Cheating to Survive (Fix It or Get Out) (Volume 1)
by Christine Ardigo
Paperback- $11.99

Can Cheating on Your Husband Bring Unimaginable Pleasure or Completely Destroy Your World? To her three daughters, Heather is a fun-loving, ...

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  "" by HunterSJones (see profile) 11/20/14

  "Insightful and Inspiring" by chrizzie (see profile) 11/20/14

It uplifts you on so many levels it\\\'s difficult to know where to start. I could relate to almost every single scenario in this book. Clearly when you think you are going through something alone there are many other women going through exactly the same difficulties and emotions.

  "Great Chick Lit" by kappescassidy (see profile) 11/20/14

A romance with a twist!

  "" by AgencyRulesPK (see profile) 11/21/14

  "" by HULSEY (see profile) 11/21/14

  "Thought provoking" by Last_Drum (see profile) 11/21/14

Another thought provoking book from Christine.
If a book can make emotions like this come to the fore for the reader, and relate to the scenarios, then there is no way it can be other than brilliantly told.

  "Well-written, full of personality!" by operanut2008 (see profile) 11/21/14

The reader can instantly tell that Ms Ardigo writes with flair and knows how to entertain at an extremely high level of consistency.

  "Brilliant" by PJFiala (see profile) 11/21/14

Christine Ardigo's first book is fabulous. I will be watching for all of her books. You will be lost in this book the second you hit page 1.

In Cheating to Survive, Christine masterfully intertwines the lives and loves of three co-workers/sometimes friends as they each struggle and try to master the trials of marriage. This story is true to life and while you may not agree with some of the actions with the characters, that is exactly what true life is all about.

  "Realistic Fiction" by Gale_ (see profile) 11/21/14

Wonderful story and characters.

  "Cheating to Survive" by StevieT (see profile) 11/22/14

Great read!

  "A tangled web" by jeantoine (see profile) 11/22/14

Great entertaining read. This book is different from your usual romance novel because the author created an environment for the characters that was believable and true to life. It read almost like a non-fiction. The handsome husband, three daughters, in other words, the idyllic life, but is it? Into this perfect scenario walks the flirtatious new doctor. Oh what a tangled web we weave!

  "Worth a read" by olgaolha (see profile) 11/23/14

This one of the books that take romance to another level with a carefully woven plot and interesting characters.

  "A new take on relationships" by Tempus (see profile) 01/08/15

Cheating to Survive by Christine Ardigo puts a new spin on an old problem: relationships. In this fun, amusing book, the impact of cheating on a husband becomes an insightful tale. Heather\\\'s handsome lawyer husband ought to be enough, but.... but enter a flirtatious new doctor on the hospital staff, and this story takes a turn for the dramatic. You\\\'ll wonder, yourself, what Heather should do....

  "CHEATING TO SURVIVE" by SusanMTarr (see profile) 01/15/15

Wonderful debut novel! I can totally relate to these women and their dreams. I loved it!

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