My Name Is Mary Sutter: A Novel
by Robin Oliveira
Hardcover- $14.00

An enthralling historical novel about a young woman's struggle to become a doctor during the Civil War

In this stunning first novel, Mary ...

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  "my name is mary sutter" by wistyc (see profile) 01/17/11

  "My Name is Mary Sutter: A Novel" by soniamilagros (see profile) 01/18/11

Great historical fiction.

  "Compelling Civil War Novel" by niferwolfe (see profile) 02/03/11

This is a beautifully written novel. The character development was just fantastic. It completely opened my eyes to the medical side of the civil war. This is a must read!

  "My Name is Mary Sutter" by traveler1 (see profile) 03/09/11

Very interesting story of the medical profession and how far it has come. The love story was touching too.

  "My Name is Mary Sutter" by ncvlib (see profile) 03/09/11

  "loved this book!" by adufrain (see profile) 03/28/11

My Name is Mary Sutter was a Fantastic Book!! It gripped me and had me hooked from the beginning! This book is filled with many triumphs and tribulations. Great read and was enjoyed by all at our book club meeting!

  "An up-close view of civil war medicine" by jwandrey (see profile) 04/15/11

this book was good for a first book, but a bit weak on plot. It certainly gives a graphic, up-close view of civil war era medical practices, and a clear view that we lacked a lot of knowledge. Overall our group liked this book more for what we learned about the civil war and about medical practices of the time than for the story. Mary herself is a compelling character, but does not seem to really grow or change much throughout the book. There were several other characters who could have used more development; these were also left unresolved at the end of the book.

  "Compelling historical fiction" by Nell (see profile) 05/29/11

Marvelous story, compulsively readable. The title character is a young midwife who aspires to become a surgeon. At the start of the Civil War, Mary travels to Washington DC against her families wishes to offer her services. The wartime story reveals the sacrifices made and the naivete lost for both Mary and our nation. Lively book group discussion.

  "My Name is Mary Sutter" by janehunthartman (see profile) 06/21/11

Interesting reading,makes you appreciate current medical standards. We have come a long way!

  "My Name is Mary Sutter" by zacharyasz (see profile) 06/21/11

With the 150th Anniversary of the start of the Civil War, this was an appropriate book to commemorate this historic event and discuss the changes in history that have taken place since this time period. Particularly in the area of health care. We have a couple nurses in our group, and they enjoyed reading about how patients were treated and with what. Fascinating.

  "My Name is Mary Sutter" by JodiJordan (see profile) 07/06/11

  "My Name is Mary Sutter" by ncvlib (see profile) 07/08/11

This book lends itself to many areas of discussion - women's rights, nurses, civil war, beginning of the Red Cross. The author did an excellent job weaving in historical facts without weighing the book down. A very good read.

  "My Name is Mary Sutter" by iluv2nit4u (see profile) 09/28/11

This book was interesting but also sad. Mary Sutter had to endure many trials and tribulations but I admired her for being strong and determined.

  "My Name is Mary Sutter" by Judith28 (see profile) 02/08/12

Great first book, very interesting insight into a dramatic period of American history. Good to see a woman's perspective for a change. Provoked a lot of discussion in our reading group.

  "My Name is Mary Sutter" by kdangle17 (see profile) 02/17/12

  "My Name is Mary Sutter" by bouquet (see profile) 07/11/13

A story of a headstrong girl who pursues her dream of becoming a surgeon and overcoming the prejudices against women in medicine in the time of Lincoln, at the price of almost losing her entire family. Several love stories are brilliantly woven into the story, and the historical detail is right on. A bit graphic in describing the primitive medical practices of the time. I highly recommend.

  "My Name Is Mary Sutter: A Novel by Robin Oliveira " by hernanka (see profile) 07/11/13

  "Engaging and interesting" by MEMiller (see profile) 07/20/13

Slightly boring when tactical war details were the topic, but overall a pleasing book to read.

  "My Name is Mary Sutter" by Annasnana (see profile) 02/04/14

This book was great! Mary Sutter is a brilliant young midwife who longs to become a surgeon. The outbreak of the Civil War gives her the opportunity to pursue her dreams, but at a very high cost to her, emotionally, physically, and mentally. This story is graphic in the descriptions of war, but is also a story of love between family members, and the two surgeons who fall in love with Mary. A must read book!

  "" by sdriscoll3 (see profile) 05/13/14

  " Civil War herione" by arizonamom (see profile) 05/20/14

Mary Sutter was a woman way before her time, her continuous battle to achieve her goal to become a surgeon in a man\'s world

  "my name is Mary Sutter" by sbrand (see profile) 01/07/15

Interesting history of the Civil War and the evolution of medical care.

  "" by jpsandoval (see profile) 02/26/15

  "" by sdelorenzo (see profile) 05/22/15

  "My Name is Mary Sutter" by Mbeek (see profile) 08/04/15

This book gave a graphic description of medical treatment during the civil war. It was well researched. It was also a book about women's rights. Mary was unable to get into medical school because she was a woman. She becomes a doctor at the end of the book.

  "My Name is Mary Sutter: A Novel" by valeriesmith2 (see profile) 03/05/16

An easy read. I liked the setting of the Civil War era with a woman as the main character.

  "" by jmlyons3 (see profile) 03/10/16

Interesting and graphic details about the Civil War around a fictitious character Mary Sutter who is a midwife with a desire to become a surgeon.

  "" by mel29 (see profile) 05/16/16

  "Informative but just ok" by awr115 (see profile) 05/25/16

Some in our bookclub liked it better than others overall rated it 3.6 out of 5. All agreed interesting time period but characters could have been better developed

  "" by tina55 (see profile) 09/26/16

  "Mixed Reaction" by mrphyann4 (see profile) 03/24/17

Our group had mixed opinions on the book. Most of us enjoyed it, but a couple of people thought the history was boring and overdone.

  "detail" by vvesper (see profile) 09/15/17

Lots of great historical detail.

  "" by Eviee2013 (see profile) 03/23/20

  "" by deborah (see profile) 03/24/22

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