The Twilight Collection (Twlight)
by Stephenie Meyer
Hardcover- N/A

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  "Love, love, love!" by jlady11 (see profile) 10/09/07

I teach 8th grade literature, and my girls and I read these. I absolutely adored these books. I couldn't put them down while I was reading. I also really appreciate the way Stephanie Meyer handles real teenage issues and fillings in a moral and correct way. That is not something you see much anymore in today's society. I would recommend this book to ANY teenage girl or woman.

  "Bella Swan struggles with her decision to move in with her father and quickly finds herself deeply involved in a struggle to love or live." by Kheidi (see profile) 11/07/07

This book is so fun to read, and very addictive. The author does a good job of blending Fantasy and real life. It is not particular well written, but it is a UA novel.
I enjoyed and would recommed it to most. Though all in our book club like it to say the least. The discussion was limited. It is a great one for Halloween

  "Fabulous, Fabulous, Fabulous!!!!" by hideawaybookclub (see profile) 11/28/07

These books are wonderful! The characters become a part of you and you find yourself so entranced in their love and their journey! Stephenie Meyer is a wonderful writer!

  "Fantastic Books!" by sfriedl (see profile) 04/25/08

Fabulous, Interesting reading!!

  "My quick summary of Twilight: fun, exciting, hard to put down." by dminor (see profile) 11/03/08

I read Twilight because I was interested in seeing how the story developed since I had heard a great deal about the series. I planned to read only the first book, but I learned that New Moon showed a new side to Jacob. Naturally, I had to read it to see for myself. Once I had read the first two books, I felt compelled to read the others. I teach Freshman Composition at a community college. I noticed that many of the in-coming freshman girls were reading the books and talking about them. I began entering the conversations as well. The books are absolutely entertaining if not well-written. I did feel tired sometimes over the endless bickering and back and forth separations, but I could see where those events were heading. I like being able to discuss the books with my students. I am happy they are reading!

  "not book club material" by ellentambo (see profile) 04/15/09

not a lot to discuss. Juvenile writing

  "juvenile fiction" by mcdotreader (see profile) 04/24/09

enjoyable for a quick read, but not book club material. OUr club chose these and I was disappointed.

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