Liberty or Death (The Soldier Chronicles Book 1)
by David Cook
Kindle Edition-

It is May, 1798, and Ireland is a country at war.
One hundred thousand peasants have risen up against the Crown to the tales of men, ...

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  "" by Last_Drum (see profile) 09/19/14

  "" by HunterSJones (see profile) 11/11/14

  "" by StevieT (see profile) 11/11/14

  "Interesting!" by kappescassidy (see profile) 11/11/14

Great historical read.

  "Well-written" by Gale_ (see profile) 11/11/14

Action packed historical fiction.

  "Historical Drama at it's best." by PJFiala (see profile) 11/21/14

Liberty or Death is a wonderful, short historical novella. It’s about Ireland's Great Rebellion and Major Lorn Mullone whose mission of discovery takes him through thick and thin. Multi-faceted character and brilliant descriptions made this a very interesting read.

  "Great Book!" by AgencyRulesPK (see profile) 11/22/14

I really enjoy David's writing. The pace of his stories really put my in the heat of the action.

  "Powerful new voice" by jeantoine (see profile) 11/22/14

In Liberty or Death, David Cook recreates 1798 Ireland, with the hero, Lorn’s mission to bring Colonel Black, a sadistic monster, to justice. Fast paced and bloody, this is an adventure that is not for the faint hearted. David has a wonderful style and “Liberty or Death” left this reader wanting much more of his writing. Brilliantly characterized, the opinions of both sides in the hostilities were depicted, as the conflicted loyalties these men face fighting against their very heritage. Cook is a powerful new voice in historical genre.

  "Great read!" by HULSEY (see profile) 11/22/14

Well crafted with some wonderful characters. I enjoyed this.

  "An eye-opener - great historical short novel" by chrizzie (see profile) 11/22/14

I loved the story, the writing style, which captured so well the period set around the end of the 18th century, and the sharp dialogue.

  "A brilliantly told novella" by olgaolha (see profile) 11/23/14

A brilliantly told novella. Gritty and raw David holds nothing back in his descriptions of the battles in 1798 between the English and Irish rebels. Very few writers can do a battle scenes well and David is one that can. His research of the time period gives an authenticity to his story. His characters are well drawn with conflicting thoughts and loyalties of soldiers of Irish blood who are fighting for the English. The story draws the reader on at a breathless pace until the end.

I don't usually read historical stories or stories about battles but I was glad I decided to give this story a go.

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