Eight Hundred Grapes: A Novel
by Laura Dave
Hardcover- $5.98

Named “Best Book of the Summer” by Glamour * Marie Claire * US Weekly * Good Housekeeping * Cosmopolitan * Elle Magazine * Wine ...

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  "" by dibs143 (see profile) 06/25/15

  "Eight Hundred Grapes" by Silversolara (see profile) 06/29/15

Did you know it takes eight hundred grapes to make one bottle of wine?

That ?apparently is the best-kept secret of wine makers just like there were a lot of secrets the Ford family and other characters were not revealing.

EIGHT HUNDRED GRAPES was an easy, enjoyable read. I liked the information about vineyards because we have a grape arbor, but nothing that would turn our grapes into wine. ?:)?

Georgia the main character was a bit wishy washy for an attorney, but you couldn't blame her when she found out the secret her fiance was keeping from her.

Her brothers were ?unusual, and I didn't like them. Georgia's parents and what was going on with her mother was quite strange.

As the book continued, EIGHT HUNDRED GRAPES moved from one family drama to another, but the book did keep my interest. I actually was more interested in seeing what was going to happen to the winery than ?what was going to happen to all the relationship upheavals.

EIGHT HUNDRED GRAPES will appeal to women's fiction fans. The writing was breezy and fun, but the plot was a bit predictable.

I would recommend EIGHT HUNDRED GRAPES for a quick, summer beach read. ?4/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation in return for an honest review.?

  "" by allboysbutme1 (see profile) 07/22/15

  "" by susan01876 (see profile) 07/23/15

  "Eight hundred grapes" by JATaylor (see profile) 08/21/15

This book was a fun return trip to Napa/Sonoma. It was very predictable. Quick read.

  "Eight Hundred Grapes" by Neyly (see profile) 10/19/15

Fun and informative (wine making) at the same time

  "" by krchupp (see profile) 10/27/15

  "" by mbheil (see profile) 12/15/15

  "Eight Hundred Grapes" by bkmnmpl (see profile) 05/24/16

While reading this title, I enjoyed learning more about small, natural science based vineyards. Laura Dave's lyrical writing brings the reader into the sensory setting of the family vineyard. This lush background becomes the setting for a story of siblings, parents, and lovers and the complicated relationships we share with them. Although there were some predictable elements, overall this was a good novel.

  "Light, Quick Read" by phesselbart (see profile) 04/11/17

The group liked the book, but found some characters and situations a little frustrating. Not an entirely likable heroine for some in our group. It was a good read for us between two "heavier" selections.

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 06/17/17

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 06/22/18

  "Eight Hundred Grapes" by tlathan (see profile) 11/21/18

Nice book - Makes you think about what really is important in life.

  "Quick Read" by lpollinger (see profile) 01/24/21

Georgia grew up on a vineyard in Sonoma County. As an adult she moved away, became a lawyer and got engaged to a handsome and successful man. She the finds out he has kept an explosive secret from her. She runs home only to find her brothers are feuding, her parent are separating and selling the vineyard.
Through several trials and tribulations, everything works out as you would expect.
Nice story, quick read.

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