The Time Keeper
by Mitch Albom
Paperback- $8.24

From the author who's inspired millions worldwide with books like Tuesdays with Morrie and The Five People You Meet in Heaven comes his ...

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  "The Time Keeper" by smorris22 (see profile) 10/16/12

Good, but not near as good as Tuesday's with Morrie.

  "The Time Keeper" by ceibel (see profile) 10/17/12

I am not recommending this for book clubs because I don't think it will allow for a great discussion. It is more of a personal read and reflection book and how each person feels about time. I liked the book but it is my least favorite from Mitch Albom. Easy read but just didn't make me jump up and down.

  "A Must Read" by Katha (see profile) 10/19/12

I am a sucker for a book that makes me cry and "The Time Keeper" did just that. Mitch Albom is a genius at saying a lot with very few words. This is a curl up on the couch and read a story in its entirety in an afternoon kind of book. Captivating, fast paced and thought provoking. Read it. You will not be disappointed.

  "The Time Keeper Wasn't Timeless" by nbaker (see profile) 12/18/12

I enjoyed the book and it was a very fast read. I don't think it makes for a great discussion book as it is more of a personal perception of how we often live our lives around a time schedule rather than living through our heart. The book invoked thought and reflection but I was expecting much more from this story.

  "The Time Keeper" by best2084 (see profile) 01/12/13

Words that our book club chose to rate this were actually as follows: Weird, Depressing, Enchanting, Finite, Strange, Enlightening, Thought-Provoking, Sensitive and Mystical.

We each rate our choices and use the 1 word description before any discussion. As you see, there was a different range of words from positive to negative. Overall our club rated the book a 3.38 on a 5 point scale.

Discussions led most toward the \\\"what if\\\" type. \\\"What if you knew when you were going to die?\\\", \\\"What if you could control time?\\\" and things of that nature.

One common discussion point was the dislike for Sarah and how disapointed we were on her character. Unfortunately we did realize though, that young people do think this way, but looking back and from an outsider\\\'s perspective we would definitely want to \\\"Tell her the truth about life\\\".

None of us would want to \\\"live forever\\\" as noted by the other character (for some reason i can\\\'t remember the that tells how memorable the book really is right?!) and we posed the question \\\"What if he would have been frozen, a cure was found, and then he was \\\'thawed\\\' and cured of that disease but then died a short time after because 1. he was already old and 2. who\\\'s to say there wouldn\\\'t be \\\'new\\\' diseases in the future his body wasn\\\'t equipped to handle.\\\"

All in all it was a good choice for our book club and we do reccommend because even though there were low points that we disliked, the number of highlighted \\\"one-liners\\\" and the ability the book had at making each of us think of our own lives in the perspective Dor had out weighed.

  "The Time Keeper" by tdchall (see profile) 03/26/13

This book is thought-provoking. It makes you stop to think about the way we think about, dwell on, agonize over time. Wasn't a book I couldn't put down, or couldn't wait to finish, but it was an interesting read.

  "Time" by tpurcell (see profile) 04/18/13

This book is about how people think about time. The main characters are Dor, Sarah and Victor. I was able to read it in two airplace rides. I would recommend this book!

  "The Timekeeper" by nmatt0218 (see profile) 06/03/13

A lovely story reinforcing that time is precious because it is limited.

  "The Time Keeper" by bj49h50 (see profile) 06/03/13

Started out slow but ended up with a moral.

  "The Timekeeper " by Librarykitty (see profile) 07/02/13

Entrancing and inspiring...this novel sucked me right into the story and held me there until the end. Loved the set up and the author\'s ability to weave together the lives of characters who are all so different; and yet have similarities that allow them to learn from each other.

  "The Timekeeper" by mrblock (see profile) 10/21/14

Time, it either goes to fast or to slow BUT we always want more of it. How did time begin and how did it affect mankind is the theme of this book. When done with this book you will wonder what you are doing with your time and is it being used in the best way for yourself and you will learn to appreciate your precious time. Even though this is a short, easy to read book, it has some beautiful, thoughtful quotes to think and talk about.

  "The Time Keeper" by wendywedde (see profile) 02/27/15

This was an interesting book which really gave me a new perspective on Time.... & what would the world be like if we actually did not have clocks (or other time pieces) and just used the natural rythmns of the Earth to guide us through everything during our days and nights??

  "" by nmsanders34488 (see profile) 01/27/16

  "The time keeper" by mreylek (see profile) 12/09/16

I read the first three lines and I was hooked!

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 06/13/18

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 08/13/19

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