by Carolyn Jessop, Laura Palmer
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The dramatic first-person account of life inside an ultra-fundamentalist American religious sect, and one woman’s courageous flight ...

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  "bizarre memoir about a harrowing escape from an extreme cult which treats women like" by doodlebugsmom (see profile) 04/19/08

This book is a bizarre memoir about a harrowing escape from an extreme "religious" FLDS group which treats women like cattle, uses them to breed children and who are bought, sold and traded like so chattel and goods. The FLDS people are isolated and controlled by the doctrines established by a few men. This book drops you in to this degrading and sad existence. It is incredible to think that this type of thinking exists in modern day America and more importantly that this amazing tale is told by a woman who had the wits about her to escape with her children (all eight of them!). Although I found the writing style to be a bit drab, the telling of this tale is one that needed to be told and I am so glad that the author was able to do so. Hopefully her words will inspire men women and children in similar situations that hope is not lost and that they too can change their "proscribed" and "dictated" futures.

  "Intriguing tale of emerging strength" by StephanieSN (see profile) 05/26/08

Born a slave to her polygamist sect religion's abusively chauvinistic culture and male-dominated way of life, Carolyn Jessop's story is fascinating in its (sad) portrayal of the inner-workings of the mysterious FLDS church. The story is reminiscent of Kate Chopin's 'Awakening' and Henrik Ibsen's 'A Doll's House' in its criticism of the blind acceptance of traditional roles of men and women in FLDS society. Most inspiring is Jessop's early recognition and refusal to remain a victim of her cult's brainwashing, despite the constant justification in the name of religion, replete with threats of eternal damnation for noncompliance. Even at her lowest points, Jessop retains measured strength and perseverence to win freedom for herself and her 8 children. She emerges from her voiceless life of hardship, prejudice, abuse, fear, neglect, terror, and misery, with the ultimate prize being happiness, peace, and mental freedom. Hers is a story that emotes compassion and hope, yet sadness for those still left behind.

  "A woman born into a polygamist cult explains her extraordinary life experiences and how she came to realize that she wanted to escape with her eight children." by SueM (see profile) 05/27/08

Excellent, fast read. Couldn't put the book down.

  "A timely book about the FLDS, an extreme Mormon sect told by Carolyn Jessop, who ultimately escaped." by acronen (see profile) 06/20/08

This was our book club's first meeting. We chose it because it is such a big story in the news lately and knew it would be easy to discuss. The book itself isn't a literary masterpiece, but it is topical and driven by the real life "plot". The story itself is enough of a hook. Once you get into it, which takes a while, it really picks up the pace and a lot of us felt we couldn't put it down. In reading Carolyn Jessop's account, you realize this is her experience as she sees it. No one in the FLDS community is going to counter it as they avoid discussing their lives with outsiders. It is an amazing story. Some of the people in the club felt it was similar to "A Thousand Splendid Suns". It is unbelievable how the lives of women (really, it is the treatment of women) in totally different cultures can be so alike. The books leaves you asking questions, which is perfect for a book club. I would highly recommend it as a book club choice as the story begs discussion.

  "Woman escapes Fundamentalist Mormon sect after enduring physical, verbal and emotional abuse" by mkurtzman (see profile) 06/22/08

This book really initiated conversations not only about the Mormon sect and everything that Carolyn Jessop endured, but also about religion itself and what male domination has wrought.
We made really great points about following something blindly just because there's something in writing, as well as how people can just become indoctrinated in a lifestyle, abusive or not, just because it's something you've known your whole life and it's comfortable to you.
The book itself, we agreed, was not that well-written, as she tended to repeat herself and parts of it were a bit embellished as only the negative aspects of the sect were hightlighted for literary effect. Having said that, the story itself is fascinating as it's a lifestyle we are not familiar with. Once into the book, it is a page turner and you do care about Carolyn and what happens to her.

  "..interesting, dusturbing, and definitely one to prompt discussion" by apriljbrown (see profile) 07/15/08

..a slow read..but well worth it. I found it to be extrememly educational and insightful...a book to remember.

  "Good read!" by netsiren (see profile) 07/31/08

I enjoyed this book. The whole time I was reading it I just kept thinking to myself "Wow, this is here in the US not another country, but here".

  "Eye opening account of life within a fundamentalist cult." by mdhaus (see profile) 09/12/08

A timely read after the Texas raid and subsequent court judgements; this is a gripping story of one woman's enlightenment and escape. It was hard to believe that this could happen here in the United States in these times.

  "A first person account of life inside the FLDS cult and how she escaped." by reds285 (see profile) 09/17/08

I thought this book was excellent. It held my attention from the first page. I was very eager to start it and I am hoping my book club feels the same way.

  "Brave tale of life in the FLDS and escape with 8 children." by teatime (see profile) 10/15/08

It is very brave of her to write about this abuse and escape. Her sacrifice and struggles inside the FLDS and on the outside fighting for her rights. This is similar to "Stolen Innocence" and just as shocking. Highly recommended for discussion.

  "Escape by Carolyn Jessop" by jenmanby (see profile) 05/08/09

  "informative read" by srhmrtnz (see profile) 05/10/09

The book gives a little insight into the life of a former flds member. Interesting read.

  "Liked it and disliked it at the same time" by zulloc (see profile) 07/02/09

This book was similar to seeing a car accident. You don't really want to look but you can't help it. I felt compelled to keep reading this book despite the fact that at times her stories seemed off and a little contradictory. I'm sure most of it was true and very very sad. I felt strongly for her and her children and was saddened to know people live like this. The story was well written and easy to read. It did lead to a very lively book club discussion. It helped that one of our members was a former prosecutor who dealt with a lot of domestic abuse cases. The book overall got a thumbs up at our discussion, but it wasn't one of our favorites.

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 12/06/21

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 01/31/22

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