September Ends
by Hunter S. Jones, An Anonymous English Poet
Paperback- $10.99

Sometimes when you believe it’s the end, it’s only the beginning. SEPTEMBER ENDS is a contemporary romance with erotic and supernatural elements ...

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  "An incredible work of art! " by JamesChalk (see profile) 08/25/14

The author does an amazing job weaving disparate genres and styles into a cohesive and beautiful story of love and passion. The erotic elements are exceptionally well done as are the lovely poems. You form a strong connection with the protagonist, Liz, and are totally carried away by her story. I can not even begin to say how impressed I am by the author’s skill and sensitivity. I highly recommend this book and intend to read all of her other works!

  "Beautiful Love Story" by Amalie (see profile) 08/25/14

I\\\\\\\'m not typically a fan of erotic fiction and to say September Ends falls into that category is not untrue, however, this book is far more than that. It\\\\\\\'s a coming of age story about a woman who learns about the truths of love and love lost. Masterfully written, Ms Jones takes the reader on a journey of discovery through Liz\\\\\\\'s own words, allowing you to fully connect to her character and all the emotions associated with the complexities of the heart. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a deeply moving love story.

  "A wonderful read" by janapetken (see profile) 08/25/14

This book had a huge effect on me emotionally and I felt exhausted when I\\\'d finished reading - emotionally exhausted. Liz, our girl goes through hell after a car accident, which leaves her scarred, battered, and suffering loss and pain.

She wakes up to life with the help of a well known English poet and her on-line friendship with a like minded man. These two combined bring her great joy but the author, Hunter s Jones, begins twists and turns, leaving a roller coaster of emotions and surprises, in her wake.

The brilliant, poignant writing, combined with the erotic on and off line relationship kept me glued. This book had everything. Great writing, wonderful, sublime poetry, at times, and a story that made me tear up on more than one occasion.

A great book, a great story and well deserving of 5 stars or more

  "Amazing!!!" by PJFiala (see profile) 08/25/14

"She goes out into the garden...There's a full moon. And another vision. She sinks to her knees on the lawn. Jack's words fill the sky, verse after verse. Only to crumble line by line until they are nothing more than a jumble of letters which then go their separate ways, back into the universe from whence they came."

Love the phrasing used in this paragraph.

September Ends is as well choreographed as it is well written. The characters of Liz, Pete and Jack are so real, you will feel that you know them, or that you have had a similar experience of love and loss. You will want to add this to your TBR list.

  "What Can I Say?" by HunterSJones (see profile) 08/26/14

Not much because I wrote this. Enjoy!

  "An excellent book!" by othendonald (see profile) 08/26/14

I am very impressed with the poetry! Romance fans definitely need to check this out!

  "A Must Read!" by Ginnifer (see profile) 08/26/14

I am still stunned by the beauty of this book! September Ends is so full of strong emotions that it took me completely by surprise. When I started to read it, I didn’t expect to be so swept away, so emotionally vulnerable. Sure, I read some reviews about it but skeptical as I am, I had to experience this story before believing what others said. It gave me everything.

This is the kind of love story you probably have not read before. Yet, it is also a story about life, loss and finding yourself. A must read for sure!

  "September Ends by Hunter S Jones" by StevieT (see profile) 08/26/14

A wonderful love story and thoroughly recommended for fans of romance and tasteful erotica. I also enjoyed the poetry!

  "Gorgeous!" by kappescassidy (see profile) 08/26/14

Gorgeous and romantic. A brilliant book with exceptional writing!

  "Great read!" by HULSEY (see profile) 08/28/14

I wasn\'t prepared for this book. September Ends is a contemporary epistolary novel. You\'ll find emails, chat rooms, Wiki, Skype diary entries, poetry yet it is easy to read. The structure of the novel is very well done. The characters are so believable, I wondered if Jack O Savage actually existed.

Love wrong, love right. Liz Snow isn\'t the typical southern belle. She lives in a contemporary world-keeping all the nuances of the south we have all read about, but she introduces us to a new belle for the new millennium.
Contemporary romance with peeks into an erotic escapade, a guardian Cherokee spirit, humor and tragedy all add up to a book you will want to read.

  "Unique & Engaging" by chrizzie (see profile) 11/20/14

The author really brings the audience deep within the characters minds and hearts. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a deeply moving love story.

  "Provactive" by DebHunter (see profile) 01/23/15

This book is imaginative. I love the way it blends social media with traditional books. The \'Wikipedia page\' still makes me laugh! This is a new take on a Victorian novel. Only a southern writer would bend and break so many rules so very well.

  "" by angelachiasson (see profile) 02/20/15

  "" by Deb1010 (see profile) 10/17/20

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