I felt it was too long. I think it could have been written in two parts, at least. Many people in our group did not finish the book. There was so much going on in the book that I had trouble keeping it all straight. I did enjoy reading the book however. I could not put it down. I would definitely recommend the book and for those who stopped reading, I would urge continue, it is worth it.

  "The Hour I First Believed: A Novel" by Connieh67 (see profile) 05/03/10

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