Hi, My Name is Bobo.: (A Weekend in the Life of a 5th Grader) (Step into the World of Bobo Book 1)
by James Gordon
Kindle Edition-

Sometimes a weekend can seem like a lifetime to a growing child. He may experience like, fear, anticipation, and other emotions without smooth ...

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  "The Good Old Days" by kappescassidy (see profile) 11/20/14

This is a sweet book about a fifth grade boy and his family. The brother's are Bobo and Smiley. They have what I think is a typical sibling relationship; they love each other but are competitive and love to play. The addition of photos throughout this charming little book adds to the fun of getting to know Bobo and his family.

My favorite chapter is, Donuts and Cartoons. A quote from this chapter: “Saturday mornings are always special!!! It means that there are glazed or assorted donuts on the table, and the Super Friends cartoon comes on at 9 am.”

  "Beautiful!" by HunterSJones (see profile) 11/20/14

This little book is so touching. By using the enthusiasm of a young boy, combined with pictures, you will fall in love with this inspiring, unique book.

  "A great little children\\\'s story" by olgaolha (see profile) 11/20/14

This little book about a 5th grader. You will fall in love with Bobo.

  "" by operanut2008 (see profile) 11/20/14

  "Trip in Time" by Gale_ (see profile) 11/20/14

This book took me back to a time when my only worry was getting to school and having money for the candy store. Ahhh, those were the days…
And that episode of Fantasy Island is clearly embedded in my memory. Bobo, I was scared too. We need more books for children, books that we don't have to worry about. And "Hi, My Name is Bobo" is one of those books. Highly recommended.

  "" by AgencyRulesPK (see profile) 11/21/14

Lovely book! Lovely story!

  "Awesome!" by HULSEY (see profile) 11/21/14

The kids will love this!

  "You'll fall in Love" by Last_Drum (see profile) 11/21/14

This little book is about a 5th grader. You will fall in love with Bobo that's for sure :)

  "Remember When?" by PJFiala (see profile) 11/21/14

This story reminded me of what it is like to be young again.

  "Cute book" by jeantoine (see profile) 11/21/14

This was a cute, fun book. I can’t say, as some of the other reviewers said, that it took me back to my childhood, but it sure took me back. Being a girl, I can’t relate, but for the way things were, it was on target. The simplicity of life, the enjoyment in the little things, those were the days my friend. Take a trip down memory lane with James Gordon.

  "Hi, My Name is Bobo" by StevieT (see profile) 11/22/14

Great children's book!

  "A must-read. Endearing" by chrizzie (see profile) 11/22/14

An entertaining quick read that is skilfully written te get the reader seeing inside the mind of a fifth grader. Well worth reading.

  "My Name is Bobo!" by OCgirl (see profile) 12/21/14

"Hi, My Name is Bobo" is an adorable little story that charmed me. It's fun to go back and see the life of a fifth grader. Gosh how I remember those days with "Super Friends" on Saturdays and Bugs Bunny. I enjoyed the ride back in time. Funny the things you forget until you are reminded once again.

I love the relationship between the two brothers and the family. Especially enjoyed the old photos. Makes you feel you are a part of Bobo's life. I found this story to be touching and heartwarming. A quick, delightful, entertaining read.

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