What the Dead Know: A Novel
by Laura Lippman
Paperback- $9.88

One of the most acclaimed and honored writers in the field of crime fiction, Laura Lippman offers readers a gripping tale of deception and ...

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  "Nothing Special" by momofthreewi (see profile) 03/02/10

Our group, for the most part, found this book to be somewhat predictable and not very believable. Some good discussion came from it, but nothing very memorable. We would definitely recommend other books over this one.

  "What the Dead Know" by noots (see profile) 06/28/11

Good summer read with an interesting twist

  "Not Great Literature But Enjoyable" by ebach (see profile) 09/01/11

I recommend only books that I found not-put-downable, and I recommend What the Dead Know by Laura Lippman. This book came with me to the dinner table, and I didn't put it down to go to sleep but fell asleep with it in my lap (so lost my place and left the light on). It's not great literature, but I enjoyed it.

What the Dead Know is about a woman who claims to be one of two sisters who disappeared in 1975, the five-day investigation into her story, and memories. She's so mysterious, you'll be trying to figure her out and changing what you think every couple of pages.

  "what the dead know" by lyndalou (see profile) 11/17/12

  "A Solid Crime-Mystery Novel" by Krf747 (see profile) 03/13/14

The story of the Bethany girls and the mystery surrounding their disappearance captures your interest and holds your attention right from the start. The character claiming to be Heather Bethany is entirely believable as a woman who has been through a traumatic experience -- yet something just isn't quite right about her story.

I enjoyed this book and have only two criticisms.

Each chapter is written from the perspective of a different character. Personally, I didn't care for playing the guessing game of "who's talking now?"

Also, I think the character of Miriam was weak. She was neither someone I loved nor hated, cheered for nor rooted against. She was entirely unsympathetic, and as a mom, she should have been my strongest connection.

Despite these two points, I still found the book enjoyable and I am looking forward to discussing it with my Book Club!

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 07/28/15

  "what the dead know" by Carolynr (see profile) 07/14/16

thirty years ago, the Bethany girls, ages eleven and fifteen, disappeared from a Baltimore shopping mall. They never returned, their bodies were never recovered, and only painful questions remain. Now, in the aftermath of a rush-hour hit-and-run accident, a clearly disoriented woman is claiming to be Heather, the younger Bethany sister. Not a shred of evidence supports her story, and every lead she reluctantly offers takes the police to another dead end—a dying, incoherent man; a razed house; a missing grave. But she definitely knows something about that terrible day—and about the shocking fissures that the tragedy exposed in the foundation of a seemingly solid family.
this story was very good and a good mystery. However I did not like how the author kept going to different places in time to tell it. Made it hard to follow . But a good read

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