The House of the Spirits
by Isabel Allende
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In one of the most important and beloved Latin American works of the twentieth century, Isabel Allende weaves a ...

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  "Passion; Betrayl; Romance & Intrigue" by elahenaz (see profile) 01/29/08

a novel through generations. A Must read. A

  "Interesting Read" by daguerra (see profile) 06/27/08

  "A very odd book with a cast of very odd characters." by LezlieSS (see profile) 09/09/08

Most members of our book club did not particularly enjoy the book. It is a translation of a novel that takes place somewhere in South America. The characters are very strange and not too likable. The writing style is confusing and told in long narrative with little dialogue.

  "Amazing story" by avanben (see profile) 03/31/09

This is one of the most remarkable books I have ever read and was adored by every member of my book club. Allende juxtaposes a fictional story of three generations of the discordant Trueba family with the tumultuous history of a Latin American country (obviously Chile, although never identified). This book is a testimony to the strength and power of women in a masculine, often brutal, culture; you will cry for and with the indomitable women who inhabit its pages.
I would have categorized this book as historical fiction, but according to experts far more knowledgeable than I, it is more accurately classified as 'magical realism'. The women residing in this book have clairvoyant and extrasensory powers that are woven so seamlessly into the pages you believe they are not only possible but completely normal.
An incredible achievement.... I'm off to buy more of her books...

  "The House of the Spirits" by seashell723 (see profile) 10/18/13

Possibly because it is a translation...the book is poorly written with page after page of without any paragraphs, and filled with run on sentences. Characters are more like caricatures, drawn in extremes with no attention to real human behavior. Overall book is page after page of anguish and human suffering; even the love relationships are difficult and distressing. I wanted to like this book, but could not. The only redeeming thing was that I was inspired to read about the coup in Chile in 1973, aided by the USA. Very intriguing chapter in history.
SHelley Portnoy (Happy Bookers)

  "A good read but..." by Alison8641 (see profile) 11/15/13

Our group agreed that we all liked the book but that it was a bit tough to get through. Kind of slow going. Lots to discuss, mysticism, women\\\'s roles, class struggles and nature of love.

  "House of Spirits" by czvonek (see profile) 05/02/15

Powerful novel spanning the lifetime of three generations of a family with much undercurrent of humor, analogy, and respect for humanity. A must read for clubs who like intellectual novels more than quick plots.

  "We all enjoyed this one." by teatime (see profile) 09/30/16

Wonderful story telling. What an adventure. We watched the movie and then talked more about the book.

  "" by merrybee (see profile) 03/20/18

  "" by jnp41125 (see profile) 01/16/19

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 01/02/21

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