Rhapsody in Paris (LaCasse Book 4)
by Ju Ephraime
Kindle Edition-

This couldn’t be happening to her. A fall on the track where she runs every day, a chance meeting with the most handsome stranger she’s ...

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  "Lovely!" by kappescassidy (see profile) 11/20/14

A beautiful romantic read with wonderful characters.

  "Worth a read." by olgaolha (see profile) 11/20/14

A great romantic story with interesting characters.

  "" by operanut2008 (see profile) 11/20/14

  "Lovely romance!" by Gale_ (see profile) 11/20/14

Lovely romance! Wonderful descriptive setting.

  "" by AgencyRulesPK (see profile) 11/21/14

  "" by HULSEY (see profile) 11/21/14

  "Erotic story" by Last_Drum (see profile) 11/21/14

A great romantic story with interesting cast of very human characters.

  "Kept Me Up Last Night!" by PJFiala (see profile) 11/21/14

I found it impossible to put down. Franchesca meets Damon quite by chance when she’s injured while running. Surprised by the immediate attraction, but willing to see where it goes a hot, steamy romance begins. But as we know, things don't run smoothly and these characters, need to draw on the deep emotional connection between them to keep it together. A must read.

  "Rhapsody in Paris" by StevieT (see profile) 11/22/14

Enjoyable read.

  "Addictive" by jeantoine (see profile) 11/22/14

Just the name LaCasse and you know what to expect, high heat and lots of drama. In this turn of events, the last of this series focuses on Franchesca, a sister to the brothers we have grown to love and lust after. The story begins with a fall, and not necessarily a fall in love situation. Damon happens to be at the right place at the right time to meet the girl that would forever change his life.
Franchesca feels the pull of attraction with the first touch between her and Damon, she tries to resist it, but is unsuccessful. Ju Ephraime keeps the reader on the edge of their seat with steamy scenes and pulsating dramatic tension. I was sad to see the end of this series; it kept me always wanting more. It now owns a permanent place on my book shelves… addictive.

  "Couldn't Put it Down!" by chrizzie (see profile) 11/22/14

These characters, and the intense emotional connection between them, completely drew me in, and I was rooting for their happily ever after.

  "Rhapsody in Paris!" by OCgirl (see profile) 12/21/14

Rhapsody in Paris is the final book in the LaCasse series by Ju Ephraime. I enjoyed this book so much. Without reading the others I was able to get right into the story. The author does a flawless job taking you right in. Didn’t feel like I was missing anything. Just made me want to go back from the beginning. The writing is done with an effortless style and I fell in love with Franchesca from the start. I could feel her emotional struggles and was right there with her. When there is passion there is often pain and in this case that is what our main character goes through.

It felt so nice to be taken to France. I could live vicariously through these characters. The authors ability to take you there was evident as I felt I could be walking the streets of Paris. It added to the romance and the charm. This was an easy escape to take. One that I would recommend. Highly.

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