Spilt Milk: A Collection of Stories
by D K Cassidy
Paperback- $8.95

Within these pages you will meet an array of characters. Choices are made that will change lives. Are they right or wrong? You decide. Each brief ...

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  "Excellent" by HunterSJones (see profile) 08/25/14

This short, concise read offers a variety of stories which will appeal to many readers. I loved it!

  "Excellent read!" by Ginnifer (see profile) 08/26/14

Flash fiction in its best! A marvelous collection of urban gothic stories, a fast read and a perfect book to pick up whenever you feel like taking a short break from the reality.

D.K. Cassidy has managed to squeeze quite impressing collection of thought provoking stories into this book. Each of them being different and taking the reader to a journey of someone else’s life. Very refreshing and powerful! If you think the short stories are kind of meh, think again! I can highly recommend these marvelous, unusual stories to anyone.

Excellent read!

  "Intriguing Short Stories" by kappescassidy (see profile) 11/20/14

Brief glimpses into the lives of flawed characters.

  "Edgy and Intriguing" by Gale_ (see profile) 11/20/14

Very imaginative, loved it.

  "" by EllieP (see profile) 11/20/14

  "A great read" by olgaolha (see profile) 11/20/14

A collection of short stories that are well written and compelling.

  "" by operanut2008 (see profile) 11/20/14

  "Great book!" by AgencyRulesPK (see profile) 11/21/14

Spilt Milk is a great story that will catch the reader's imagination.

  "Thoroughly enjoyed this!" by HULSEY (see profile) 11/21/14

Superb collection of memorable stories. highly enjoyable!

  "Inspiring read" by Last_Drum (see profile) 11/21/14

A collection of short stories that are well written and compelling. I thoroughly recommend them!

  "Wonderful!" by PJFiala (see profile) 11/21/14

Fantastic collection of short stories that will stay with you.

  "Spilt Milk: A collection of Stories" by StevieT (see profile) 11/21/14

Very enjoyable read.

  "Great creative writing. " by jeantoine (see profile) 11/21/14

Spilt Milk, collection of short stories by D. K. Cassidy is quite appropriately titled. I was not sure what to expect with a title like that. I thought it was a children’s book; but far from it. Although, all the characters in the stories have a certain child-like quality about them, whether real or imagined, the underlying theme in this collection of short stories is psychological dependency in some form or other. The author did a great job of keeping the reader turning the pages in this book of flawed characters—almost addictive in the compulsion to keep reading to find out, what’s next? Great creative writing.

  "Chilling Tales" by chrizzie (see profile) 11/22/14

This collection is not only beautifully written, it's addictive. One story flows into another with precision, ease, and enriching language. These stories are not just spooky, they are deeply haunting and also profound.

  "Spilt Milk: A Collection of Stories!!!" by OCgirl (see profile) 12/21/14

“Spilt Milk: A collection of short stories” by Author D. K. Cassidy is a rich collection of well thought out pieces that reach deep. I loved the sweet illustrations and the clever title. I was instantly pulled in. This is a well done creative book which stories pulled on my heartstrings. Biting, at times. I felt so many different emotions as I read each stoey. I was moved and touched by the authors voice.

These short stories pack a punch. There is depth to the writing and it would be difficult not to be moved. I would highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys writing that comes from the heart. I was moved, entertained and held captive until I turned to the last page. Split Milk is a uniquely wonderful read.

  "Spilled Milk" by Leonor (see profile) 09/28/16

A sad, but true story. It opened my eyes in many ways.

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