Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Mission to Fight Terrorism and Build Nations . . . One School at a Time
by Greg Mortenson, David Oliver Relin
Hardcover- $16.65

The inspiring account of one man's campaign to build schools in the most dangerous, remote, and anti- American reaches of Asia

In 1993 ...

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  "Inspiring and educational" by tgraymd (see profile) 01/22/07

Brush up on your geography and history of the region. This is an inspiring book that makes you think about your own life's mission.

  "A truly inspiring, must read for anyone concerned about the safety and future of our world." by Christines (see profile) 07/01/07

Some may say this true story is too idealistic. I say, it is truly inspiring. How often have we asked ourselves what one individual can do to make our world a more peaceful and productive planet, to fight terrorism at its root, and to educate the next generation. Greg Mortenson has done just that. This book is a page turner you won't be able to put down. I highly recommend it to all readers who care about humanity and the cost of poor political decisions world wide.

  "Provocative and divisive" by Andie333 (see profile) 07/27/07

Perhaps the most divisive book our group has read this year. While no one could argue the merits of what Mortenson accomplished, several in our group felt the style of this book was biased and self-serving, lacking in any objectivity. For us, this lead to a rousing debate about the state of "nonfiction" in today's writing. This book had more split (and strong) opinions than any we've read in two years.

  "Amazing story, amazing person." by Eileen (see profile) 08/29/07

  "Awesome book about a man's personal quest to help impoverished and opressesd children in Pakistan and Afganistan" by ellentambo (see profile) 11/02/07

Well written account of Greg Mortenson's life. Inspiring, and thought provoking. Excellent fodder for discussion at book club!! We have read Hosseni's books for our book club, and I think this book gives even more insight into that part of the world.

  "This book is amazing in every sense!" by wonder7 (see profile) 11/14/07

The book is beautifully and compellingly written by David Oliver Relin; after reading a few random pages to my boyfriend he was very impressed and wanted to borrow my book to read it himself. The story told is inspiring; full of sacrifice for good, challenges overcome, and hope and peace overcoming fear and violence. The accomplishments of Greg Mortenson and the Central Asia Institute in educating children, empowering girls and women, and providing relief to the sick and refugees are mind-boggling. This book is based on real events and real people, and yet was a page turner. On top of all that, the present day relevance and urgency of the story told in the book make this book even more compelling. I am planning on giving it as a Christmas gift and would recommend this book to anyone.

  "Very Inspirational and a true testment that one person can change the world" by mallabn (see profile) 01/21/08

In light of the Iraq war this book proves Americans are not hated and it also proves as Americans we should be doing more for the the people of Iraq. We as a society have so much and it is amazing that so many have so little. Thank God for people like Greg Mortenson who are trying to change the world one child at a time!

  "Excellent choice" by mjweb2000 (see profile) 02/27/08

I truly enjoy this book for both its subject and the style in which it was written.
I know that David Relin told the story, but the contribution of Greg Mortenson is awesome. He deserves international acknowledgement.
I have shared the book with many friends, and even sent a donation to his not-for-profit so that he can continue his work.

  "Easily the best book I read in 2007. Inspiring!" by dkolnes (see profile) 03/06/08

  "Mountaineer repays village kindness by helping construct schools in remote regions of Pakistan." by docsusie973 (see profile) 06/06/08

David Relin's account of mountain climber Greg Mortenson's experiences building schools in the high mountain villages of Pakistan and surrounding areas has drama,inspiring acts of selflessness, and the ability to teach the rest of us the power of connection, respect for diverse cultures, and happiness defined in much less materialistic terms than usual.

  "Inspiring true story of one man's quest to educate the children of remote Pakistan" by tompatrice (see profile) 06/16/08

While Greg Mortenson's story is facsinating and inspiring, David Oliver Relin's writing leaves a lot to be desired. And a few maps would have been so helpful to help the reader understand where Mortenson's travels took him. Mortenson is undoubtedly a living saint, and his story is remarkable, but it's too bad it's told in such an amateur writing style.

  "Great book, shows the power of personal choice and sacrafice" by kerijj (see profile) 10/11/08

  "Inspiring, what one person can accomplish" by suzmcp (see profile) 01/10/09

  "A great story, it will make you want to act." by eatlizzardsdaily (see profile) 01/13/09

This story made me feel like I needed to go to Afghanistan and help. This book was great, up until about the last 20 pages and then there were so many cities, that it got confusing. Other than that, I loved it.

  "This book will change how you think about the world" by hokiegirl (see profile) 01/21/09

Three Cups of Tea will leave you feeling small and hopeful and wonderful and tearful. Greg Mortenson shows us all that we can change the world if we are determined enough and are willing to work hard enough. This book opens your eyes to a part of the world we here so much about that is negative and invites you to see the real people there full of hope and anxious to change and better their lives. A great read!

  "Wonderful, edifying account of a great man's mission" by jmsblest (see profile) 02/27/09

  "we averaged 3 1/2 stars" by maxco2 (see profile) 03/02/09

Our book club chapter six thought there was too much reading but the end result was great discussion.

  "Nothing less than inspiring" by lizzy67 (see profile) 04/01/09

I loved this book and feel everyone in the world should read about and know Greg Mortenson!

  "Great Book" by swooten99 (see profile) 04/01/09

I feel this book should be read by everyone. Gives you prospective into that region. Mr. Mortenson continues to do great this in this area.

  "Great story but question book club reading" by BillieGail (see profile) 05/04/09

Our college club read the book last month (April 2009) - it was an endearing story and I applaud Greg for his sacrifices. His description of the land, mountains and people allowed you to feel like a part of his odyssey. Inasmuch as our club could be the exception (educated/over 45 women) it drug on with the Talaban and politics. It was all I could do to finish the final 30 pages. I realize in order to comprehend his mission you need to understand the government - but it was too much for us at the end. This would be a great read for a political science/government group. A little over our head.

  "You should read this book!" by kellymc (see profile) 06/21/09

  "Three Cups of Tea" by langfords (see profile) 06/25/09

  "3 Cups of Tea" by NewMexicoTam (see profile) 07/09/09

My neighbor lent me this book earlier this year and I loved reading about Greg's passion and accomplishments.

  "Interesting book" by SGA (see profile) 07/13/09

  "A way to peacefully fight terrorism" by shelbymomof2 (see profile) 07/22/09

I had a hard time getting interested in the story at first. but keep with it. Reading this book gave me a way to fight terrorism peacefully - by donating funds to help build schools in Pakistan.

  "Three Cups of Tea" by shawntel (see profile) 08/27/09

This book was not something I thought I'd like and I thought It would take me forever to get through it. Wow, was I wrong. I could hardly put it down at night. I fell in love with the people in the villages the author was describing.

  "Three Cups of Tea" by kbull (see profile) 08/30/09

I found this book very hard to get into. It was written as if it were a newspaper article.

  "Inspiring story but could have condensed the book down quite a bit" by LauraAdams (see profile) 09/08/09

Good story but was very slow in parts. Could have reduced a lot of the monotonous details and had a much more interesting book.

  "Three Cups of Tea" by ColleenMcD (see profile) 09/22/09


  "Three Cups of Tea" by bets4x2 (see profile) 10/01/09

Enlightening to the fact that what we hear via the media is not the day to day lives of the people living and breathing in Pakistan and Afganistan. I would venture to guess that the same would be true in the reverse..."if" they have news of American's it is not a true glimpse of the "average american" Guess it goes both ways....Greg Mortenson's way is our only way to peace in this world....agree or least read the book....and then pass it on

  "Apropos of our times" by lizbevilacqua (see profile) 11/04/09

  "Three Cups of Tea" by bajacita (see profile) 11/10/09

I found the book informative and inspiring.

  "Three Cups of Tea" by JulieInCabo (see profile) 11/10/09

  "Motivational" by joyfulpie (see profile) 12/15/09

This book had me tearing up in spite of the sophomoric writing. You would have to be heartless to not appreciate the efforts of Greg Mortenson. And believe me, the co-author LOVES Greg Mortenson.

My eyes were opened to the culture of Pakistan and Afghanistan though it was the humble people of the region to which my heart was opened.

  "Three Cups of Tea" by shaunajeannette (see profile) 12/30/09

This book is very insightful, however although you are inspired by the main character, you also feel disappointed by the way he ignores his wife.

  "Three Cups of Tea" by jankay9 (see profile) 01/15/10

This inspiring true story is an amazing story! It is absolute proof that one person CAN make a HUGE difference, and can encourage others to join the fight. This is an especially timely read as it is about the people of Afghanistan, and the building of schools against unbelievable odds. This boiok is required reading for US military leaders in Afghanistan. And Greg Mortenson has been a consultant for the US military and is encouraging the leaders to listen to the community elders of Afghanistan. I hope and pray the military will listen to him as much bloodshed could be avoided. The sequel to this book just came out: "Stones into Schools."

  "awful book" by nancy52657 (see profile) 01/15/10

the author seems more interested in people knowing how much he suffered than in actually helping people.

  "Three Cups of Tea" by doneilbat (see profile) 01/16/10

An enthralling tale of one man's journey to change the world. Greg Mortenson does not insinuate himself into Afganistani life, but rather charms the Afgan people to aid in the building of schools to educate their female children....what a radical idea !

  "Great Cause, Boring Book" by Chris@JAX (see profile) 01/18/10

One of the few books that I never finished. The first chapter was interesting. Downhill from there. The names of the towns and people were confusing. The writing style was awful.

  "Three Cups of Tea" by gerriwbw (see profile) 01/18/10

The story was so inspiring. Greg Mortenson and his wife gave up a great deal of their time together so he could do such good work in Pakistan. It seems like he was working against the government odds all of the time. It raised my views on mountain climbers and their tenacity to do good works.

  "just ok" by AshleyAsher (see profile) 02/18/10

this book was difficult to read because of all the foreign words. also, it was very long and reads like more of a factual informative book than the inspiring story it could be like.

  "It really gives you a different perspective and gets you wanting to DO something.." by tav79 (see profile) 03/11/10

it's VERY informative.. it really gives you a different perspective on how they view this war we are in.. and what REALLY needs to be done in Central Asia / middle east..

it gets a bit difficult to understand and remember the locations..

it is amazing what he does to get his schools built.. it is a very inspiring book and really makes YOU want to get out there and make a real positive difference in this world..

  "What a difference one man can make." by Deegal (see profile) 04/03/10

Gave me great insight into the complex nature of the problems of these people and their country.

  "Three Cups of Tea" by Schmales237 (see profile) 04/09/10

Absolutely incredible, and that doesn't even give a good enough description, there are no words. This is a book that makes you think twice about yourself and your goals and really want to make an impact on someone less fortunate's life and future.

  "Required reading" by AZannie (see profile) 04/15/10

This book is now required reading for all military personel going into special forces. That is a lofty recommendation.

  "Three Cups of Tea" by jemmp (see profile) 04/16/10

I had great expectations based on all the reviews I read. Though the book gave me insight to an area I didn't have much detail on, I felt it moved very slowly and at times was difficult to focus on.

  "" by Khains (see profile) 05/18/10

-an inspiring story of what one person can accomplish. This is a man who never loses focus on his goal to build schools for children in Afghanistan.
-probably will prompt good discussion

- the writing is not great
- it feels a little like a very long promotional brochure at times (I believe it actually WAS used as part of a fundraising effort.) Because of that, perhaps, I don't feel you get a very balanced view of the main character.
- it runs on much too long. A lot of superfluous information.
ETA - turns out later there was a big scandal about this book and the author, that much was exaggerated or embellished, and that charity funds were misused.

  "Very slow." by cartc11 (see profile) 06/21/10

I could have tried to take more time to get caught up into it, just couldn't do it.

  "Three Cups of Tea" by haas.mccann (see profile) 08/19/10

  "Three Cups of Tea: Great Charity Work, Not so Great Book" by LibrarianLady (see profile) 08/28/10

Greg Mortenson deserves accolades for the important work that he has done to improve education in other countries; so much cannot be said for Three Cups of Tea. The book Mortenson wrote about his experiences is written in the third person, which makes it difficult to follow, and distances the reader unnecessarily.

  "Inspiring works, less than inspired writing" by mstuhan (see profile) 09/15/10

Title says it all.

  "Three Cups of Tea" by atoznk (see profile) 09/23/10

This was an OK book. it was split with half of our club liking it and the other half not liking it. It's interesting to learn about how things work in another country and how one person can make a difference. It times though it seemed to drag on a bit.

  "Enjoyable Read." by homestylingal (see profile) 10/04/10

This book reminds us that we can all make a difference in the lives of others. Would be a great book to share with children.

  "Impactful" by klacorte (see profile) 10/15/10

This book made a huge impact on me. It opened my eyes to look at people from that area of the world differently and with more compassion and respect. It has caused me to evaluate information I receive regarding the Muslim faith with different eyes - more balanced. It inspired me!

  "Inspiring story but very slow moving!" by MarissaG (see profile) 10/29/10

It was a great book to discuss, but the general consensus was that it's a chore to read. The book focused more on the tiny details of climbing and working overseas but failed to adequately describe the relationships he built. Mortenson's work was inspiring, but it read like a textbook.

  "Three Cups of Tea" by silverberg82 (see profile) 11/10/10

a wonderful read.

  "Three Cups of Tea" by rcanchola (see profile) 11/29/10

OverallI'd say this was a good bookclub book sine about half of the members liked it and the other half thought it was ok. Warning:the beginning is really slow.You have to muster your strength to get through it!

  "Absolutely beautiful; life-changing; inspiring" by abrogan (see profile) 12/04/10

Every American must read this book. Period.

  "3 Cups of Tea" by imatbobs (see profile) 12/09/10

A true story of a man making a difference.

  "Gripping" by carriebino (see profile) 12/29/10

I loved this book. It has wraps around the subject and tells the story in a gripping way. My only complaint is that it ends too soon.

  "OK" by georgeannschmidt (see profile) 01/12/11

  "Three Cups of Tea" by oceanbine (see profile) 01/18/11

Very good, flow well, informative. Gives information we don't receive from the news media or the government.

  "Three Cups of Tea" by margareaders (see profile) 02/25/11

We all felt he should have focused more on his own children that he left at home for months at a time.

  "Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Mission to Fight Terrorism and Build Nations . . . One School at a Time" by lowerhay (see profile) 03/22/11

Inspiring story of one man's efforts to better the world - one school building at a time. What truly thrills me about this book is that I remember the author from our youth at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Roseville, MN. He was wonderful then, but he can add to his resume that he was/is a Nobel Peace prize candidate. ZOUNDS!!

  "Tapers off to a disappointing finale" by brightpoweruk (see profile) 04/11/13

This is a record of the adventures of the visionary, Greg Mortenson. As an experienced mountaineer and team medic he has an abundance of stubbornness amongst his transferable skills and he continues to achieve what seems the impossible by instigating the building of schools in the remotest mountain communities.
Most of our group agreed that ‘Three Cups of Tea’ was difficult to put down at first. It is obvious from early on that he has built on his reputation for having achieved amazing feats with a large network of supporters and facilitators.
Greg Mortenson’s main fault may well have been failing to delegate when he was out of his depth, particularly with foreign affairs in project management and logistics. On discovery of ‘Three Cups of Deceit’ by Jon Krakauer we were made aware of the failings of this modern day hero whose obsession frustrated and alienated accountants, his friends and his family. One example of fraudulent activity was exposed in an Attorney General’s investigation. The report demanded that Mortenson be made to repay the relevant charity (The C.A.I. – Central Asia Institute) over one million dollars for expenses relevant to the promotion of his book, rather than for the building of schools.
This book was supposedly co-written with David Oliver Relin. It is this reporter’s voice that seems to come through loudest, at times almost like a fan club magazine.
We agreed that, unfortunately, boundless energy and enthusiasm and the highs and lows of one project after another, make the narrative hard going. It tapers off to a disappointing finale.

Our average score was 5 out of 10

  "Hard To Look Past the Controversy" by gbuegge (see profile) 05/20/14

This book is difficult to read, not only because of the excessive detail written into each interaction, but because the reader has to ask at every turn, \\\"is this truth or fiction?\\\" There are many books and stories out there worth the time and effort of reading, this is not one of them.

  "" by peojudy (see profile) 04/24/15

  "Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortensen" by Livres4moi (see profile) 04/27/15

Provides thoughtful insight into the culture, life-style, history, politics, poverty & difficulties the people in Afghanistan & Pakistan face. Mortensen's intentions, tenaciousness (perhaps addictive?) & motives to help the middle Eastern people who live in the Himalyas were honorable in the beginning, but the story is too long & began to wear thin about 2/3 of the way through. I'm sure he truly did help 100s of children who otherwise would not have a way out of centuries of poverty via education. He, like a salmon swimming upstream, chose an almost insurmountable task & should have had more help & better organizing & business skills.

  "" by jfitzgerald (see profile) 05/08/18

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 05/07/19

  "" by dash71 (see profile) 06/01/19

  "" by chorner (see profile) 01/31/20

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 01/06/21

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 09/15/22

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