Remarkable Creatures: A Novel
by Tracy Chevalier
Paperback- $9.63

A voyage of discovery, two remarkable women, and an extraordinary time and place enrich this New York Times bestselling novel by Tracy ...

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  "Fossil Hunter" by lollygil (see profile) 12/28/10

The story of how two spinster women find fossils that change the science world's outlook on creation, and the hardships and rewards that come with it.

  "Remarkable Creatures" by RideRead (see profile) 03/17/11

  "Review by Joanne" by jslater (see profile) 03/17/11

  "Remarkable Creatures" by llcravens (see profile) 03/17/11

Enjoyable but anticlimatic

  "Remarkable Creatures" by RachelP (see profile) 04/14/11

Well-written fiction with a non-fiction feel.

  "Interesting historical fiction" by meredithds (see profile) 04/19/11

I enjoyed learning about two women who defied what society expected of them to pursue their interest in fossils. Their discoveries shook up the world of science and religion in ways that still reverberate today.

  "I learned so much and became enamored of the (real) people!" by KeaKiya (see profile) 04/19/11

  "Remarkable Creatures" by [email protected] (see profile) 05/18/11

Our book club liked this book although many of the readers hadn't completely finished the book by the time we met. Those who hadn't finished it said that they were interested enough to continue to read and finish it. One thing that all of us found most interesting was the fact that this was based on a true story and yet that was not made very evident until you finished the book and read the wrap up. These were two real women who really were friends and lived in the same town in England. They are credited with many significant finds of fossils and if you go to London you will find their names credited with some of the fossils that are still on display in a museum today. From the cover of the book you would think that this is just a nice little novel about friendship and the title gives you no clear indication. We were also fascinated by the science/religion aspect that was dealt with in the novel. Even though we have 2 geologists in our book club neither of them had ever explored the history of the science/religion battle that apparently took place. It was quite interesting.

  "Kept waiting for something to happen...." by SusanMZ (see profile) 05/21/11

  "Informative, but slow" by riegerd (see profile) 01/10/13

I feel bad giving this book only 2 stars. This is the first book I have read by this author and although the writing is great, I probably wouldn\\\'t read another of her books. The beginning really grabbed me and I was immediately interested, but the book slowed down toward the middle and there was no climax. I kept waiting for a big moment and felt it never came. I realize now the book was based on real people and fossil history, so I understand it but still felt a little let down.

  "Remarkably Written, Remarkable Creatures" by KristiK (see profile) 02/20/13

This is a book that I would normally never pick up to read myself, but our Book Club, the Book Chatters, decided to read it. Within the first 5 pages I was hooked into a subject that I frankly could care a less about, fossils...not so much my interest. However, this book is so well written that I was drawn into the storyline and felt as though I were right alongside the women as they searched for fossils on the beach. The women played such an important role in science and history yet weren\\\'t even allowed into meetings discussing what was uncovered. \\\"We\\\'ve come a long way baby\\\", is a quote from one of our Book Chatters members. I found this book to be inspiring as a woman to see just how far we have come. Although this is a fiction work, there are some people in the book with realistic roots. Strong women, weak women, men who are cads, a love story, a spinster, a death, a marriage, hard times and good times can all be found in this book. As a whole, we all enjoyed the book and would recommend this book to friends as well as other book clubs. I look forward to reading other books by Chevalier as her writing is intriguing and flows well. Anyone with the gift to take an uninteresting topic (to me personally) and make it fascinating is an incredible writer in my opinion.

  "Remarkable creature" by bboulo (see profile) 05/17/14

If you like history and fossils this is book for you. Was fascinating in way this was based on real events. Author did very well on describing that time in history. Just a little slow for me but that is personal opinion

  "Remarkable Creatures" by Kitri (see profile) 05/17/14

  "Remarkable Creatures" by skdebonisataol2014 (see profile) 08/20/14

Both the artifacts and the book's characters were remarkable.

  "" by Dawson2014 (see profile) 03/11/15

This was a great book for motivating discussion in our book club. Discussion points included some of the following: class issues, gender and the limitations society placed on women, friendship / connection, and religion and it's response to the discovery of dinosaur fossils.

  "" by phoebe.terry (see profile) 02/02/16

  "Remarkable Creatures" by Mconnolly9 (see profile) 02/21/16

Remarkable Creatures is the first novel by Tracey Chevalier that I read . I was immediately capitaved by her style and the way she captured the location and time frame in which the story takes place....along with the added intrigue that the main character was a victim of a lightening strike which was suggested, gave her unusual powers. I loved the way the main character described others' personalities by "how they lead." Some lead with their nose, or their eyes. Others may lead with their voice or their posture. I loved this book!

  "Remarkable Creatures" by [email protected] (see profile) 06/08/16

I wish I'd known this was historical fiction prior to reading the book, but I did not. I didn't discover that until the very end of the book - had I known prior to reading the book, I believe I would have enjoyed the book more. The pace is quite slow, but it's an interesting book about how Jurassic period fossils were found on a beach in England in the 1800s. If you enjoy Regency fiction, you will probably enjoy this title, even though it is heavier on events than on relationships.

  "Remarkable Creatures" by WCCREADERS (see profile) 06/15/16

Interesting. Women in science, women's opportunities in life, and social class at the time are all part of this story. Starts to drag at the end, but still an enjoyable book.

  "Remarkable Creatures" by bkmnmpl (see profile) 07/05/16

Tracy Chevalier does not disappoint with this one. Once again she is able to take characters that would appear to be secondary, almost dispensable characters, and turn them into sparkling characters that speak volumes with only a few words and thoughts. Both Elizabeth Philpot and Mary Anning jump off the pages through their words, relationships, and actions. I feel that I not only read a very satisfying tale about the power of the bonds between women, but also the early studies and discoveries in the field of paleontology. I highly recommend this title.

  "Remarkable Creatures" by cpapuga (see profile) 11/18/16

This was an enjoyable book with a good, interesting story based on actual historical facts. Our group had fun discussing it. We actually liked many of the characters too!

  "" by kate_dipronio (see profile) 03/08/18

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 06/14/18

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 10/02/18

  "" by KSherwood (see profile) 03/12/19

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